Is there any chance of a comeback when a guest is caught in a growth spell?

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Millet company founder Lei once said, the tuyere on the pig will fly, but now that Gust has been scraped away, where the customer can borrow power millet model successfully took off, brand clothing electric dealer really still have the opportunity to comeback?

From PPG, Cotton net, the first carved, NOP ... To every guest, these names once starlight dazzling, but fast fall. Brand clothing electric business industry encountered the growth of the "magic curse?" Behind it is the collective loss of brand apparel electric dealers.

Cut off 99.9% of the categories where the guests go Millet mode

Almost destroyed, nearly ruined. Once disgusted himself to fear. Thank you. The whole year is for remembering. "Before the" one shirt "conference, he wrote the text.

Age does not want to mention how hard this year, but the two groups of figures shows one of the soul-stirring: every guest staff from 13,000 to 300 people, the category from 190,000 to now less than 10. Cut off 99.9% categories of the van to take the single product mode of millet.

It's a quick turn for the garment industry, but it's an excuse to blame the big environment, he says. Most make him regret is that year let every guest famous "where the object", because in the old days, is he personally planning where the object let a variety of rapid expansion of the number, confused himself, but also confused the entire industry.

"When Lei, can you do a shirt first?" he asked. It made a great stir in my heart. "It overturns the way I've been for a long time," he said. "Last year, where the customer into a crisis, suppliers to collect debt, capital chain break all kinds of news, where the guests into an unprecedented crisis, no doubt, in the old age seems lei to him pointed out the road." In February this year, every customer announced that Lei, IDG and other original shareholders with the investment of 100 million U.S. dollars in financing. Then, Van Gogh announced its "one shirt" strategy.

Success or failure "where the object" imitators flocked

"Many of the previous guests are good at things, are we give up, such as brand marketing promotion." "Looking back on the past seven years, once thought the most scenic, but today seems to be the last regret, such as where the object."

"Love the Internet, Love freedom ... I am Han, not who endorsement, only on behalf of their own "July 2010, aged to find the popular star Han and Dan endorsement, and writing his personal fencing marketing of the object, one night not only advertising words household name, but also for every guest brought a large number of users. In today's old view, this is to bring all the beginning of greed, just because of this paragraph, let the establishment of three years of the guests on the brand of clothing electric dealer peak.

Eric Research data show that 2009 China's business Apparel online shopping market volume will reach 2.4 billion yuan. Among them, VANCL sales were second only to Taobao Mall (CAT), the third quarter of 2009 sales have been over billion. "I was puzzled by many numbers. "Old memories.

And just after the object became popular, a large number of entrepreneurs began to pour into the field. Similarly, they also want to replicate the former PPG, where the old road, the use of marketing to quickly open up the market. Amoy CEO Bi Sheng has revealed that after obtaining financing, Amoy 2011 marketing costs are more than 50%, an important reason is that advertising costs too high. Baidu same position of advertising, 2010 350,000 yuan one months, the beginning of 2011 to 700,000 yuan one months, the end of 2011 or even to 8 million yuan one months, the high price of advertising to make the electricity business into a huge red sea. At the same time, with the high marketing background of the product quality, high inventory and other issues.

Industry bonuses have vanished from all things to giant beasts

Why are entrepreneurs lost collectively in the path of development? One industry personage said, because the market has just opened, PPG's rapid success led the vertical electric dealers into the stage dividend era. And now the dividend era is over. In just announced the closure of the website of NOP founder Liu Yan, the 1th is to meet the tuyere trend, with the potential of the ascendant. And from now on, the Sky Cat and Beijing East after the rise of the platform squeeze, domestic clothing brands, competitors increased and the rapid increase in costs, who in the days have been difficult.

"From the previous year, the industry was in a rush, from all things to become a giant beast of food rot, the current electric business industry presents four phenomena: 1. The market growth slowed year by year; 2. The number of participants in the Red Sea is increasing; 3. The Matthew Effect of the categories is becoming more and more obvious; 4. Cost rises to unreasonable speed. These macro-phenomena specific to the microscopic results, that is, a large number of small and medium-sized electric operators into the abyss of misery, the general sales are weak or even backward, exit the door is not a few. "Liu Yan said.

After more than three years of hard fight, think that catching up with the industry dividend tail Liu Yan regrets, only the tuyere trend is innovation, the entire industrial cycle behind the pile threshold game, than who can afford bricks and mortar, who have high bricks.

Can be seen, in addition to every customer encounter crisis, some small and medium-sized clothing brand electric dealer directly close the door, such as selling socks of the Victoria cotton nets, selling literary and artistic wind clothes, NOP, selling men's shirts and so on.

"After the explosion," it's not a unique mistake.

In the view of financial writer Wu Xiaobo, no guest has made any unique mistakes. In his view, many industries have been in a very short period of time to detonate the popular, most of them did not break through the "after the explosion of the popular" that hurdle.

"Different stages and industries, there have been many in the very short time detonated the popular business and brand, for example, health care products industry, brain Gold, Ang Li and three strains, the electronics industry, the love of many, waveguide and amoi, liquor industry Qin Qi, alcoholics, apparel industry, the cedar, the United States and so on, most of them did not break through. "Wu Xiaobo said.

In Wu Xiaobo's view, business is a protracted war, and at first it is inspired, courageous and lucky, followed by perseverance, pattern and rationality. In old age, business is a fair and free game, and everything is your own choice.

But for the old choice-the millet model transplanted to himself, there are many investors are not optimistic. An industry investor said, where the customer is mainly their own to do single and own brand, but if the pure Internet, platform-type electric dealer more advantages, because of its flow of resources to ensure that more than the settled brand, eventually able to absorb more consumers.

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