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Jin Shanyun yesterday released its cloud services platform, including five new products, cloud host "Scorpio", Cloud hard disk "level" and cloud storage "Taurus", Network Balance "Libra", Database "Tian Qin", the personal version of the Quick Disk and commercial edition.

Jin Shanyun's new products were followed by Microsoft's launch of the Global Internet Technology Conference (GITC). But as Baidu, Ali, Tencent and other giant cloud other cloud platform service providers, there are some noteworthy points.

How to see the route of millet from Jin Shanyun

In an interview with Jin Shanyun Chairman Wang Yulin, I specifically asked about the Jin Shanyun and the Millet Router Association. Because Jin Shanyun also mentions the advantages of providing cloud services to intelligent hardware developers. Although chairman Wang is very secretive, he still mentions 2 points.

One point is that in the cloud storage, the millet router will take advantage of the content of the Jin Shanyun service platform. He stressed that in the home network, routers and "cloud" next to the network terminal, a lot of cloud-related services will be in this link.

Another point, based on Jin Shanyun and Millet are Lei Department of Enterprises, before the millet mobile phone also joined the Jin Shanyun of the fast disk services. Wang Yulin said that developers to open the television, mobile phones, routers and other products of the application or service, on the Jin Shanyun platform is very easy. This also shows that the millet router plays a very important point is to talk about television, mobile phones, boxes and other terminals through.


In addition, in this very clear operation diagram of the Jin Shanyun service, see several key peripheral partners with the Blue Flood cooperation CDN Acceleration (that is, and Apple to solve the App store domestic download slow problem of that home), the application of intermodal platform, and the other is millet payment and gaming platform. On the millet route, the "game platform" and "payment" based on Jin Shanyun service will certainly be a point of integration.

Business Prospects for cloud services

The CEO of Jinshan Cloud is Dr. Zhanghongjiang, a former Microsoft technical executive, and as CEO, of course, it's more about business prospects. He cited Box.com and Dropbox.com, two successful examples of foreign cloud storage, to show that the domestic cloud services are still very promising, but the market may be only a few years after the outbreak of time.


(Dr. Zhanghongjiang, Jin Shanyun CEO)

A set of data for box and Dropbox is really inspiring. University students Aaron Levie founder of the box.com has 150,000 enterprises to use, has 1500 users, the company valued at 2 billion U.S. dollars, is currently a staff size of 1000 enterprises. MIT graduate, Drew Houston7, founded Dropbox.com a year ago, mainly for personal cloud storage, has 200 million users, 4 million corporate users, the company valued at 8 billion U.S. dollars.

The hand tour scale of millet platform

In addition, I am concerned about the point is the game platform millet, Millet is said to play the platform has been one of the most profitable millet, is the establishment of an independent department at the end of last year. Just met Millet game COO Jian Xuming also in, understand that, millet hand tour now has 600, monthly 50~60 hand tour online, but, in his words, "real money" game does not exceed 20.

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