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January 2013, the mobile browser and Qingdao Haier Electronics Co., Ltd. signed an agreement, officially become Haier in China's regional Internet terminal content Platform business strategic partner. In the future, the mobile browser will be through the preset way into the Haier Internet terminals (including but not limited to Haier cell phones, smart TV, pad and other Internet products), for the vast number of Haier Internet end-users to provide services. The mobile browser is a mobile browser with innovative function and idea under the guidance of the Center of the research of wireless internet, which is CMIPC by Beijing Point Technology Co., Ltd. 2011, the world's first mobile browser two-dimensional code to make the Internet function, leading the new trend of the combination of two-dimensional code and mobile browser; 2012, in the early stage of technology accumulation and in-depth understanding of the industry development trend, based on the domestic initiative social mobile browser, creating a personalized mobile browser, socialization, intelligent new era! Illustration: China's first social mobile browser-----moving browser based on the user's interests, hobbies and social networks, relying on independent innovation unique algorithm, mobile browser to achieve the content of the accurate personalized recommendations, users in the creation of their own exclusive interest in the map, but also to expand the circle of enthusiasts. In addition, the link browser with fast navigation and convenient search function, the perfect support HTML5 technology, access to hundreds of Web application services platform, is the user's real personalized reading, browsing, application services portal. Mobile browser innovative technology and philosophy, the Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Research Institute, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Industrial Development Research Institute, the Chinese Federation of Communications, the Chinese Association of communication Related leaders, experts, has been with the telecommunications operators, including China Telecom, Haier, 91& market, etc. Handset makers and app stores are working together. With unique differentiation advantages, mobile browser in the 2012 operator terminal and application innovation cooperation Conference won the 2012 Intelligent Terminal Innovation Application Award, by the Ministry of Industry outstanding Science and Technology Journal "Communications World Weekly" award 2012 the most Innovative cell phone browser award. Haier Group is the world's leading set of home appliances solutions provider and virtual integration channel, the world's largest household appliances first brand, China's most valuable brand, ranked among the top 50 of the world's 500 top brands. Haier Digital and personal products Group is the Haier Group to implement the global brand strategy of one of the pillar industries, product line across the home appliances, computers and mobile phones and other fields, is currently the only full coverage of TV screen, computer screen and mobile phone small screen manufacturers. Mobile Browser said that with the strategic cooperation with Haier, 2013 will also be with more partners to carry out strategic and mutually beneficial cooperation, and strive to bring more intelligent end users with a wonderful Internet experience.
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