It's too early to worry about electricity business monopolies.

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November 11, "Singles Day" by Taobao, Suning easy to buy, Beijing-east and other brand electric dealers all-out war on the promotion of the season finale. The economic reference newspaper November 12 quoted industry insiders forecast that this year's "double 11" period, more than 20 major electric dealers are expected to achieve overall sales of more than 30 billion yuan, to achieve a doubling of the same period last year "good results." However, the Electric war "winner-take-all" characteristics, may be the long-term risk of price warfare to consumers. There are market analysis, the future if the electric business industry to form an "oligopoly" monopoly, whether it will have the power to price reduction is difficult to speculate.

Obviously, it should be admitted that the recent "Double 11" electric sales promotion war, and all the market impact of analysis, and the existence of problems in the evaluation, it is no doubt that the development of the electricity industry itself or the protection of consumer rights and interests are certainly a good thing. But at the same time, I also believe that it is too early to worry about the electric business industry will form an oligopoly monopoly.

First on the electric business sales pattern, it is well known, whether it is Taobao or Beijing-east and other major electric dealers, it provides a trading platform, and sales are by many shops (sellers) and buyers free to complete. And in this process, the trading platform not only exists among many sellers of free competition, but also with the buyers, that is, the choice of consumers, returns and merchandise quality and service is not in place to bring about the impact of the difference. So under this condition, unless the electric business industry want to self-destruct now all good market prospects, or to its own electricity market share and good market prospect hand over to the traditional department store industry. Otherwise, whether from the electric business market to survive the need to speak, or to the existing full competition in the electric business sector to speak, low prices will be the electrical industry in the future can be seen in a considerable period of time, must maintain, and to obtain its own development of a major model.

And on the relationship between the electric business and consumers, it is also well known that in recent years, the electric business industry has been able to achieve astonishing development, there is a very important reason is that the electricity companies to the low price to attract consumers to buy their own choice from the net to the Internet. In other words, white. In recent years, the development of the electric business industry is to attract consumers by low prices, and to suppress the market share of traditional businesses as a prerequisite, in a sense, it can be said that if the online seller's commodity prices do not have enough attractive, if the shop goods and services can not be a good investment consumers, The electric dealer is no doubt tantamount to committing suicide. In this regard, and at least for a considerable period of time now foreseeable, the electric business sector will not, and will not be able to form, such as the relevant market people worry about the "oligopoly" monopoly pattern.

Therefore, in the face of market participants in the electric business industry will form an "oligopoly" of the pattern of concern, I really want to say that, regardless of the current sales structure of the electric business industry or the competitiveness of the electricity industry, it is now concerned that the electric business industry will form an "oligopoly" monopoly pattern, it is certainly too early.

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