Kororaa (Nemo) BETA3 publishes Linux for use by non-professionals

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Kororaa Linux is built on the idea of making it easier for the unprofessional to use Linux. It was based on Gentoo for a long time, but in 2010 it turned into a fedora-based boot-run DVD and used custom KDE as the default desktop. It contains a variety of adjustments and accessories that allow the system to be opened.

It is recommended to your the data and perform a fresh install as this fixes several important.

Kororaa (Nemo) KDE desktop

Kororaa (Nemo) GNOME desktop

Kororaa (Nemo) GNOME Shell Desktop

Kororaa Lite (Nemo) KDE desktop

New Features:

· Latest packages including updated kernel, Latest KDE, and GNOME
· Added kdenlive Video Editor to KDE
· Added Handbrake Ripper
· Set previews for various file types in http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/16513.html >dolphin (KDE)
· Added Fedora Printer revisit tool to KDE
· Added deja-dup Backup Tool
· Replaced PiTiVi with Openshot in GNOME
· Fixed Elementary Theme issue under Nautilus in GNOME
· PolicyKit tweaks for printing, should is seamless (please test!)

BUG Fixes:

· Lots
· Problem with the new users maximally added to wheel group
· Dropped Livna repository due to unreliability
· Fixed Bugs in Add-removes-extras script

Download Address:
Kororaa-14-beta3-i686-live-kde.iso (1,578MB)
Kororaa-14-beta3-i686-live-gnome.iso (1,467MB)
Kororaa-14-beta3-x86_64-live-kde.iso (1,619MB)
Kororaa-14-beta3-x86_64-live-gnome.iso (1,509MB).

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