Kobe Bryant's club says he wants to keep his dream going

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Summary: Kobe Bryant appeared in Lenovo club event I'm not a fan of Kobe Bryant, I'm just a journalist who keeps track of Lenovo's products for a long time. So when I took a taxi from Haidian South Road to Pangu Grand View, my first reaction was not to see

Bryant appeared in Lenovo Le Pink Club activity

I'm not a fan of Kobe Bryant, I'm just a journalist who keeps track of Lenovo's products for a long time. So, when I braved the downpour to take a taxi from Haidian South Road to Pangu Grand View, my first reaction was not to see the excitement of the stars, but distressed that was stolen by the drivers of 100 yuan. On a rainy day, the drivers of the black car did not bargain.

Frankly, I didn't like Kobe Bryant before, and of course I didn't resent it because I wasn't a basketball fan, and even when I was photographed at the Lakers ' home for 2012 years, I didn't feel any devotion from my peers. Kobe Bryant to me, is a symbol, like a well-known McDonald's, you know it exists, but not to be moved.

I was impressed by a few small details. One is also the day of pouring rain, the whole of Pangu Grand Hall gathered a large number of fans, they were in orderly queues, only for a few seconds that Kobe could take; a little girl who didn't know the media had snatched the first row of media seats in Pangu, and reportedly practiced three languages and greeted his own idol, Eventually Bryant gave her a hug, and there was the scalpers outside the Water cube, and they were tired of trying to buy the tickets I had and vowed.

I can only say that Kobe Bryant is a worthy person to wait, is a person can be willing to pay the person, is a market person. But that's all, because I've been far away from Kobe.

The organizers are very considerate to arrange a meeting of Kobe Bryant, all kinds of dress out of the mold, the water cube outside the Mercedes-Benz Smart car Lenovo P780 imprint, and dynamic basketball baby. Of course, all of this is a foil, the whole water cube periphery has been a little out of control, everywhere are screaming crowd.

I was lucky to get to the first row of the venue, what is this concept? If Kobe stands in the middle of the stage, he and I should be 4 meters away. If he walks a few laps around the edge of the field, you can even boldly try to jump over the isolation zone and give the idol a hug. Of course, the security guard at the scene will use his fierce eyes to tell you that this is not allowed.

Kobe Bryant is a giant, on the one hand, his height, on the other hand, his demeanor. Not to render the hero return, that kind of self-confidence between gestures, not a common people can imitate. Here, you do not think of color problems, do not think of nationality issues, you can think of only, this is a respectable person.

The link of the finale is a friendly match for Kobe Bryant, another protagonist of the friendlies is the same love of playing basketball, Liu June, his other identity is Lenovo Group senior vice president, Lenovo Group President Liu June.

The moderator suggested that the two sides say a tough word before the game, to cheer themselves. Liu June's lines are as follows: Kobe Bryant, I should not have bullied you, you are now injured. But I think this game is fair, I'm 7 years older than you.

As is known to all, the basketball this kind of youth rice, the age plays the very big role. When the moderator translated Liu June's words to Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant responded with a smile, but people moved: it has been a long time not to hear this, which reminds me that many years ago, someone has said to me, I will overcome my injury, the dream along the way, let those who underestimate my disappointment to go.

Yes, let those who underestimate us go. When Lenovo's first smartphone phone market is broken, the industry is not a lack of cynicism, from the bench on the return soon after the formation of Liu June Midh, at that time carrying a lot of pressure. Now Lenovo's smartphone has already sold globally to the top four. Both how similar, have been sad story protagonist, have the momentum of return of the king.

Perhaps, Bryant's sentence let those who underestimate us go, not only himself, there are many like Kobe Bryant, with similar stories of people or things, perhaps they are in the trough, but never thought of giving up the dream.

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