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When the rules of the game have been completed by large companies that dominate the leading role of the online gaming industry, a small and medium-sized gaming start-up called the Dream Brother began a new adventure around survival. Author: Su Juan Meng Jing and the other core members of the Dream brothers are from Alibaba, Jinshan software such a "big company" in the southwest, the rich entertainment cultural soil and sufficient research and development talent reserves, spawned hundreds of game manufacturers, but because of the lack of operational capacity, basically only two way out: sold to big companies such as Grand, Or give the operation to a large company agent.  This is China's small and medium-sized gaming companies generally difficult to cross the threshold. However, large companies that occupy the leading position of the industrial chain may not play a leading role. This is an open industry secret: A new game manufacturer will be developed by their own game Tencent, Shanda such large companies to operate, often will receive a 2 million or 3 million yuan prepaid, to maintain the basic operations, but in large companies in the complex products of the camp experienced long queues. "Two or three months, or even half a year, or longer, and so on, the game may be lost vitality."  A director of game research and Development said. Why not operate autonomously? Difficulties are more realistic. The data shows that online games have 300 net game on the market every year, which is the real hit and less than 10% of the profit. Compared with previous years, the operational risk has been greatly increased, once the market response is lukewarm, will face product limbo, the risk of sudden decline in revenue. In the case of lack of funds, channels and marketing ability, it seems to be the only way for small and medium sized companies to operate products by large companies.  Thus the net swims the industry to form the upstream coarse, the downstream small "umbrella shape" industry pattern. But there is always someone willing to try to be an industry subversive, even though it risks a lot. Located in Chengdu, the emerging online games company "dream Brother" envisaged the "micro-operation" model, "in fact, the idea is very simple," said Meng Jing, the dream brother, "is to meet the needs of players on the basis of the game, so that everyone can make money."  "Domestic online games industry barriers have been formed, although the innovative small and medium-sized game manufacturers can not be overcome temporarily, but to circumvent it, through the concept of micro-operation, the game's profits to the other links of the industrial chain, and the advantages of these resources to integrate, and ultimately across the barriers." Micro-operation platform Chengdu Dream Brother Network Technology Co., Ltd. although it was registered in April 2010, but they are the main push of the "Spring and Autumn hegemony ol" game development team has been two years of history. This is a typical "big company person" entrepreneurial team. "Dream Brothers" by a number of "brothers" to build a common business, including Meng Jing's brother Meng Xiudong and years of entrepreneurial partners.  Before starting a business, Meng Jing himself was the vice president of Ali software of Alibaba Group's subsidiaries, and the company's other core entrepreneurs are mostly from Alibaba, Jinshan software, so the company's office decoration style is permeated with Alibaba style. Prior to this, the Dream brothers have been in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing three to set up research and developmentand the market sector, the final site in a strong online atmosphere and resource cost advantages of the establishment of Chengdu headquarters base, and received from the Sichuan local PE million-dollar level of investment. "We believe that in the next 5 years, the industrial economic structure will move towards Chengdu, a second-tier city, the vitality of the economy here." If the company representative of Hangzhou has Alibaba, Shenzhen's business representative has Huawei, we hope to become Chengdu's business representative, "Meng Jing said."  At present, the company has its own branches in four districts (including East China, South China, North China, Huaxi), the total number of 150 people, involving 3D games, Q version of the game, mobile terminal Platform entertainment applications, but the mainstream of client games will still be their focus. And for the "micro-operation" of the landing, the dream brother first thought is to have the user organization ability of the Internet café, so the Internet café industry unusually hot southwest, became their first town. In recent years, Internet cafes have been the traditional it vendors and value-added service providers fancy channel resources, but because can not personally participate in the operation to obtain sustainable value-added services, the enthusiasm of Internet cafes has not been really mobilized.  The "micro-operation" model created by the Dream Brothers has allowed the store leaders to see the opportunity, and even more and more Internet cafes have been actively seeking cooperation. "I have been ordered to die, must be in two years to shop all of China's chain of internet cafes, so that the entire Internet café industry chain from the entertainment value-added services to obtain hundreds of millions of income," from Taobao out of the venture with Meng Jing Liu said, he is now the whole marketing, business cooperation links in charge. "  After 3 months of promotion, as of the end of November 2010, there have been 9,000 internet cafes and dream Brothers to cooperate. "Authorized to allow Internet café owners to modify the game values and play." We can observe the practice of each Internet café boss, in the background to manage rankings. So the Internet Café player can use, outside the player can also use, "Meng Jing said." In addition, the Dream Brothers built a public platform and communication community for all micro-operators, providing them with technical support, micro-operation model advice, and even server support.  But Dream brothers dream more than this, in addition to internet cafes, games guild such as ready-made available channels, with user base of any operating platform in the future can become a "micro-operation" partners. For this recruit "The Lord", The Dream Brothers gave the extremely attractive "the 20%~40%" the pledge-can account for the total revenue, the outstanding micro-operator can even get 50% above income share. "We don't have a cap on the ' bar Lord ' split every month.  Good popularity, the player's ability to operate excellent internet cafes, online Games Guild and even the next month to get tens of thousands of Yuan Commission is also very likely, "said Meng Jing." There are plenty of viable models, but there are many challenges to achieving the final mission. It's not just a dream, bro. This start-up company has good resources integration ability and market management ability, but also to ensure that the follow-up productsContinuously into the "micro-operation" cycle.  More importantly, how to combine these micro-operation partners to bring users a better gaming experience, rather than a mixed service standard.  Break the pattern? Anyway, this inclined to the downstream of the open online games operating mode fundamentally broke the operation of the "umbrella-shaped" pattern, through the excavation of the long tail of the industrial chain in the middle and lower reaches of the game to activate the new vitality of the games industry.  Whether it eventually becomes a pioneer or a martyr, this seemingly minor improvement, it is possible to completely change the previous development of the online game industry. China's online gaming operations experienced a large company agent era, emerging game companies difficult through their own "small sell shop" and "Wal-Mart Supermarket" to start competition, making the strong stronger, the birth of a grand, Tencent, NetEase, such as a number of firmly occupy the high-end status of the industry's leading enterprises, But the resulting competition is inadequate and homogeneous operations have in some way undermined the large companies themselves.  2009 years ago, three quarters, for example, the market released a total of more than 200 new games, but can be recognized by the market only a few. To break the deadlock, these big companies are starting to alliances, trying to create a more monopolistic platform for cooperative operations. Shanda earlier proposed platform development slogan, successively with a number of online research and development manufacturers launched a joint operation plan. and platform strategy is Tencent, Giants and other industry giants bullish. Tencent's current game layout has adopted a variety of flexible modes of cooperation, such as agency operation, joint operation, cooperative development and investment. Giant and Tencent announced the joint operation of "Green Journey", the giant President Liu Wei on the blunt, "online games industry opening is productivity!" "But generally speaking, these upstream giants hatch the platform model has not fundamentally broken the online games industry flat development deadlock, stays in the game circle inside circles, will the upstream resources more firmly grasps in the hand, thus forms more centralism discourse power."  Thus, the Dream brothers to expand outside the industry, to launch a broader social public ability to operate online games, more revolutionary. (point picture enlarge) but actually dream brother is not the first Internet cafes idea of the game operating platform. October 2009, Shanghai Telecom teamed up with the upstream game manufacturers and the downstream Internet Café Enterprises formally launched the "game Xintiandi" platform, which is the first domestic operators to enter the online games industry chain. As a telecom operator, Shanghai Telecom provides server hosting for game manufacturers, and provides broadband services for Internet cafes. Shanghai is one of China's online games industry, many of which are hosting the server in the telecom IDC Room, Shanghai Telecom hope to be in one of the matchmaking, through the industrial chain upstream.  But as telecoms operators enter other value-added services, the power of pipeline providers is limited, and Shanghai Telecom says it will not develop a platform for free internet cafes in the short term and will not add specialized research and development institutions. In addition to the current market, there will be internet cafes and game manufacturers docking, the provision of value-added Internet cafes enterprises, the general practice is to use their own Internet cafes operating platform to occupy the networkMarket, after reaching a certain scale, negotiates with the game manufacturer, obtains the manufacturer resources, maintains the operation. But for Internet cafes, the value-added services obtained from the very simple and inexpensive, mostly rely on the game manufacturers to sell point card profit, rather than the Dream Brothers advocated by the cooperative operation of the game mode.
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