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Ten years yards farmers readme: Why did I quit selling cool skin

I was born in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, rural families, childhood learning is also general, remember that when we went to kindergarten, the students are carrying their own home with a school bag sewing, the window of the classroom is a rural white snakeskin bag to the north of winter Wind whistling, because the classroom there is no bench and the wind whistling from the window.

From the beginning of primary school, I especially envy those who learn special good students, envy their rapid problem-solving speed, each time I have a lot of people are hard work hard, but always mediocre, so our daily life is done Problem, problem solving, high score, every day you have to compare with others, and gradually let me feel your life since then only mediocre, learning good students to learn, find good jobs, earn high salaries, especially in We are most impressed by the college entrance examination, three days of a major exam, a two-day test, we only remember the college entrance examination was given a test of life of fixed thinking.

Unfortunately, although I also have an evening bus every night, college entrance examination still take the list, the most afraid of the entire summer is to go out, and even occasionally go out to feel the voice behind you ask how many points college entrance examination.

Ten years ago, like other people, I embarked on the study of North drift living, our school covers an area of ​​300 acres, the most distinctive is that our school's south gate is imitation of Tsinghua University, North Gate is built according to the North Gate, There is no spacious dormitory dormitory, there is no bright library, we go just to get a diploma, after each exam, I do not know what to learn these things, can graduate to find a job.

When I and other students confused themselves for employment, each summer home, I heard the same village hair novel how spacious their dorm, what kind of professional college, I always feel very envious of my heart. Someone asked me, I said our profession, the other four eyes on each other, expressed surprise, have this professional name?

2005, a computer professional brother graduated from their own businesses, so website outsourcing, then we know that a website called php server scripting language, his grammar is similar to the university computer programming language c, 2006 summer vacation company office after leaving , Our class students to rent the collective rented place brothers, it is an old courtyard house, useless heating, Internet access with 1M, more than 30 individuals together.

At that time, because of my family's difficulties, my cousin lent me a computer with a Celeron cpu clock speed of only 800mhz and lent me to learn php. We collectively learned to program together in a small room. In winter, Encounter programming problems we first asked degree mother, Google.

All learning places, all programming problems we have to work hard to overcome, although the conditions are not as good as the students of the State University but we free to think, learn, overcome their own programming problems.

As with all North Pole survival, our employment problem, because we learned this web programming language, but also learned Internet thinking earlier, so there are jobs to find online submission, and then interview. I remember in 2007 when the Internet company to do a lot of websites, but because the state did not open php programming courses, our school was learning a lot of programming languages.

So because of the fact that some of our Internet companies became famous at this time to interview Internet companies, we found that the interviewer asked you more about your problem and experience with this programming language, not about your academic qualifications and what school background Listen to the interview after the students go back and said, what surprised me is actually how business people recruit people do not ask how your school background.

I was looking for a job at that time and I still had a hard time. My school did not have any actual combat experience after all. I learned that you do not have actual combat experience and will often refuse you. At that time, we were able to enter Sina, Baidu and Sohu as our life dreams. Into the then small company, and now the industry is well-known Internet company, then that we are now often fought around 360, since then entered the code farming (IT programming migrant workers) life.

Into the yannong life flash is 7 years, working with me there are many famous graduates of various colleagues, Tsinghua University, Peking University and so on. Since leaving the campus to work in the environment feel relatively free, more daily programming life is nine to five, in order to improve their programming skills, often visiting some well-known programming sites in the network to interact with many technical cow, need some Programming information can be found online, and with the popularity of the network, greatly expand their horizons and programming skills, but also allow me to gradually feel free to learn online and the huge differences between traditional universities.

Everyone on the network has no qualifications and prestigious grudges, everyone is equal and free exchange problems, do not understand the problem encountered in some Q & A communities to search for some of the technology to share the knowledge of cattle, because the network allows me to share freely in the excellent people The body to learn knowledge, so that they also continue to become confident, I believe that education and college entrance examination can not decide your life.

10 years fortunate enough to go to the last Internet company, but also my favorite, then I also like to use technology in their spare time to do a good user experience of the product, because the Internet faces the user, and the user to leave a site cost is very low, so In the Internet industry, product first, the user is supreme.

Watched "Steve Jobs Biography" in 2011, let me awakened, the original product can do without doing data analysis and market research, which completely subverts our way of thinking about the traditional industry products. Because their spare time in the company can use technology to make product innovation, while using the microblogging can see the Internet Gangster often share their own books, their spare time in the subway every day to see the industry chiefs recommended books, such as innovators dilemma know Subvert an industry from a different market and channels.

And many business innovations are accompanied by experience and innovation, especially Apple's products, the traditional industrial products with a very beautiful art feel, people exclaimed that the original product is not function as possible, but how to use, learn, Sensory level to make your product more simple, convenient and fast.

Instead, product managers are no longer highly educated, high-IQ people, but must have the most fool with the same people as ordinary people thinking, because you produce the vast majority of products without highly educated, highly IQ people .

In the Internet industry is the most typical case of hao123, the founder of junior high school education only, but because he can feel a lot of himself and almost like it is difficult to vast network of sea people to find their own website until the acquisition by Baidu or A person in the maintenance of this navigation site is not as complex as the search engine technology, there is no very beautiful interface, and even CEO Robin Baidu also spoke in words, the simplest is the best.

Let me feel a touch of resonance, the original with your high qualifications, high IQ, you will become very clever, and this clever ability to give personal complexity considerations, and the grass is very common, so they think about Simple, so they resonate a lot with many of their own and can make products that satisfy the simplest and easiest of these people.

With the increase of free learning time, continuous expansion of book scope, increasing inner self-confidence and ambition, especially looking at Steve Jobs speech at Stanford University, Reed College hated their professional courses and chose to drop out to listen to their own favorite Of the calligraphy class, know how to grasp the pitch and how to make a beautiful plate, but this skill Apple's first generation of computer using the word art, Jobs said he did not go to self-study this course, Apple will not have Such a rich font.

And this is the relationship between 'cause' and 'fruit', causation can not be undetermined, so only found in the twilight, but will connect in the future life, believe causality, will give you the confidence to follow their own wishes, even if the deviant, Also never stop, the only way to learn successful.

Since last year, my heart is not only a small volcano eruption, daily life step by step is really what I want? New Year home to start looking at his parents a year old, because the home is doing pepper fast business for 20 years, is well known in the local , After the end of the year I intend to use their own years of work experience to help home sales in Beijing Liangpi special pepper noodles, after the end of the year I am actively preparing for their own walk in Haidian District, looking for cool skin shop selling good pepper noodles and found disappointing scene , Many businesses are in order to reduce costs, with poor pepper noodles, and the other just want a low price, walk more than 50 km almost the whole day, dragging the tired body at night, one day experience let me surprise, suddenly disappointed .

This is the soul of his own mind suddenly emerge a bold idea to do Liangpi, since the home is very good chili, and where we are also famous town of Qin Pimpi, our town vinegar in Shaanxi, no one knows, so Based on this, I have a very strong motivation to do this. Inspirational letting parents know that they are engaged in decades of peppery business in their lifetime.

In order to do Liangpi own call to the home to Liangpi recipe, a month's time to eat Liangpi almost every day, the house is full of spices taste, although the idea is good, but found that the shop did not think so simple, store, shop with Stoves, etc., every day you need to be surrounded by all the trivial issues, every day a variety of new problems was born, although very tired every day, but only a few hours a day sleeping, but the quality of sleep easier than ever sitting in the office A lot of high, the very next day wake up early all day still high spirits, I gradually realized that this powerful spiritual things from their own interests,

Strong interest in driving yourself well, in order to allow yourself to encounter setbacks will not back down.

Code farming brother's Internet thinking

In fact, Yan Nong Ge want to express the theme of thinking is: want to make good products need fool thinking, smart people easy to think of themselves as smart, so he will be a complicated problem, that the need to think of something valuable, because they like most There are IQ challenges, but often clever and clever. The standard mode of thinking in the traditional industrialized era is: mass production, large-scale sales and large-scale dissemination. These three major industries can be called the "Holy Trinity" in the industrialized era.

But in the Internet age, these three foundations were deconstructed.

1) The scarcity of resources in industrialized times and products, resources and production capacity are regarded as the competitiveness of enterprises, which are not right now;

2) Products are more presented in the form of information, channel monopoly is difficult to achieve;

3) The Internet has mutilated all the monopoly channels of information so that everyone can become a social development trend. Microblogging makes everyone self-media. Comics, and merchants of the product production process will become producers and consumers work together to complete, the real estate industry has undergone tremendous changes in the production process.

After these three foundations were deconstructed, the power of producers and consumers changed, and the formation of consumer sovereignty.

First, users participate in enterprise product development, improvement. Enterprises in traditional industries are far away from consumers. In addition to the accidental contact telephone number and website address above the product packaging, there are few opportunities for direct communication with consumers. The most frequent communication is with local agents and distributors, In the sales level of service, other aspects of the service is not in place, enterprises know more information is also available through the dealer twice, it is difficult to get some "real, in-depth," the voice of the market. WeChat, the emergence of Weibo cut off the traditional complex communication chain, so that manufacturers can communicate directly with the user, and enterprise production becomes more transparent.

Code farming brother with Internet thinking to practice 020 process, doing is cool takeaway, the basic consumption is mostly female, yannong through various ways to guide users to our WeChat service number, so that through WeChat customers and their Close communication, opening day Nong Nirvana customers free trial at the same time allow users to directly feedback in WeChat taste, 馍 the thickness and taste, the beginning of the meat is particularly salty, when there is a user feedback, wechat service number in the background Users can interact directly with the feedback through rapid improvement, and further won the previous negative feedback users recognized, but the traditional industry, the user if a bad taste, will disappear forever, and the Internet allows users to error correction is possible. Enterprises can further improve product quality and service based on user feedback.

Second, collect new data through the network to find new user needs. From the very beginning, we also launched the Wechat Take-Out service. Through the Internet, the network can collect the data left by the users. Through observation, we found that the information contained in the orders of the users contains less spicy, less garlic and less vinegar The Internet's characteristic is that it can gather individual data and discover commonalities. According to the data analysis, most of our clients are characterized by women and meet basically in the afternoon. Therefore, eating garlic will bring impolite effects to others.

Based on the perception and grasp of the needs of female users, Yannong Jia is encouraged to develop a new idea that can completely solve the above three problems. However, from the perspective of women's behavior, it is hard to accept from the visual excitement , While women like to find surprises from slow tastes. Just like a boy pursuing a girl, you need to make some surprises, but you can not tell each other. Instead, you should let each other know the surprise from your present.

In line with the above data analysis and perception of women's behavior prompted us to develop a new Liangpi taste. We chose mustard, tomato sauce, curry and other several, found that only curry without any stimulating flavor of the seasoning, but the curry itself smell can not smell, so as to ensure that users have pure mouth when eating Liangpi, curry at the same time An international, fashion relatively strong thing, many people think that the only cold curry paste curry sauce, as we usually eat curry beef rice and the like, yanong Columbia products and the above differences are very large.

Curry Liangpi features: 1. Uncover the scent of the smell, the more stirring the thicker the flavor 2. Like a tea like a spicy, each tongue will be gentle increase tenderness 3. Curry flavor moderate, anyone can accept

Finally, Mr. Nong summarized the Internet thinking characteristics: people connect, interaction, data collection, information dissemination, information transparency, democratization of consumer decision-making. The above story is from a microblogging called @ cool cloud IT cool cool cow story, this person gave up the salary, riding an electric car every day in Zhongguancun to send Liangpi takeout.

(According to i dark horse, fast carp)

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