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3D shooting Game "No Gravity Fighter" Foreword: Veteran Apple App players often look for free, time-limited applications because they are often made in fine, durable, and also a frequent guest of the APP store's list of free items. Given the increasing number of new applications and limited-time free applications in the mobile Internet era, therefore, the broad bean network launched a daily limited free app recommended column, every day for iOS players select more than 4 hours of free application, the hope is that we can in a number of free applications in the rapid search for high quality, At the same time meet their own needs of the software! Interested players can long-term attention to our new column, welcome to subscribe to the broad bean RSS. If you are an iOS user, what would you like to see or point out for us please send mail to news@candou.com if you are a developer, seek cooperation or promotion also please send mail to NEWS@CANDOU.COM6 month 17th Free Application: 3D shooting Game "no gravity fighter "Original Price: 30 yuan Do you have enough guts to play a weightless fighter (no gravity)? You need to be strong enough emotionally and with a great psychological endurance to leap in the face of bad conditions and use lethal weapons to accomplish the ultimate task and protect your people. Hurry up and download the IPhone version of this popular game on the PSP as soon as possible before it's too late. No Gravity fighter game screenshot No gravity fighter game screenshot No gravity fighter game screenshot No gravity is a PSP space combat game ported to the IPhone platform. No Gravity with complete action experience and impressive visual appeal, let us fully experience the unique charm of fully functional arcade games. At the same time, the game contains 31 tasks and hours of game content.
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