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The concept of large data, for domestic enterprises may be slightly unfamiliar, the mainland is currently engaged in this area of small enterprises. But in foreign countries, big data is seen by technology companies as another big business opportunity after cloud computing, with a large number of well-known companies, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, that have nuggets in the market. In addition, many start-ups are also starting to join the big-data gold rush, an area that has become a real Red sea.

In this paper, the author of the world's most powerful data in the field of the most powerful enterprises, some of them are the computer or the Internet domain giants, some start-ups have just started soon. But they have one thing in common: they all see big data opportunities and they don't hesitate to advance in the field.

While big data is a more new term than cloud computing, some of the companies listed in the article can find that many foreign companies have long been in the field, but domestic companies are still almost blank in this area.

Traditional giants:

Enterprise Name: IBM


Online Time: May 2011

Company Address: Armonk City, New York, USA

Financing Status: IBM Business

Business direction: Mainly for large enterprises and other markets

IBM Logo (image from the network, the same below)

IBM, the blue giant, has not been the name of the last century, but in today's corporate market in all areas of the undisputed right to say, naturally it will not pass the big data this piece of fat, now it is the world's largest information technology and business Solutions company.

May 2011, IBM officially launched infosphere large data analysis platform. Infosphere large data analysis platform including biginsights and streams, complementary, biglnsights based on Hadoop, the large-scale static data analysis, it provides a multi-node distributed computing, can add nodes at any time, improve data processing capabilities. Streams uses the memory calculation method to analyze the real-time data. Infosphere Large data analysis platform also integrates data warehouse, database, data integration, business process management and other components.

Company Name: Amazon


Online Time: 2009

Company Address: Seattle, Washington, USA

Financing situation: Amazon Business

Business direction: Mainly for large enterprises and other markets


Amazon is absolutely prescient about cloud computing and big data, as early as 2009, Amazon's resilient MapReduce (Amazon elastic MapReduce), and Amazon's demand and application for Hadoop is a matter of thumb, whether it's small or medium sized businesses or large organizations. Resilient MapReduce is a rapidly expanding Web service that runs on Amazon's flexible Computing Cloud (EC2) and Amazon's simple storage service (Amazon S3). This is a real cloud: in the face of data-intensive tasks such as Internet indexing, data mining, log file analysis, machine learning, financial analysis, scientific simulations, and bioinformatics research, users need to be able to deploy as much capacity as possible immediately.

In addition to data processing, users can also use the Karmasphere analyst version of the service, Karmasphere analyst is a visual workspace for analyzing data on Amazon's resilient MapReduce. The user can also extract the resulting file for use in a database or a tool such as Microsoft Excel or tableau.

Company Name: Oracle


Online Time: 2010

Company Address: Redwood City, California, USA

Financing Status: Oracle Business

Business direction: Mainly for large enterprises and other markets


Oracle's recently released Oracle Large Data Machine (Oracle Big Appliance) provides a way for many businesses to handle massive amounts of unstructured data. Oracle's Big Data machine was officially unveiled by Oracle at the OpenWorld 2011 Conference held in early October 2011. The product is attractive to companies seeking more efficient ways to collect, organize, and analyze large amounts of unstructured data.

Like other integrated offerings recently introduced by Oracle, Oracle's large data machine integrates hardware, storage, and software, including open source code distribution for Apache Hadoop software, a new Oracle NoSQL database, and R-language open source code distribution for statistical analysis. The product is designed to work together with Oracle 11g, Oracle Exadata Database Cloud servers, and new Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence cloud servers for business intelligence applications.

Company Name: Google


Online Time: 2011

Company Address: Mountain View, California, USA

Financing Status: Google Business

Business direction: Facing all kinds of enterprise market

Google has always been a leader in the technology industry, in recent years almost any Internet technology projects you can see Google's figure, the big Data age, Google will not miss. What's more, if you dig deep into the vast amount of data it has, it's invaluable for boosting Google's search and even all of Google's services.

BigQuery is a Web service launched by Google to handle large data in the cloud. The service allows developers to use Google's architecture to run SQL statements to operate on super large databases. BigQuery allows users to upload their oversized data and interactively analyze it directly, eliminating the need to invest in building their own data centers. Google has said that the BigQuery engine can quickly scan up to 70TB of uncompressed data, and that it can be immediately analyzed. Large data has many advantages in the cloud model, BigQuery service does not need organization to provide or establish data warehouse. BigQuery is also fairly well equipped for security and data backup services.

At the end of last year the service was open only to a small number of developers, and anyone can now sign up for it. A free account allows you to access up to 100GB of data per month, and you can also pay for additional queries and storage.

Company Name: microsoft


Online Time: 2011

Company Address: Redmon, Washington, USA

Financing Status: Microsoft Business

Business direction: Facing all kinds of enterprise market

The Microsoft Research Department has been working on something very similar to Hadoop since 2006, known as "Dryad". Earlier this year, the program achieved Dryad through integration with SQL Server and Windows Azure cloud. Although Microsoft has not yet updated, it looks as if Dryad will become a powerful competitor on the SQL Server platform that affects large data enthusiasts.

Microsoft's entry into the market is "belated" and, to some extent, the market for data warehousing analysis and memory analysis is lagging behind. Microsoft's SQL Server R2 Parallel data Warehouse (PDW, parallel Data Warehouse), launched in early 2011, PDW uses large-scale parallel processing to support high scalability, helping customers expand analysis solutions that deploy hundreds of terabytes of data. Microsoft has now started to provide the connector for the Hadoop Connector for SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse and Hadoop Connector for the preview version of SQL Server Community technology. The connector is two-way, and you can migrate data forward or backward between Hadoop and Microsoft database servers.

Microsoft launched a beta Hadoop service based on the Azure cloud platform last year, and this year it has pledged to launch a Windows-compliant large data solution based on Hadoop (Big Data Solution), the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 version ( The starting date is not yet known, and it is unclear whether Microsoft will work with other hardware partners or with large data-device vendors.

Company Name: EMC


Online Time: Unknown

Company Address: Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA

Financing Status: EMC Business

Business direction: Facing all kinds of enterprise market

Founded in 1979 in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, EMC began entering the enterprise data storage market in 1989. EMC Corporation is a leading company in global information storage and management products, services and solutions. EMC is the information storage standard for each of the primary computing platforms, and more than 2/3 of the world's most important information is managed through EMC solutions.

In the face of the big Data Age, EMC launched the next-generation platform ――EMC Greenplum Unified Analysis Platform (UAP) to support large data analysis. Greenplum UAP is the only unified data analysis platform that can be extended to other tools, and its uniqueness lies in its recognition and sharing of large data throughout the analysis process to achieve higher commercial value than ever before.

Enterprise Name: Teradata


Online Time: 2011

Company Address: Fort Lauderdale, Ohio, USA

Financing Status: Teradata Business

Business direction: Facing all kinds of enterprise market


Teradata Corporation (Teradata Corporation, New York Stock Exchange Trading code TDC) is a leading global data warehouse, large data analysis and integrated marketing management solutions provider, focusing on database software, data Warehouse-specific platforms, and Enterprise Analytics solutions. Recently announced the introduction of a set of hardware, software and services in one comprehensive product portfolio--teradata analysis Ecosystem (Teradata analytical ecosystem), so that different Teradata systems to achieve seamless collaboration, Provide analysis and insight to business customers to help them anticipate business opportunities and accelerate business value. Teradata Unity will ensure the synchronization and unification of the entire Teradata analytical ecosystem. In order to enhance the advantage in the field of large data analysis, Teradata also acquired Aster Data Company to enhance the ability of its unconventional analysis, break the limit of SQL analysis, and help the enterprise to get more value from the whole data.

Enterprise Name: NETAPP


Online Time: 2011

Company address: Sunnyvale, California, USA

Financing Status: NetApp Business

Business direction: Facing all kinds of enterprise market

Receptacle Appliance,inc. (NetApp, US Domain Storage Technology Co., Ltd.) is a leader in the IT storage industry, and has been leading the development of the storage industry with innovative ideas and leading technologies since 1992. Receptacle Appliance, Inc. (NETAPP) is the world's leading provider of unified storage solutions for today's data-intensive enterprises.

NETAPP Storagegrid is a proven object storage software solution designed to manage PB-and globally distributed repositories that contain images, videos, and records for businesses and service providers. NETAPP Storagegrid provides strong scalability by eliminating the typical constraints of data containers in blocks and files. It supports billions of files or objects and PB-level capacity within a single global namespace.

NETAPP Storagegrid implements intelligent data management and secure Content retention. It optimizes data storage, metadata management, and efficiency through a global policy engine with built-in security, which manages how data is stored, placed, protected, and retrieved. In addition, technologies such as digital fingerprinting and encryption prevent content from being tampered with.

NETAPP Storagegrid helps provide data anytime, anywhere, for uninterrupted operation. The solution is designed to allow flexible deployment configurations to meet the diverse needs of the global multi-site organization.

Company Name: Sybase


Online Time: 2011

Company address: Dublin, California, USA

Financing Status: Sybase business

Business direction: Facing all kinds of enterprise market


Sybase was founded in November 1984 and headquartered in Emeryville, California, USA (now Dublin City, California). As one of the largest independent software vendors in the world, Sybase is committed to helping organizations such as enterprises to manage and publish their applications, content and data.

Sybase IQ is a relational database designed specifically for data warehousing by Sybase. Compared to the traditional "row store" relational database, Sybase IQ uses a unique method of column storage, in the analysis of queries, only need to read the query columns, its vertical partitioning strategy not only to support a large number of users, large-scale data, but also to submit business information for high-speed access, Its speed can reach the traditional relational database of a hundredfold or even thousand times. "As Sybase IQ has consistently topped the analytical application POC test, sometimes more than 100 times times that of other rivals," Gartner said, "Sybase IQ is becoming the most desired DBMS (database management system) from data marts to enterprise Data Warehouse architectures." ”

Since its launch in 2009, Sybase has released Sybase IQ 15.1, 15.2, 15.3, and the latest Sybase IQ 15.4, each of which focuses on adding new core competencies to further advanced analysis. Sybase IQ 15.4 is a high-level analysis platform for large data that transforms large data into intelligence information that directs everyone to action, making it easy to have large data analysis capabilities across the enterprise's users and business processes.

So some say Sybase IQ15.4 is radically changing "Big data analysis".

Company Name: HP


Online Time: 2011

Company address: Palo, California, USA

Financing Status: HP Business

Business direction: Facing all kinds of enterprise market

With the advent of the big Data age, HP, the veteran giant, has not been outdone. Not long ago, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services Division announced the launch of a new service to help customers quickly deploy HP subsidiary Vertica Vertica Analytics Platform, so as to quickly insight into key business information, supporting the decision-making process.

Vertica Analytics Platform allows users to gain insight into "big data" by allowing them to analyze structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in physical, virtual, and cloud environments on a large scale in real time.

Advanced Information Services for Vertica helps customers maximize Vertica analysis platform performance and build an enterprise analysis-specific environment. HP offers a range of services from evaluation to implementation, working with customers to define multiple delivery combinations and finding the best solution to match their existing infrastructure.

Advanced information Services for Vertica has been listed globally and will build a flexible intelligent environment for the "instant Agile" enterprise.

Company Name: Wal-Mart


Online Time: 2011

Company Address: Benton

Financing Status: Wal-Mart business

Business direction: Unknown

Looking at Wal-Mart here, many people may wonder why Wal-Mart, the world's largest traditional retail giant, has been involved with big data. Look at the following introductions and you'll see.

Wal-Mart, one of the first companies to benefit from large data, once owned the world's largest data warehouse system. By analyzing unstructured data such as consumer shopping behavior, Wal-Mart has become the retailer that best understands customers ' shopping habits and has created a classic business case for "beer and diapers". As early as 2007, Wal-Mart had built a large data center with a storage capacity of over 4Pb. The economist said in a 2010 report that Wal-Mart has 167 times times as much data as the Library of Congress.

Wal-Mart Labs plans to consolidate 10 different sites in Wal-Mart, while extending a 10-node Hadoop cluster to a 250-node Hadoop cluster. At present, the laboratory is designing several tools to migrate and integrate open resource databases such as Oracle and Neteeza.

Wal-Mart has made a number of acquisitions, including Kosmix (the predecessor of Wal-Mart Laboratories), Sgt Powering, Set Direction, OneRiot, Social Calenda, Grabble and other small and medium-sized start-up companies, These startups are either proficient in data mining and algorithms, or have expertise in the mobile social arena, from which we can see Wal-Mart's commitment to moving the Internet and digging up large numbers. It is believed that under the leadership of Wal-Mart, the traditional industry will gradually realize the importance of large data and accelerate into the big data age.

Start-up companies:

In addition to these traditional big enterprises have begun to enter the big data field, there are many entrepreneurs also aim at the opportunity of large data, have launched their own products, in order to seize the big data age opportunities.

Enterprise Name: Clustrix


Date of Establishment: 2005

Company Address: San Francisco, California, USA

Financing Status: 12 million USD

Business direction: Facing all kinds of enterprise market


Clustrix was founded in 2005 and is a member of the Y Combinator 2006 Winter class. Clustrix can provide a patent data application method for SQL database, help people to process a large amount of data, make the SQL database unlimited expansion possible. Recently, Clustrix from Sequoia Capital, USVP, and ATA Ventures three venture capitalists have once again received $6.75 million worth of venture capital, so far has been financed 12 million U.S. dollars. Clustrix is headquartered in San Francisco, USA, and the Research and Development Center is located in Seattle. To open the European market, the company plans to relocate its headquarters to Amsterdam, Holland, and will set up an office in India by the end of the year.

Enterprise Name: Cloudera


Date of Establishment: 2009

Company Address: Palo Alto, CA, USA

Financing status: 40 million USD

Business direction: Facing all kinds of enterprise market


Cloudera, a company specializing in sales and service of data management software based on Apache Hadoop, is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., where it released its first commercial product in March 2009, when it received $5 million in investment from Accelpartners. The company officially launched Cloudera Enterprise products in June 2010. A 40 million-dollar venture capital was raised in November 2011, which was Frank Attelle by Frank Artale, partner of Ignition partners at the venture capital firm. Accel, Greylock, Meritech Capital and In-q-tel were also involved in the current round of investment by the top investors of the Cloudera venture.

In addition to the above enterprises, including MAPR, hstreaming, Hadapt, DataStax, Datameer these with Hadoop and large data-related new companies have been invested, a new round of upsurge is emerging.

See that so many foreign companies have begun to embark on the road of large data, we can not help but want to know what domestic enterprises in large data has made a contribution, but unfortunately, with large foreign data in the bustling, domestic enterprises to participate in this area is not much.

Domestic enterprises in the database, data warehousing, business intelligence and other fields weak foundation, it especially software enterprises in the layout of large data, has lagged far behind the foreign advanced enterprises. For which enterprises may be successful in the future into large data areas, to provoke large data use of the burden of localization, many people say bullish Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other domestic internet giants, because they not only have the capital, technology and other aspects of the strength, and has been dealing with the data has a first advantage, The development trend of its own business is consistent with the trend of large data development.

In fact, as China's largest e-commerce company Alibaba has been using large data technology to provide specific services, the main content is Ali credit and Taobao data cube These two parts of the business.

To Ali credit loans For example, Alibaba through the grasp of business transactions data, with the help of large data technology to determine whether to give the enterprise loans, the whole process will not be human intervention. It is revealed that up to now Alibaba has lent more than 30 billion yuan, bad debt rate of about 0.3%, much lower than commercial banks.

Taobao data cube is a large data application program on Taobao platform. Through this service, businessmen can understand the macro-situation of the industry on Taobao platform, their brand market situation, consumer behavior and so on, and can make business decisions accordingly.

In addition to Internet companies, there may be a business that can not be overlooked is very likely to be in the big data field, that is Huawei. Although Huawei has been keeping a low profile in large data areas, a significant proportion of Chinese users are looking forward to Huawei's products and programs, thanks largely to the brand image of Huawei's "domestically produced it network communications products and program leaders", which it has crafted over the years.

In recent years, especially since the 2012, big data has gradually begun to become a familiar term. There are many who think that 2012 should be the year of big data, and even more predicting that the next Facebook will be born in the big data field, whether it makes sense or not, but at least we can see that the curtain of the Big Data era is open.

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