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Constrained by the downturn in the downstream, joint chemical reluctantly decided to shut down the capacity of the way to deal with. Company 24th announced that will shut down the production capacity of the alkali workshop. United Chemical Joint Alkali Workshop is located in the Zibo Yiyuan County suburb of Old factory, the workshop existing capacity of 30,000 tons of soda ash and 30,000 tons of ammonium chloride. Financial data show that 2012 the two products realize operating income of 44.9992 million yuan, accounting for the total operating income of 3.8%; In the first half of 2013, the two products realized operating income of 19.8488 million yuan, accounting for the total operating income of 3.57%. In the first half of 2013, the two products realized gross margin-5,300 yuan, operating conditions are not ideal. The market for soda products and ammonium chloride has continued to slump this year. The main downstream of soda is glass, printing and dyeing, phosphate, small chemical industry and so on, because of downstream downturn, its demand plummeted. Under the National Real Estate control policy, the real estate industry cools down, the new construction project reduces, directly causes the industry to the glass demand to reduce sharply. At the same time, the domestic printing and dyeing industry suffered a depressed market, the soda industry downstream demand for a large number of decline. The status of ammonium chloride industry is also not optimistic. Since April, ammonium chloride prices are all the way down, although the three-quarter compound fertilizer in the fall of the industry is good, but because of high social stock and the current compound fertilizer mainly high nitrogen and high phosphorus compound fertilizer, less ammonium chloride, therefore, ammonium chloride market overall still lower than expected, the second half of the trend is more grim Joint Chemical said, the company's internal calculation, soda and ammonium chloride market prices have been lower than the company's production costs, decided to the workshop implementation of temporary parking, specific production time will be based on the product market. September 3 Joint Chemical Bulletin said the suspension of asset restructuring, analysts said, due to the company's industry in the downstream situation, the company suspended or related to asset acquisition. It is noteworthy that in May this year the United Chemical had tried to reorganize, the company prepared to enter the organic agriculture, but finally the failure of the bulletin.
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