Kombucha Innovation program helps radio and television system maintain optimum air pressure

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Kombucha Innovation program helps radio and television system maintain optimum air pressure

United States North Carolina State HICKORY2012 Year April 25 control the humidity standard in the broadcast transmission line usually requires expensive and difficult to repair equipment, such as bottled nitrogen cans and dry powder desiccant, but now the radio and television companies have a new technology based on membrane dehydration options. Kombucha Dryline? Sahara is a specially designed dewatering machine for radio and television companies, providing a highly reliable and cost-effective solution to the technical challenges of climate control.

Kombucha Dryline? Sahara dewatering Machine

Sahara is the latest innovation in Andrew's solution, the combination of supercharged and dry technology. Similar to similar products Drylinemojave, Sahara also adopted a unique air circuit breaker patented design to support high-capacity systems, and the space and cost is only a fraction of the traditional solution.

Kombucha Microwave Products Senior Vice President Paulbell said: "Sahara dehydration machine to fill the gap in the market, for many years the radio and television companies are hoping to have more sophisticated dewatering machine to apply to large capacity systems." The Sahara is compact in size, the noise in its operation is much lower, and the product is equipped with alarm function, once the installation is almost no follow-up maintenance. Such strong, reliable performance and low capital and operating expenses are sufficient to reduce overall operating costs. ”

Sahara works by using automatic pressure sensing and microprocessor control circuitry to activate or stop an air compressor. The compressor runs only when it is necessary to maintain the transmission line pressure, thus reducing wear and maintenance. Sahara does not rely on internal gears or components, so it can continuously change the air inside the cable to ensure optimal system performance.

Its unique simplicity of the film box design eliminates the pressure fluctuations or heat regeneration of the necessary parts. Sahara Dewatering Machine also has the following advantages:

• 3 year/3,000-hour warranty

• Reduce noise and vibration

• Saving the cost of replacing nitrogen cans or silica gel desiccant

• Enhanced range with system support up to 31,200 liters/1100 cubic feet

• Compressors of less than 50 lbs. per square inch

In addition to the above advantages, Sahara Dewatering machine compared to the previous industry standard dewatering machine occupancy space can save 80%. The product can be placed on benches or floors and can even be used in crowded areas. In addition, the power, air and alarm connections can be easily viewed from the back of the cabinet.

Sahara is one of the Kombucha radio and television system support products, other ancillary products include: Heliax? Air dielectric cables, connectors, assemblies and booster equipment. Sahara is a new version of the Kombucha Dryline dryer series.

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