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I am very unfair to some small and medium-sized enterprises in China, because some unprofessional network companies seem to have fooled them. In my opinion, Enterprise's website construction is a very cautious thing, should take seriously, and these network companies to help enterprises set up the site is often very unsuitable to visit.

Some corporate clients often find me in the hope that Robin can help them find their website without helping them with their online business. I've seen a lot of consultants ' websites and found a lot of problems. Here are some of my observations:

1: Do not test the patience of visitors

A lot of corporate website home page is a large enterprise publicity flash, such a good practice? According to the domestic network status quo, a such large flash download all generally takes 10 seconds of time, and sometimes even need more time. Robin has done some research on the behavior of some Internet users, they generally can endure the Web page open time is less than 8 seconds, of course, if the information on the page is very important, they will be willing to spend more time waiting for the Web page to open completely. A flash download is equal to or greater than 10 seconds, and most visitors can tolerate a wait time of less than or equal to 8 seconds, I think you should be very clear what the visitors will choose.

In addition, the Flash movie information search engine is difficult to crawl, this will be the site to carry out search engine optimization brings great inconvenience.

2: Disregard of website activity

A website is done, it may be a few months or years will not have information updates, this is what Robin saw the existence of the enterprise site phenomenon. Every business will expect a lot of visitors to visit their websites and visit them often, but how can a site that doesn't update for a long time win visitors ' attention? Network companies in the company to do site planning time should consider this issue, should help them to open up a can let visitors understand the industry's latest development and access to knowledge of a column. Remember, every visitor is very curious, if you can grasp their curiosity, the site will be very active, this is to contribute to the purchase rate of visitors is quite a big help.

3: Lack of online interaction

If you visit a lot of small and medium enterprises of the website, you will find that customers through the site can contact business channels is nothing more than three kinds: telephone, email and message book. And many companies use the telephone and e-mail contact, only a small number of enterprises to enable the message and the consultant to interact. Online interaction, direct and clear without a lot of cumbersome operation, which for both sides of the interaction is greatly reduced costs, why not?

4: Not conducive to marketing development

Many enterprise customers are gradually aware of the importance of search engine marketing, especially search engine optimization. But when Robin diagnoses their site, it finds that a lot of irrational planning is a barrier to the execution of search engine optimization strategies, such as the use of a lot of flash and the mindless enthusiasm for dynamic programs.

As the head of the corporate website, you should clearly understand what the purpose of the website is. Companies to publish a Web site is to promote their brand through the network and to help push online sales, but many companies particularly value the Web site design and animation effects. How to evaluate the success of a website? That depends on the site has no one to visit, and there are no people through the website to buy products or services!

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