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"TechWeb Report" September 16 News, Shi Yuzhu new tour "Journey 2" officially launched the public test, the outside of the brain platinum-type ads today also with the overwhelming expansion.  Netizens in several major portal home found that there is a brain platinum characteristics of the "Grass skirt Dance" ads grabbed the home page, causing widespread concern in the industry and hot discussion. "The Journey 2 male test today 17 o'clock strong open, romantic friends, passion Pk." "On a portal site, a" Journey 2 "ad almost covers the entire screen. On the screen two images of strange, dancing grass skirts cartoon rabbit image is very eye-catching, it is easy to think of the brain platinum ads in the dance of the old man in the grass skirt dance style.  Many netizens have said "a little thunder", but really "impressive". As we all know, the main features of the "brain Platinum" ads are: The selling points, intensive playback, repeated indoctrination, to impress the audience.  And this "Journey 2" public survey advertising is the continuation of this feature, focusing on the main portal home to carry out a strong bombing-type propaganda. For the advertisement caused by the eye bombing effect, there are people in the industry jokingly called "Man has been unable to stop the Journey 2".  In his view, the Shi Yuzhu by virtue of a "this year's feast does not receive gifts, gifts only received brain Platinum" advertising countless, won many consumers, now the brain Platinum version of the old granny incarnation "Journey 2" Rabbit again war lake, the effect is worth looking forward to. It is understood that "Journey 2" is a 2D martial arts role Playing network games, combined with the traditional "journey" play and the giant innovative "fair game mode", and into more leisure and community elements. The current online number of the game has broken 300,000 people mark, is the best performance in 2011 independent research and Development online games. (Weba) to share:
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