Kettle Town Electric trader booming, Internet brings easy gold rush

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Zhejiang online March 20 News in recent days, in Jinyun County town in the town of North Mt. Wolf Outdoor Supplies Co., Ltd. in the distribution workshop, more than 10 distribution workers are particularly busy, they are skilled in the online has placed a single mountaineering bag, tents, sleeping bags and other merchandise to play box. The Lu Xiumei counted the 20 tents and smiled and told the reporters: "These are the goods of an outdoor club in Hangzhou." These days, online orders more and more, we have too late to pack! ”

As a pioneer of e-commerce in the local area, 2006, the pot town North Mountain village Lu Zhenhong tried to open an online shop, specialized marketing outdoor supplies. After more than two years of mud, the network for him to open a huge sales market, 2008, he registered "North Mt. Wolf" brand, and in 2009 set up Jinyun County Beishan Wolf Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. In a short span of several years, "North Mt. Wolf" in good faith management to become the rapid rise of E-commerce brand Enterprises, the annual transaction sales amounted to more than 20 million yuan. At the same time, the enterprise has driven more than 20 North mountain village nearly hundred people engaged in network sales, has now formed a mature industrial chain.

In the days of the holding group, general manager Lu Yu told reporters, the company is to create "Days Hi Kitchen Electric" brand, to achieve from the pot to the transformation of electricity to upgrade the new leap. Through market research found that the new brand's largest customer base is just graduated from the young group of work, network marketing is imperative. June 2011, Days Hi Group stationed in Taobao Mall, sales of all types of brand-owned kitchen utensils. Through study exploration, bold innovation, only seven months time, sales team from 3 people to 27 people, online monthly sales from 10,000 yuan to 2 million yuan, become the fastest rising Taobao cooking industry star shop.

With more and more traditional enterprises and entrepreneurial people will look to network marketing, pot Town "e-commerce economy" has sprung up. It is understood that up to the end of 2011, Kettle Town has a variety of E-commerce enterprises (site) more than 200, to participate in the online entrepreneurship of the youth reached more than 1000 people, created a value of more than 100 million yuan. Among them, North Mt. Wolf Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., operating car accessories, such as Rui Yi Trading Co., Ltd. has become a pot town E-commerce business model representative.

In February this year, the pot town area engaged in E-commerce online entrepreneurship young talent as the main body of the social group Kettle Township E-commerce Association was formally established, the association covers the town area of the pot to operate outdoor supplies, automotive supplies, kitchen supplies, 3C digital, native products and other industries. E-Commerce Association will give full play to the role of the bridge between the Government and members, promote exchanges and cooperation between members, enhance the competitiveness of network operators and independent innovation capabilities, and jointly promote the "e-commerce economy" booming.

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