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Photo of Innovation Workshop chief Operating officer and partner Taoning and innovation Workshop coworkers are visiting it Longmen (TechWeb photo)

TechWeb News March 1, Innovation Workshop COO and partner Taoning visit the 120th it Longmen to explain the investment direction of innovation factory and Internet industry opportunities.

Innovation Workshop Four Investment direction

Taoning introduced, innovation factory mainly look at two aspects: first, the team, and the second is the project is in line with the investment direction of innovation Workshop. In the past three years, innovative workshops will focus on four areas: mobile Internet, E-commerce, cloud computing, online gaming.

Taoning that mobile Internet + E-commerce is the third wave of opportunities. The first wave is the portal site, such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu; the second wave is the technology web site, Baidu, Tencent, Shanda and other technology companies from the dotcom bubble burst growth; The third wave is mobile Internet + E-commerce. "We expect the industry to resume in 2010, laying the groundwork for an explosive third wave." The third wave is driven by the following technologies: E-commerce, mobile Internet, and cloud computing. ”

Taoning detailed the above three areas of opportunity.


Photo of Innovation Workshop chief Operating officer and partner Taoning is visiting it Longmen (TechWeb photo)

First of all, China's e-commerce after more than 10 years of development, three major problems have been solved: first, the payment problem has been settled through trusteeship and cod; second, logistics is a very big challenge, logistics itself is also a good business opportunity, there will be billions of Yuan enterprises, third, consumer groups, Young people are very happy to spend online.

"The resolution of these major problems makes people think that today's e-commerce has been ripe for harvest, there can be big business opportunities appear." ”

Taoning analysis of E-commerce shows that online shopping links include: 1 before purchase search (product search, Yelp)-2 impact user decisions (microblogging and community)-3 shopping (business-to-business, Business-to-consumer)-4 payments (bank, operator, escrow)-5 logistics and Services (customer service)-6 platforms (as software for services, cloud).

Taoning that 1 billion dollars will be generated from 3, 4 and 5, but margins are low and trading-oriented; 1, 2, 6 show the power of the internet most and are best suited to technical e-commerce companies; Companies need tools and platforms to build websites and access users (to help traditional industry businesses); Opportunities for higher profits can be generated by social/recreational shopping, online connectivity, new Internet branding, and the lucrative use of highly cohesive communities and other websites that are not easy to replicate as the value of advertising increases.

Mobile Internet, already has 233 million users (and is growing), 3G has been deployed. The chances are that operators will bet on mobile internet as a result of pressure and competition from average per-user revenue (ARPU), requiring mobile devices, bandwidth and applications to create a virtuous cycle.

Mobile Internet challenges include expensive smartphones; 3G bandwidth is too expensive; users are young (75% of mobile internet users are below 27 years old) and have less money; applications should focus on entertainment (that is, killing time) rather than productivity (that is, saving time).

Cloud computing opportunities include: First, cloud computing will create a new "software/It" industry in China. Because of the piracy problem, China's local software industry is not developed, cloud computing will provide a cloud generation software industry opportunities: Software Installation and update from user operations to the cloud, business model from expensive upgrades to advertising sponsorship.

Second, IT management from the user terminal to cloud services China's top engineers can grasp the global opportunities; The third is the cloud infrastructure.

Online gaming, MMORPG space is ripe and saturated, it is difficult to make money from young users, but new opportunities are occurring: such as social/network gaming platforms, reduced production costs, localized costs, seed acceleration, architecture based on the assumptions driven by the click, and overseas markets that need to learn to find partners, And avoid competing with giants, such as Zynga, and the domestic market, looking for growth opportunities, such as moving, that are happening.

Four relationship between innovation workshop and entrepreneur

Innovation Workshop is the role of investors, and entrepreneurs are four aspects of relationship, one is investors, different projects will get different amounts; second, to become entrepreneurs ' shareholders, invest in entrepreneurial teams, return shares and board seats, third, entrepreneurship coaching, and four are service providers.

Taoning introduced, and the general Venture company is different, innovation workshop will follow the entrepreneur to do personal service. "The general VC or the investor also provides the service, only is the innovation workshop to make this service a full-time service team, has the architect, the legal department, the UI department, IT department, the finance department." Whether in the early stage or later, it may involve patent issues, cooperation issues, copyright issues, corporate structure issues, so we have full-time patent and corporate securities law of two lawyers. ”

"You give people, money, service, that is not to our tight control?" wrong, for us, we are very much in the position of our own, we are your investors, not your boss, you do not need to report every day, you each team have their own leadership, their employees report to them, how many people they recruit, what kind of people, What structure, they are the structure, they have independent budget, independent People's authority, management, we are a staff, consultants. ”

Team execution is important

Taoning that idea is worthless, the key is executive power. "In China, with all the ideas, there will be 10 or five companies at the same time, so you must not be the only one, you have the ability to carry out your ideas, and the rapid implementation, this is your most important characteristic." "Taoning said.

In addition, the founding team is important. A company from the founder to have a certain amount of weight, basically in 5-7 years, in this time, may be faced with funds will break, staff loss. At this time, the founding team is very important. "First, we want the team to be complementary, and second, experience is important; Third, hope that the initial team has a certain tacit understanding, it is best to have a common history, such as colleagues, students, hair small and so on. ”

On recruitment: "King" and "cheat"

Innovation Workshop Lanci, head of the league team, talked about recruiting experience. "Innovation Factory gave me a lot of support, I also from familiar people find, first ' King '." The most important thing about being an entrepreneur is hiring, and it's always been a very difficult task, but if you're determined to do it, you'll find your team. "At present, the league team has been set up more than a year, the team more than 20 people, products and services to nearly 2000 Android applications."

Taoning that hiring is the biggest difficulty in entrepreneurship, to achieve two: first, to their own project confidence, "if you even your own classmates, friends are not fooled, you do not want to cheat on the street people." Second, the more difficult "leisurely" is a good thing, a pat on the head to join the people to consider how long he can persist.

If you have only one team to find a partner, start with ' King ' and be sure to find it in your acquaintances. It's really hard for a person to start a business. If you don't have the ability to fool someone now, we are very skeptical of your team's strong General Assembly. The

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