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Online shopping has become a part of ordinary people's daily life, whether young people middle-aged or even some old people will be through the network to buy those supplies. As inflation deepens in China, as well as the Chinese people are naturally sensitive to price, the low price of online shopping as the core competitiveness has become an important reason for the rapid development of the Internet, the net purchase to provide users with convenient way to buy, as long as a simple network operation, home, can be door-to-door, and has perfect after-sales service. At the same time, in such a website such as Dangdang buy goods, can achieve door-to-door, cod, so that online shopping security has been guaranteed. These are the reasons why customers are keen on online shopping and the rapid growth of online sales.

The history of Chinese online shopping

8848 is the originator of China's online shopping. 8848 is in overcoming the difficulties in the early development of China's online shopping development, the first China to fully adapt to China's dozens of kinds of on-line settlement network shopping platform; the first in more than 50 cities in China to implement the purchase of goods to pay the site. But 8848 also became the Chinese online shopping martyrs, as the saying goes: One step ahead is a pioneer, leading three steps to become martyrs. The 8848 failure is partly due to the fact that three steps lead to the martyrs. But the main thing is to take the end, give up the core. Investors believe that the business model is abandoned by most investors, the 8848 packaging into a business-to-business model, but the business is 8848 of the core competitiveness, only because of adherence to the end, investors to 8848 of the core businesses did not adhere to, they do business-to-business, lack of normal business strategy and means, 8848 once brilliant to later become a nearly dilapidated fate.

The fall of a giant has also given many lessons to the late-rising companies. The early pioneers of China's business as a representative of the Chinese, from the book this low-cost, standardized merchandise as a starting point for online shopping, with the help of express delivery and delivery of goods to pay the transaction process, began to gradually establish their own market base. Dcci Internet Data Center predicts that next year will become the critical point of China's e-commerce development, the net purchase amount will exceed 1.4 trillion yuan, this year net purchase amount already exceeded 1 trillion yuan.

Four stages of online shopping development:

The first stage: The internet appeared at the beginning, the number of netizens, little sales, most people do not have a sense of online shopping, this time appeared Consumer-to-consumer platform. For the operators of this platform do not need to manage their own goods, the management of this platform is relatively simple.

The second stage: online shopping in the business encountered some problems can not be solved, such as fakes, transaction integrity issues, transaction convenience, after-sale problems. At this time Consumer-to-consumer platform has cultivated a large number of online shopping habits of customers, the client platform to solve the fake, transaction convenience, integrity and so on.

The third stage: the exploration stage of the online supermarket operation mode: Consumer-to-consumer and the consumer platform cultivate a large number of net shoppers. Internet buyers put forward a higher demand for online shopping, and the national large-scale consumer and consumer-to-consumer platform can not solve some requirements, such as the need for online shopping, cost, costs. Online shopping delivery time is long, timely requirements. Online shopping is inconvenient to sell supermarket goods. Online shopping After the problem is difficult to solve. Entrepreneurs will try a variety of online shopping operation mode, some of which have Internet supermarket features.

Phase IV: Entrepreneurs practice a large number of online shopping model, there will always be some profitable development. They are like regional grocery stores, they are not famous, but they can grow in their own fields. They are targeted at a small group of specific aspects of the focus on the demand, these sites are selling part of the supermarket merchandise, the distribution of the whole line of management. They have the basic characteristics of online supermarkets, they continue to innovate, accumulated team, management capabilities, market insights and capital. When the time comes, they are the backbone to promote the development of online supermarkets.

2nd page Test Products and environment

Test product

this pchome Download Center for 6 mainstream network to buy iOS clients: Xun, store 1th, Suning easy to buy, Jingdong Mall, Amazon, as well as Dangdang, as well as the vast number of consumers concerned about the eight major projects for horizontal contrast testing, let us look at each of the electrical business client which more competitive, the best user experience.

Tip: The beta version uses the ipad version in addition to the newsletter and Amazon

Amazon: Amazon (China) is the world's largest E-commerce company, Amazon in China, a branch station. Amazon China is committed to "every day Low-cost, authentic licensed", is committed to from Low-cost, select goods, facilitate the three aspects for consumers to create a reliable online shopping environment. Amazon Application platform: Iphone/ipod


Jing Dong predecessor is "Jing Dong Multimedia Net", the initial sale computer product, to 2006 years appeared a variety of department stores merchandise, the mall DIY computer service is also very popular, and then began to develop the E-book market.

Jingdong Mall Application Platform: IPad

Xun Network:

Xun network using a strong global intensive procurement advantages, rich experience in E-commerce management services and the most advanced Internet technology to provide users with the latest and best computer products, digital communications, home appliances, automotive supplies, apparel footwear and so on a variety of fashionable boutique.

Xun Network application platform: Iphone/ipod

Suning easy to buy: Suning is an easy to buy suning appliances, a general online shopping platform, now covers the traditional household appliances, 3C electrical appliances, daily necessities and other categories. Suning easy to buy application platform: IPad

Shop No. 1th:

No. 1th Shop is the first online supermarket, the goods involved in food and beverage, beauty care, kitchen cleaning, maternal and infant toys, electrical appliances, home, nutrition, health care, gift cards and other categories, 480 small categories, more than 40,000 kinds of merchandise.

Handheld No. 1th Store application platform: IPad


Dangdang is based on sales of books, audio-visual products, both the development of small household electrical appliances, toys, network games, such as point cards and other kinds of merchandise sales network shopping platform.

Dangdang Application Platform: IPad

Test environment:

Online shopping with the speed of the upgrade, mobile device configuration, has been no longer limited to the computer to complete the whole process of online shopping. Many network shopping platform for the Android,ios and other mobile clients to facilitate the vast number of users in the absence of computers, suddenly think of the need to buy things can achieve the convenience of shopping initiatives. The test is to use the ipod Touch 4G and ipad 2 as the testing equipment to experience the advantages and disadvantages of the major online shopping apps, because Amazon and Xun nets do not have ipad clients, so we use the ipod Touch 4G as a test machine.

Test machine: IPad 2

test machine: ipod touch 4G

3rd page Test Project

Test Project:

Registration/Login Evaluation: The simpler the registration link can bring more customers, this link through the test need to switch several pages to complete the registration process and whether to support Third-party account cooperation landing.

Search/filter Evaluation: Online shopping because of the variety of goods, so that the person's dazzling. So the more streamlined the screening the more you can increase the interest in shopping. This part of the test by testing each client to provide a number of different ways to filter, and whether through simple spelling or full spell to accurately locate the search target.

Process steps: As the pace of life accelerated and the elderly has become a network can not ignore a group, the more simple shopping process can facilitate a transaction. If a transaction is to be switched from 5 to 6 pages, it is not ruled out that many people will give up the deal on the way. In this test we will test the entire process from the start to the shopping to the completion of the complete flow of several steps and to switch several pages to complete the process,

Payment method: No step is more important than the method of payment, the security of the fund account is one of the most concerned about the network purchase, the most worried about online shopping cheated, or money stolen, this link we test each website is the use of what network payment system as payment, there is no delivery to the elderly users of the payment.

Free Shipping threshold: hope that the users of the net purchase price is very sensitive, if the price to calculate the freight over the price of the store, the network shopping will lose its original competitiveness. This link compares each website Free shipping threshold, lets the general buyer know how to enjoy its free shipping service in the shop.

Limited-Time receipt: Scheduled receipt of goods for office workers or often do short trips to friends is a must have the function, effective arrangements for the management of receiving time not only can increase the income of the network platform, but also reduce the ineffective distribution of the manufacturer's consumption impact.

After-sales service: Good after-sales service can also cultivate a group of honest buyers. If you are in a Web site shopping 10 times back 6 times, the site can be very good for you to deal with, as ordinary buyers more times will feel embarrassed. This link we test for the six home for no reason to return, testing which sites support no reason to return, those sites do not return. At the same time to test the Web site refunds and door-to-door access to the prescription.

Features: Features are small compiling out of a few unique features of each client, so that users can understand in addition to those commonly used basic functions, as well as those of the characteristics of the features.

4th page Registration and third party account login evaluation

Registration/Login Evaluation: Registered login seems to be a trivial matter, but for now every site needs to register login, as time passes will appear a person has many websites username and password. The time has long been easy to forget the registered account number, now the general website can through the micro-blog or QQ Account Register login. Through the Third-party client login can not only get rid of multiple different Web site multiple ID accounts and passwords generated confusion problems, easy to manage accounts. However, from a security point of view the more the more support for Third-party Cooperative login, the greater the security risk factor, if not supporting Third-party logins, the registration of course hope that the less the better.

Jingdong Mall: Support for Third-party login, and can support: "QQ" "Sina Weibo" "Everyone" and watercress four cooperative account login. Jingdong Mall's registration is also quite meaning, there are three ways to register: Mobile phone fast registration, ordinary user registration, as well as the campus user registration. All registrations can be completed in just 4 steps.

Jingdong Mall User Registration

How to sign In

Suning easy to buy: suning easy to buy ipad version registration only support mobile phone number registration, registration steps need 2 steps to complete. Password does not support pure digits, must contain English letters Suning easy to buy login This column only supports this website registration username password Login. Overall registration Login interface refreshing and clean. The fonts are large enough for older people to use.

Suning Easy to purchase registration

Suning Easy to purchase login

Dangdang: Only support mailbox registration, password column can support the registration of pure digits, but in the login page has trouble, but also need to do a validation code input, and needs to distinguish between the English case. For the middle-aged and elderly users of online shopping, to distinguish between the case of English may add a lot of trouble.

When registering

When you log on

5th page Registration and third party account login test comments

Store No. 1th: the registration of store 1th is also registered by email. Password A column can support the registration of pure digits, number 1th store registration has a user-friendly advantage is that you can display the password, and then the final confirmation to the check, this is very meticulous. In a login to the 1th store support three cooperation account login, respectively, "Alipay" "QQ" and "Sina Weibo."

No. 1th Store Sign up

Xun Network: The client does not support the registration of accounts, this makes small make up a little surprised. But thankfully Xun ipod clients can support QQ and Alipay's two largest third-party clients.

Xun Network

Amazon: Registration needs to enter an email address, the password can be used 6-digit pure digits. To protect the privacy of customers, Amazon clients do not support Third-party client login, so that the disclosure of privacy may be reduced to the lowest.


Comments: We can see that Amazon and Dangdang tied have a big lead in the first evaluation of other electric clients by scoring the test results. Compared to the bottom of Xun and jingdong, we found that Xun is worse than Jingdong and does not support registered accounts.

Sign up for a login score

Score Note: The score is low divided into 10 points, a pure digital password tick plus one point, the fork is no plus minus points. Registration diversity: Add one point to each additional registration type. Special Note: "Third-party login" at a glance, each more than one login method deduction.

6th page Product Search Performance Competition

Search/Screening Evaluation: Screening is a crucial part of the online shopping, because the network through a keyword can search for tens of thousands of products, through effective screening, we can remove those unnecessary range, locking range. The search matches are put together in this test project to test in the pre filter. Don't pull out alone to do the test.

Jingdong Mall: The client only supports the selection of items category, in the search matching list can be identified in pinyin first letter spelling/spelling search.

Jing Dong Search Matching

Jing Dong Screening

Suning easy to purchase: screening compared to the Jing dong more than a geographical selection, although much better than Jingdong, but still do not enough. In search of matching, Tesco can also support Pinyin first letter spelling/full spell search. Unfortunately, search matching does not show the specific number of items. Not to let people think of Suning easy to buy in the number of products is not inferior to other online shopping platform to diversity.

Tesco Search Matching

Easy to buy screening

Dangdang: Search matching has done a little bit, can support pinyin full name search but can not support phonetic spelling search. But Dangdang's screening to do a considerable job, not only can the price range selection, but also on the type, brand whether promotional screening. Dangdang in the first evaluation of the rankings think of the front, hope to keep up the momentum of good.

Dangdang Search Matching

Dangdang Filter

Shop No. 1th: Screening is the same as Dangdang, through brand, type and price. In the search matching list can also support pinyin of the whole spell/simple spell recognition, quite to the force.

Shop number 1th Search match

No. 1th Store Screening

7th Page Product Search Performance test Reviews

Amazon: Worthy of the world's largest online shopping site 7 of screening items can meet the needs of the vast number of network shopping, diversity of the range of screening allows you to narrow the scope of the purchase. Compared to the above major clients can see the advantages of Amazon is too obvious, since there are so obvious advantages, that in the search for a matching list is not a good thing to worry about. Pinyin Full screen/simple spell can support, and can also be for the plate to find, the foreign brand is really thoughtful.

Amazon Search compatibility

Amazon screening

Xun Net: Bright spot always at the end, the Xun filter function is too strong, for different products will appear different filtering options. From the 4 items of small commodity screening items to large items of 10 kinds of screening items can be selected. Light from this point of view, who said that foreign capital must do better than the local brand. But the drawback is that the search matching Xun network does not support pinyin spelling, very regrettable.

Xun Network search Matching

Xun Network Filter

Comment: Amazon has once again been the first to lead other competitors. Shop No. 1th, Suning easy to buy, Jingdong Mall after the chase, in this evaluation options small series for Xun Nets cry, because only to support the full search matching, the total score to pull down. In the first, far ahead of the Dangdang in this one to drag the hind legs only to get 1.3 points.

Search Performance Score

Score Note: Search matching performance of 10 points. Each support one type plus 1 points, in the filter one, each support one filter category to 0.1 points.

8th page Online shopping process who is the shortest? Who is the best person to experience?

Online shopping Process Experience: This session we will test these client's shop process experience, observe them from the initial shopping to the final completion of a few steps. The more simple shopping flow can bring a group of faithful net purchase customer base, after all, now life rhythm sound field fast, at the same time today's elderly also become a net shopping can not ignore a user group.

Shop No. 1th Shopping Cart

Highlights: In this test small and medium-sized found a bright spot, shop 1th shopping cart function to do superb, just click on the list picture drag and drop to the right side of the shopping cart can complete the shopping cart Add.

Online shopping Process Statistics

Score Note: The bottom points 10 points, each switch a page buckle one point.

Comment: Shop 1th Creative Shopping cart features bring a lot of highlights, but 4 pages of the switch seriously affect the shopping experience. And Amazon just two pages to complete the whole shopping process, small weave in no experience before, has been fantasizing about whether Amazon has the same as the PC "one-click" function one key to complete the shopping, but unfortunately this feature did not transplant, but 2 pages enough to beat all competitors "three steps."

How much does the 9th page payment method know? Who makes you the easiest to pay

Payment method: In the entire operation process, there is no step than the payment method to come more important, the current net purchase in addition to the payment, online payment is also an important means of payment. It is through the third-party provided by the payment interface with the bank of the instant payment method, this way the advantage is that the money can be directly transferred from the user's bank card to the website account, remittance immediately to the account, do not need manual confirmation. Customers and businesses can use a variety of electronic payments such as credit cards, electronic wallets, electronic cheques and electronic cash to pay online, using electronic payment on the Internet to save the transaction costs.

Jingdong Mall: There are four ways to pay, with online payments supporting both bank cards and UnionPay online payments. A bank card can be a credit card or debit card.

BEIJING-East Payment

Suning easy to buy: Have 4 payment method, but Yi Bao need to login Suning website activation can start to use, for the middle-aged and old to have a lot of trouble. UnionPay payment is the most convenient payment method after the payment of goods to the Su ning.

Suning Easy to purchase payment

Dangdang: Only a payment model for online payments, and a few other comparisons are too bad.

Dangdang Payment Method

Store No. 1th: Up to now, a total of 6 payment methods, of which 4 online payment, plus 2 cash to pay.

No. 1th Store Payment method

Amazon: Support 4 kinds of payment methods, Amazon's third party to pay the use of Alipay as its way of collecting. The reason also does not need to explain, Alipay has the domestic biggest customer base.


Xun Net: The Xun NET uses 3 payment method, 2 is the third party on-line payment, one goods arrive payment, because the Xun net did not explain its goods to the payment to be able to support the credit card, small make up calculates he is a payment method.

Xun Network

Comment: From the point of view of the number 1th store is the industry leader, if you have to say a few deficiencies, it is the hope that you can support the characteristics of such services. Amazon recently launched its own services in the family supermarket, but did not expect the service has not been included in the iOS client, unfortunately. Dangdang seems to do a bit worse, the bottom of this ranking. Payment is the majority of middle-aged and elderly people like the payment method, but Dangdang does not support, this will certainly give Dangdang loss of a large number of customer resources.

Pay score

Rating Note: 10 points per support plus 1 points.

10th page Free Shipping threshold and limited receipt evaluation

Free Shipping threshold: hope that the users of the net purchase price is very sensitive, if the price to calculate the freight over the price of the store, the network shopping will lose its original competitiveness. Free shipping threshold for each shop is different so in the online shopping time we still need more than three.

Free Shipping threshold

Score Note: The bottom is 10 points, the final score with the bottom score minus the ranking score.

Comments: This round of suning easy to purchase into the largest side of the store, free shipping, unlimited amount of money. It seems that Su Ning's behavior is snapping up market share. Use low prices to attract more buyers to patronize. Excluding Suning, Amazon's 29 yuan has been very attractive. In this item 1th shop and Xun net did a poor need to buy 100 or 99 yuan can be free shipping, 1th stores less than 100 yuan and additional 10 yuan in freight costs of other competitors of 5 Yuan pit dad a lot.

Limited delivery: For the vast number of office workers to express is a problem, you may have doubts, in the company is not the same can receive goods? What do you mean, trouble? If you are buying big-ticket items, you must make an appointment to do the online shopping. Without affecting the normal commute, reasonable arrangements for the receipt of goods time. This time we test whether the six iOS clients support booking time and whether to arrange night delivery.

Jingdong Mall: The client completely copy the Web model, weekday weekends can be selected, but small series did not find that can be delivered at night.

Jing Dong receiving time

Dangdang: Receiving time not only can choose on weekdays or weekend delivery, you can also choose whether delivery service at night. Small knitting think this move is still very humane. Fully applicable to the vast number of consumers.

Dangdang Receipt Time

Amazon: Let small weave a bit disappointed, the website supports the nightly delivery. However, this method is not supported on the client, and it is not known whether future versions will follow up.

Amazon Collection Time Selection

Xun Network: Booking receipt is the most perfect one of the test, you can make an appointment to the next 7 days of any day in the morning of three hours to arrange delivery.

Xun's Appointment receipt option

Comments: Amazon Although the iOS client does not support nightly deliveries, the total score is a big lead for other competitors. Jing-dong and Dangdang ranked second in the top and bottom, suning network in this test showed a clear gap. In addition to the packaging small series had to Xun Suning and Jingdong criticism, a simple plastic bag packaging, looks too shabby. It's a lot more atmospheric than the other three paper boxes. When and Amazon add a shockproof bag inside the package can be seen a lot of tunnels.

Timed Delivery Score

Rating Note: 10 points at the end. Support the advance receipt plus 1 points, support evening delivery plus 1 points, do not support scoring. In the time limit this hrs is "the Hour" the English abbreviation, we from 20 hours to 25 hours for the statistics, the shortest time gives 5 points, takes the longest to give 1 points.

The 11th page than a after-sales service who is the most intimate

After-sales service: The net buys the product to appear the problem unavoidably, after all who also has no way to guarantee product 100% not to have problems. At this time after-sales service for users is very important. This time we have a simple test of the iOS client on the after-sales service function, mainly the "return" function (the client does not support the return function is directly through these electronic business site for return), including whether to support the mobile client returns, whether the refund is convenient.

Specific test methods: from six electric dealers here separately purchased rechargeable batteries, receiving confirmation, and then apply for return (the return application is on the third day after receipt).

Jingdong Mall: Jingdong The entire return process needs to go through 5 page switch to complete, but the whole return process is very clear, from the way of refund to the return of goods. Consumers can still easily complete a series of return process. Of course, Jingdong Mall pick-up is also quick. 13 o'clock in the afternoon under the return order, the next day 13 o'clock send someone to pick up the pieces. The most worth mentioning is the whole process has been to pick up time for the text to adjust, so that customers make the previous preparation.

After the sale of Jing Dong

Suning easy to buy: Although Suning easy to buy ipad version can support the return, but small series tried 2 days or failed to return through the ipad success, always prompted the "server call exception."

Suning easy to buy and sell

Store 1th: The ipad client does not support the return function, and to go to the official website returned to eat the cold shoulder, was 1th stores to live electrical goods, refused the return.

After the sale of Shop No. 1th

Xun Network: The problem of easy to hear and store 1th like the iOS client does not support returns, the web version of the return is not positive and friendly. The message is based on the use of supplies products as a reason to reject the request for return.

Xun net after sale

Dangdang: ipad clients also don't support returns, but refunds on PCs are easy. At noon 13 points issued a return order, the next day 11 o'clock noon sent a person to take a piece, it is worth mentioning is: If you are paid in cash, Dangdang will cash on the spot back to your hands, do not have to wait a few working days to return to your account.

Amazon: Amazon's clients do not have a direct return function, but in the official online return is very intimate, small edit 1 o'clock in the afternoon under the return instructions, the next day 10 o'clock on the door to pick up the pieces.

Comments: Test down only Jing-dong and Su Ning directly in the client built-in return function, but the function of Suning after many tests are unable to complete the normal, so the actual only jingdong in this test is relatively perfect. Hope that the remaining several electrical companies in the future in the client to improve the return function, since can do a good job online shopping and payment of this complex project, that in the client to increase the function of returns should not be difficult, it is worth the buyers and shopkeepers to think for themselves. In addition, through the actual return test, Yi and a store does not support the return of no reason, I hope that they will be in the future from the product is unpacked and so on to reassess the return matter, in order to achieve business and consumer-win.

Rating Note: HRS is an abbreviation for "hour". The test, the end of 10 points, each support a test project plus 1 points, if the final score of the two, the weak side minus 0.5 points.

The 12th page originally still can play like this! Unique features recommended

Features: Special in the actual testing process, small part of the client has found that some of the features of a good feature, here Small series selected three very representative of the function to simply introduce, so that we can more fully understand these electrical business iOS client, they can still use it!

Amazon Memory Search: Consumers can take photos of any product, the photos will be automatically uploaded to the Amazon Database of excellence, the database will be based on product photos analysis, and inform consumers whether this product is currently on the outstanding Amazon goods.

Memory Search

Dangdang book cover scan: Dangdang book cover scan similar to Amazon's memory scan, the book cover photo down, after 2-3 seconds of search, then jump to the Product Details page, users can choose to buy or collection.

Cover scan

Jingdong Mall easy to buy: This is Jingdong Mall launched a single key function, just set up a good payment method to receive the goods address and other information, the next shopping simply click Easy enough to complete a key order.

easy to buy

13th page summary and final score

Total Score

As a new mode of consumption, online shopping by virtue of its convenient and efficient mode of operation has been more and more users ' attention, regardless of the old and young people like online shopping, by virtue of its price advantages and no geographical restrictions, the amount of network sales increased year by stage, prompting the majority of manufacturers are in the test water Small series through the above 6 clients horizontal comparison, so that the vast number of users like online shopping to further the major online shopping mobile clients have knowledge, you can install according to their own needs.

From the overall assessment of the situation, Amazon's client user experience is the best, each test has a good performance, so here is a small series to give the best User Experience Award. However, Amazon is currently only the iphone version of the release, did not publish a version of the ipad, somehow, this makes the small puzzle.

In addition, the integration of the various client situations look, many
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