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August 21 Morning News, a 4.7-inch iphone 6 back sketch out, the picture shows the iphone 6 rear main camera will be compared to the fuselage bulge about 0.67 to 0.77 mm.

Apple.club.tw from the Taiwan website, the 4.7-inch iphone 6 back main camera will be designed with a raised design, surrounded by metal rings, and a schematic showing the camera raised height between 0.67 and 0.77.

The site also says the iphone 6 thickness is about 7 millimeters thick, consistent with data from the iphone 6 front and back panel, which was first exposed yesterday.

In addition, the site also revealed the 4.7-inch iphone 6 code-named n56,5.5-inch version for N61. These codes were used in the early development of the iphone, previously known as the CDMA version of the iphone 4 code-named N92.

Apple will officially release the iphone 6 on September 9, with a 4.7-inch version likely to be listed one to two weeks after the release, while a 5.5-inch version will be postponed to the end of the year or early next. Two versions of the iphone 6 will be faster A8 processors, thinner and side-arc-shaped, with iOS 8. And with regard to the most concerned sapphire glass, it seems likely that both sizes are introduced with the high-end version of Sapphire glass, while the price is floating.

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