Izettle introduces social payment API to expand service coverage

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Recently, according to foreign media reports, as a social payment service, Izettle is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company has recently launched a new API (application programming Interface) for developers, so from now on, third party developers can integrate izettle into their applications. Izettle was launched in Sweden last November, and some people call it "square in Europe", which has now landed in Denmark, Norway and Finland and intends to expand to the UK.

The new API will expand the coverage of izettle services so that they are no longer limited to their applications. Here's a use case that Jacob de Geer, chief executive of Izettle, talked about:

Suppose there is a food takeaway company (or activity organization platform) that is already using an iphone or ipad app to get diners to order (or sell tickets), but it is likely that it will only accept online credit card payments and not be paid for when they are sent out (or at the event site). With the Izettle API, the company can integrate our payment solutions into its applications, simplifying the sales process. Ultimately, our API makes the sales process easier and quicker.

One industry source commented that Square had released an Android API (beta test) as early as 2010, but there had been no further progress, making izettle a bigger advantage in Europe. Izettle may even expand to the United States if you have a strong partner or enough developer integration requirements.

Today Izettle also announced more than 50,000 users.

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