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Cao Kai with lead-acid battery production and price increases, originally in the electric bicycle market only 4% share of lithium batteries, began to the electric bicycle market full force. "July or August National Battery market changes very much."  "Tianjin Electric Bicycle Association director Shanyan yesterday told the first financial daily, the country has a total of 1700~2000 lead-acid battery production enterprises, but currently only 241 are still in production, the others have been discontinued." "Now the trend of lead acid being replaced by lithium is irreversible."  "Shanyan said.  Lead-acid battery production prices since the nine ministries to overhaul the lead-acid battery industry since the beginning of August, nearly 87% of the country's lead-acid battery enterprises were shut down or conversion. Affected by this, some of the production of lead-acid batteries, the performance of listed companies began to fall sharply.  In the first half of this year, the Southern Power Supply (300068.SZ) in the first half attributable to the listed company shareholders of the net profit fell 48.52% year-on-year.  South all power, as a result of the first half of the lead-acid battery industry cut-off rectification, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary of Hangzhou South du Battery Co., Ltd., Hangzhou South Capital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 5 June production time of more than 40 days. The price of lead-acid batteries has begun to rise, influenced by the large production of lead-acid battery manufacturers.  Shanyan told the newspaper. Into the July, days, Super, Yongda, double boarding and other brands are rising prices.  Battery prices have risen 10%~30% since May. Electric-car prices have also begun to rise sharply, influenced by rising prices for lead-acid batteries. Many regions nationwide electric bicycle battery prices, most in 200~300 yuan, some brands rose to 80%.  Zhou Seagull, analyst at National Yuan Securities, said the lack of battery capacity could hardly be eased in the last two or three years, as the number of companies has plummeted, making it difficult to recover until March this year. "The key is that the market is now in short supply, the current electric bicycle market air distribution rate reached 50%~60%, many manufacturers have cars without batteries."  "Shanyan said.  Lithium battery access to lead-acid battery production Enterprises large area shutdown, to provide the opportunity for lithium batteries. "Our orders have been in the October, and we can say that lithium batteries are in short supply."  "Aetna Technology (000969.SZ) shares of lithium battery production Enterprises Beijing Pui Mart Technology Co., Ltd. a marketing staff told the newspaper. In the electric bicycle market, because of the mature technology, lead-acid batteries have been dominant. Early this year, lithium batteries in the market share of only about 4%.  At present, the main application of lithium batteries in the notebook computer and mobile phone two major areas, accounting for about 70% of the total market share. "Before, many lithium-ion battery manufacturers did not attach importance to the electric bicycle market. "Shanyan said.  According to industry sources, lithium battery because of high cost, electric car market competition is fierce, so in this field and lead-acid batteries contend. Lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries have advantages and disadvantages. Lead-acid battery technology mature, low price, but not suitable for rapid charge and discharge, volumeLarge and short life, lithium battery can be fast charging, high power discharge, small size, long cycle life, but high price, poor safety performance.  Chen Liang, an analyst at Warburg Securities, said the cost of lithium-ion batteries is now higher than that of lead-acid batteries, with lithium-ion batteries of the same type of electric bicycle costing about 2~3 times of lead-acid batteries. Chen Liang believes that although lithium batteries for the time being can not replace lead-acid batteries in the absolute status of electric bicycles, but the demand for lithium batteries for electric bikes is bound to grow significantly, with alternative opportunities appearing, and only less than 5% of electric vehicles now use lithium batteries, with very small market capacity, and in the future assume that electric bikes that use lithium batteries double, Will add about 7 billion yuan of lithium battery demand market capacity.
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