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Topic Keywords: Internet, security, investment, entrepreneurship

Guest Speaker: Qihoo chairman, angel investor Zhou 祎

Moderator: Liu Xingliang (MSN:HTDSD (#);email:xlliu (#)

Organizer: TechWeb, magnanimous consultation

Time: August 28 (Tuesday) Evening 7:30-9:00

Venue: The purple Yue Hall of the International Conference Center of Tsinghua Violet (next to the east gate of Tsinghua, map see below)

Fee: Free

Process: 7:30-8:00 guest keynote address 8:00-9:00 theme PK, interactive

Guest Introduction

Zhou 祎, chairman of the Qihoo, angel investor

June 2006 Zhou officially as chairman of Qihoo

In February 2006, Mr. Zhou set up an angel investment fund to help more innovative enterprises gain opportunities for development.

In August 2005, Mr. Zhou, after 18 months in charge of Yahoo China, joined IDGVC, hoping to help a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises gain rapid development opportunities through years of experience in China's domestic market, thus promoting the development of the whole industry.

November 2003, Yahoo Company officially bought 3721 companies, the next March, Mr. Zhou officially as Yahoo China Region president, fully responsible for Yahoo China and 3721 company development Strategy and the implementation of the management plan. Under Zhou, Yahoo China changed its previous five years of omission, in 1.5 of the time successively launched a search network, 1G free mailbox, search bidding and many other Internet business, since then more than 10 well-known sites set up "email alliance", making Yahoo become a cover search, search bidding, network real name, mailbox, IM, portals and many other business portal matrix, including Yahoo search, yahoo email, Yahoo is ranked in the top three in the Chinese market, the successful fulfilment of the original commitment to Yahoo.

October 1998, Mr. Zhou founded 3721 companies, opened the Chinese Internet service, and successfully promoted the service to form a complete industrial chain. Under Mr. Zhou's leadership and promotion, 3721 companies have become the leading manufacturer in Chinese keyword search and network marketing, and its real name service covers more than 90% Chinese Internet users, uses more than 80 million people per day, has more than 600,000 enterprise customers, occupies China's paid search market 40% Market share, the absolute leading position.

Mr. Zhou after graduating from office in founder Group, because of outstanding performance, from ordinary programmers have been promoted to the Research and Development Center Deputy Director, general manager of the Division. 1998 Zhou resigned founder group work, founded 3721 companies.

Mr. Zhou a master's degree in systems engineering from XI ' an Jiaotong University School of Management.


May 2000, Mr. Zhou was selected as "the top ten youth of it Generation" by China Youth Daily.

January 2002, Mr. Zhou as "2001 China software Enterprise Top ten leaders" one.

2003, Mr. Zhou Award-winning, has been rated as: "2003 Chinese New Economy of the Year", "2003 News Awards ten Top it Men", "2003 Ten It Financial figures", "2003 Ten It People" and so on.

In 2004, Zhou 祎, the CEO of Yahoo China, was awarded the prize of "2004 China Top Ten management Talents", "China Management Hundred People", "2004 China Top Ten financial figures", "2004 Chinese It People" and "2004 five proud figures".

2005 was named "2005 Top ten financial figures"

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