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Kai-Fu Lee officially resigned Google's global vice president and the Greater China region President, announced the creation of a Chinese youth to help the successful start-up of the "Innovation Workshop." Reporter learned that kai-Fu Lee in the venture again using the domain name strategy, enabling the semantic matching chuangxin.cn (ie "innovation") as the new company's website domain name.

Recently, several domestic media have reported the use of Kai-fu Lee "Innovation Workshop" domain name strategy. It is reported that the "Innovation Workshop" has been enabled by the domain name chuangxin.cn, innovation-works.com, innovation-venture.com and so on. Sources say, "Innovation Workshop" in the full set of domain name, only chuangxin.cn for the recent purchase from other registrars, all other new registrations for August 2009.

A domain name experts said, "Innovation Workshop" domain name strategy has a clear "Kai-fu Lee-style brand", this strategy takes into account both inside and outside, heavy in the long term. chuangxin.cn Chinese Pinyin as the core of the CN Domain name comprehensive service of Chinese netizens, innovation-works.com and other English words as the core domain name mainly for English netizens, taking into account the different language habits of Chinese and English users. In addition, "Innovation Workshop" domain name strategy also embodies a typical defensive domain name registration strategy, Innovation-works, innovation-venture as the core. CN,. COM. CN, COM class domain name to achieve comprehensive protection. As we all know, due to many domestic enterprises in recent years lack of experience in domain names and self-protection awareness, often encounter the embarrassment of the domain name was malicious registration, resulting in judicial proceedings and high prices of the case of redemption of domain names frequently occurred.

Previously, some netizens believe that the innovation-works.com Web site for Chinese users is not good memory, but Kai-Fu Lee has already obtained the chuangxin.cn domain name and Chinese "innovation" corresponds to, well catered to the global Chinese memory, recognition and access habits.

Worthy of concern, "Kai-fu Lee-style" domain name Strategy first appeared in Google China. At that time, Kai-Fu Lee at the helm of Google China, in order to quickly open the Chinese market, the use of this "internal and external balance" "user-friendly" Domain name strategy, For Chinese users to enable g.cn and google.cn, such as the core of a series of CN domain name, in order to achieve Google China search engine market share of the rapid rise made a contribution. Among them, Kai-Fu Lee in Google China during the launch of the g.cn domain name by the industry widely praised. User input g.cn can jump to the google.cn search page, this unique ideas for Google China in China's influence on Chinese netizens has increased a lot of points.

There are insiders pointed out that the enterprise operation and management of the road of Kai-Fu Lee, in the use of domain name strategy to help enterprises very adept. This "Innovation Workshop" domain name strategy implementation, once again embodies this point, but also to domestic enterprises in the formulation, implementation of domain name strategy provides a very good reference sample. In the era of internet economy, domain name is the most intuitive link between enterprises and the Internet, but also the "signboard" of enterprises on the Internet. A high quality domain name will greatly increase the visibility of enterprises in the Internet, enhance corporate brand image, on the contrary, the improper management of the domain name may cause significant losses. In June this year, China held the first domain name conference, the experts pointed out that the domain name is not a technical issue, but has become a problem of intellectual property rights and business economic warfare, enterprises should take the domain name into strategic consideration. But for the entrepreneur, in the information age, should further study the Internet and domain name related knowledge, further promotes the enterprise Domain name strategy level.

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