Kaspersky Cloud Security upgrades start using file Reputation technology

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In recent years, with the development of information technology and Internet, all kinds of malicious programs such as viruses, trojans and worms show explosive growth, and the defense response system of traditional security software relying on malicious object database can not adapt to the fast changing network environment. The emergence of "cloud computing" technology has created an opportunity to solve this problem, so many security software vendors are moving the database to the cloud (server side) storage and sharing, to improve the accuracy of analysis and judgment. But this way still does not give full play to "cloud computing" advantage, because the database transfer to the "cloud", still need to spend a certain amount of time on the Unknown program analysis and judgment, the more users feedback data, the cloud computing processing capacity requirements higher. Kaspersky in the use of "cloud computing" technology used a completely different ideas, and not the analysis of the responsibility of the assessment of all to the cloud server to complete, but more to adopt the user's feedback. In the face of an unknown program, Kaspersky security forces in addition to the cloud is located in the "Kaspersky Security Network" to send basic information, but also submit users of the program to trust the degree of judgment results. The Kaspersky Security Network collects and collates the information and then feeds it back to every user who uses the program so that the user can get a statistical result of a global billion sample that will help the user accurately determine what the unknown program is capable of doing. When a user runs an unknown program in the "secure desktop" of Kaspersky security Forces, it pops up the "Application Control" prompt window, detailing the earliest time that the change was available in Kaspersky's security Network, the number of users who used the program, and the percentage of users who trusted the program. Finally, the user is prompted to judge the degree of trust in the program. 498) this.width=498 ' OnMouseWheel = ' javascript:return big (This) ' border= ' 0 "alt=" "width=" 358 "height=" 447 "src=" http ://images.51cto.com/files/uploadimg/20101119/1340450.jpg "/>" (Figure 1, application control based on secure network) due to "Kaspersky Security Network" Technology involves part of the user's computer's data and information, so during the installation process, you will be explicitly prompted what data the user will use. Of course, the use of Kaspersky Security Network is entirely out of the user's voluntary, if not joined the security network will not affect the normal use of security forces products. The whole process is truly open and transparent. 498) this.width=498 ' OnMouseWheel = ' javascript:return big (This) ' border= ' 0 "alt=" "width=" 505 "height=" 396 "src=" http ://images.51cto.com/files/uploadimg/20101119/1340451.jpg "/> (Figure 2, installation process information) with Kaspersky Security network system, not only in the first time to respond to unknown programs, And the feedback from the PC side as an important basis for analysis and judgment, so the accuracy of the security system has been greatly improved. Let each user become a part of the security network, so as to achieve information sharing or crisis warning, common response to malicious threats, is Kaspersky practice "cloud security" the essence of the idea! "Editorial Recommendation" Kaspersky: Beware of stubborn "pseudo Ms Downloader" Trojan born for Security and war: Kaspersky Security Force training manual Kaspersky: Opera Community Transmission virus "responsible editor: Shang Micro TEL: (010) 68476606" Original: Kaspersky Cloud security upgrades Start using file reputation technology return to network security home
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