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Before this I introduced how to use Sohu Weibo to do the ranking of the article "Knife: The Secret of Sohu Weibo," the article mainly introduced a period of time before the uproar of the 3-minute fast ranking method. At that time said that is only a temporary, this shortcut will be blocked at any time by Baidu. So far, less than one months, we should also have found that the trick is not so useful, and even the original ranking also lost 7788. Of course I have not how to do recently Sohu Weibo, the first no good words can do, the second time is not allowed.

Today, I came across a better word, want to use micro-bleomycin push A, why say meet good words just push it, because I see a lot of people are in crazy registered Sohu Weibo, no matter what word, as long as you can bring traffic words are to do, such as 2011 college Entrance Examination 0 points composition, But I click on the link but found that the rebound is actually weight loss products, such as this promotion is really meaningless, so that only encounter good words I will use the Sohu Weibo. Step with the same, first register a 163 mailbox, and then activate micro-blog, fill in the long tail words, slightly set the information, and finally send a few micro-blog ads.

And then it's just a copy of the microblogging address. I also went to the same as the original Baidu bar, paste the weight should be well known, basically in the second, but the ads are often bad, I have a Baidu account was harmonized, but a new registration can continue to send, And they don't delete previous posting records. But today in post posted when incredibly can not send, estimated to be directly shielded, as long as the content of the site, directly to shield, I randomly tried a few seconds to accept the paste is the same, when let may some of the bar has not been shielded also not necessarily. Finally have no way, can only go to A5 Forum advertising area issued a poster, in order to ensure that Baidu included I also deliberately find a relatively long article to send.

The time that the advertisement is collected is decided my micro-blogging time, after a few 10 minutes finally is included, at the same time micro-blog is also included, I hurried to check the rankings, the results found only in the third page, because the word is not hot, the first page is arguably the row is beyond doubt, before this much hotter than the words can be in the home page. Although not very ideal, but the ranking is always better than none. Now it seems that the weight of Sohu Weibo has been significantly reduced, let's look at some specific data.


The last time I was a noon cut map, Instant is noon but the day of the collection has been as high as 390,000, now I am the middle of the night 12 points of the map, can be included in the day is only 330,000, on the inclusion has been significantly behind. Finally, I queried the previous register of micro-blog rankings, found that there is only one still exist rankings, but it is the only one I set the personality domain name, but also specially produced a background picture, you can say that this micro Bo made the best look. So even if the weight of Sohu Weibo has declined slightly, if willing to spend more time or can achieve the same effect before.

Because of the limited ability of personal expression, the article organization is not tight also please put forward valuable advice, of course, I also try to let you webmaster friends can see my article when some harvest. Behind the original is every one of the owners of the bitter, I hope everyone respects the copyright:, the last knife also hope to know more, more senior SEO practitioners.

Author: knife @ A Small business owners Exchange Group: 68204508.

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