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Beijing Times News (reporter Wang Lixia) until yesterday, some employees of Gree Chinese company still did not discuss with the company to withdraw capital compensation. May 14, the Japanese social game giant Gree China (Beijing Ju Yi Rui Network Technology Co., Ltd.) suddenly announced the withdrawal of China, more than 130 employees face unemployment. Less than two years after the establishment of the Gree proposed the use of uniform standard compensation, causing most employees dissatisfied. >> employees ' Compensation the difference treatment according to Gree, a Chinese company employee said, May 14 morning, Gree Director, Senior Vice President and CFO Green Liuzhishu said that the abolition of China's business, all employees to dismiss, on June 28 and the company signed the termination of the labor contract agreement, to give certain economic compensation. On the same day, the staff of the presence surrounded the relevant leaders and expressed dissatisfaction with the compensation arrangements. After mediation, the company said that the compensation can be negotiated settlement. The employee said that the company's compensation method is: Each employee's annual salary multiplied by the age of entry, plus months wages, is the compensation paid. "But many employees often work overtime and contribute a lot to the company, how about this part?" What about the pregnant employee? "Gree Chinese company, a pregnant employee, said that she had paid maternity insurance for 8 years, because the company suddenly withdrew funds, resulting in 8 months of pregnancy, she was unable to receive a total of more than 100,000 yuan maternity insurance and leave allowance. The company's leaders and lawyers have said that there is no care for pregnant women and that the company is not responsible for maternity insurance and allowances. "In this regard, the staff said that the Haidian department has applied for Labor arbitration." >> Company will make a supplementary arrangement yesterday afternoon, the reporter called Gree Chinese company, a staff member declined to be named, said the company will be issued on the compensation of supplementary arrangements, "Dissatisfied with the compensation is only individual employees." Since then, the phone has been in a state of not answering. >> due to poor income according to Gree, an employee of China company, "withdrawing the fuse may be a 8-month cost 40 million development of the Hand Tour" honor Journey "bad data." "It is understood that the" honor journey "game on the line, the number of games on the platform on the daily income is not enough, at the same time version of the problem more, on-line three weeks after the stop of the beta. >> Lawyer Maternity loss unit to compensate Beijing Bodi law firm lawyer Ku Chunshi said that the company due to mismanagement or closure of the labor contract, the two sides can add conditions to negotiate the termination of contract. Ku Chunshi also said that China's "labor contract law" and "women's Rights and Interests Protection Act" stipulates that female workers in the period of pregnancy, employing units generally may not terminate the labor contract, for the pregnant staff due to unemployment caused by the loss of maternity insurance, the employing units should be compensated according to law.
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