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"Key number Fourth" Chinese version of the poster "key fourth" stills: John Smith from the star "key fourth" stills: Male actress Sina Entertainment by DreamWorks, Disney released the Hollywood sci-fi action film "Key Fourth" (I Am number Loko) recently passed the review, Scheduled for February 28 in the domestic release, IMAX version will also be introduced simultaneously.   The film by the "Transformers" (Transformers) Director Bay (Michael Bay), the Chinese version of the poster and trailer is also exposed, thrilling action special effects scenes are dizzying. "Key Fourth" is an adaptation of the novel, called "The Alien version of Twilight", because not the human actor will also fall in love with human girls.  In addition to the romantic love of handsome and beautiful people, but also by the "Iron Man" (Iron man) and the "Transformers" behind the team to create the Grand special effects and dazzling super power fight scene, is the spring stalls one of the most anticipated film. Key fourth tells John Smith, an alien, to escape the killing and flee to Earth, one of the nine surviving teenagers, and the fourth. Unexpectedly, the pursuers were traced to the Earth, and the first third were dead in their hands, and John was the next target. John had fled to Tian with his protector, and met and fell in love with the beautiful girl classmate Sarah. The danger was approaching, and the pursuers had found John's whereabouts. A battle is inevitable ... the key fourth, directed by Eagle Eye, D. J. Luthor (D.J Caruso), the popular idol Alex Patifer (Alex pettyfer) and the Super red American drama "Glee" (Glee) protagonist Diana Aglon (Dianna Agron) starring, will be released on February 28 in the country, only 10 days later in North America, Ahead of Hong Kong and Taiwan. nick/
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