Layoffs rumours or lead to Zynga's turnover

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Sina Science and technology news Beijing time, October 10 morning, according to sources, Zynga is about to lay off and sell some business, which led to the turnover of staff. Zynga's shares have fallen from $12 to $2 in the past 6 months, and there has been confusion within the company. Some of Zynga's executives, such as a head of the Zynga poker team, have resigned from the company. Sources said Zynga employees were leaving because they had been informed that the company was about to be laid off.  Others have heard that their department will be sold as a whole. A Zynga manager wrote this week to the media that Zynga CEO Mark Ping Cass misled investors about the underlying problems of Zynga. One analyst said the company had 6 months to reverse the current situation.  But from outside Zynga, it's almost impossible. Zynga has built a team of thousands of employees in a matter of months, through massive acquisitions and hiring. Industry insiders believe that when the big environment is good, this can be effective. But when the environment is bad, there is evidence that it will cause problems. (D-Gold)
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