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JavaScript Tutorial ad delay loading code or page content loaded after the JS call content
<!doctype HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http://" >
<html xmlns= "" >
<meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "HTML; charset=gb2312 "/>
<title>javascript Tutorial AD Delay load code or page content loaded after loading JS call content </title>


<div id= "Demob" >
<div style= "Display:none" id= "Demob_hidden" >
<!--the external JS call to be loaded in this div-->
</div >

function Chkdiv (divid) {
var Chkid=document.getelementbyid (divID);
if (Chkid!= null)
{return true;}
{return false;}
if (Chkdiv (' demob ')) {
document.getElementById (' demob '). Innerhtml= document.getElementById (' Demob_hidden '). innerHTML;
document.getElementById (' Demob_hidden '). innerhtml= "";

Where the ID for demob div is the page in the middle of the original place JS call, the following hidden ID for the Demob_hidden div and the next JS code placed in the end of the page, so that most of the contents of the Web page loaded after loading hidden div in the JS call, Then use the function of the following to assign to Demob, this can reduce the external JS loading speed to the overall load of the Web page visual impact.

Method Two

JS Delay Loading

The code is as follows:
Program code
<script language= "javascript" src= "id=" my "></script>
settimeout ("document.getElementById"). src= ' include/php tutorial 100.php Tutorial '; ', 3000;/3 seconds

JS Final Load

Insert the following code where you want to insert JS:

Program code
<span id=l4ever>loading...</span>

Of course, that loading ... You can switch to your favorite small picture.

Then insert at the bottom of the page:

Program code
<span Class=spanclass id=ad_l4ever>
Your JS code here!</span>
<script>l4ever.innerhtml=ad_l4ever.innerhtml;ad_l4ever.innerhtml= "";</script>

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