"Leaders Annual meeting" Tiger-bashing sports Chenghang: Mobile Internet making money is very pessimistic

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"China Entrepreneur Network" by "China Entrepreneur" magazine sponsored 2012 (11th session) China business leaders Annual meeting December 8/9 days in China Grand Hotel. Tiger-bashing Sports network CEO Chenghang attended the annual meeting of the New forum "APP: How the Golden Age nuggets."

' I'm pessimistic about making money on mobile internet, ' says Chenghang. The Golden Age has not come yet, precisely because the golden age has not yet come to this industry now looks so good. We look at the entire Chinese PC Internet, from Sina listed to now how much money companies? Get rid of the game first, in fact, not much money company.

The following is HU-flapping Sports Network CEO Chenghang Forum Transcript:

Chenghang: Hello everyone, and you move the field of business leaders than we are not the same, our products are starting from the PC, I 2004 in the United States, because I do not like their professional, made a small website called Tiger bashing, the American slang is the meaning of basketball. I myself is a basketball fan, later called the tiger flutter nets. We made the PC Internet 07 years ago, is vertical media, we are now China's largest sports vertical website, 5 million users, advertising and anything to make money. Speaking of today's theme is the mobile end, we found that the mobile end of the user needs and the PC side is not the same, so we try to launch the sports news, such as the big things happened today, sports News. Our forum is very hot, the third try is the best effect is called the ball mate. We have a meeting here today, there are more than 10 games in the United States. If you are looking at the ball partner, our Appstroe Sports category ranking is the first, deduct the ticket is also our PC company origin to be proud of the result. So everyone here like sports Welcome to download our app.

We made a VC last year, and my investor gave me the goal of a profit statement, and we've been making a profit for the year, which is about a tens of millions of net profit. The way to make money is advertising, electricity business. Mobile Internet We have developed a few apps, but from investors, or our management, take this as a look back at the newspaper and magazine, think that next year the traditional internet will also become 5 years ago the newspaper, is to put one of their feet into the future.

But is there money in the future? I think I'm pessimistic and I'm pessimistic about making money on mobile internet. The Golden Age has not come yet, precisely because the golden age has not yet come to this industry now looks so good. We look at the entire Chinese PC Internet, from Sina listed to now how much money companies? Get rid of the game first, in fact, not much money company. From the company's point of view, from the entrepreneur, from the shareholders to the end of a person to take a stake in the 2015 Golden Age before someone took the stock. I think VC, PE last capital market, U.S. stocks and even the Chinese a-share market, they are expected to cause a high valuation of the future market, resulting in large financing, resulting in the entire industry boom and income promotion. But can the industry make money in the end? One I think will appear big platform, big platform definitely make money.

Mobile Internet era platform is not the same, mobile Internet is the underlying platform is not free, our app protocol on the PC Internet free, but mobile internet is not like this? South Korea has also mentioned the mobile, Tencent, and even the phone's apple, the market has not been up to 30% of the split. The bottom of these big platform people are collecting money, if the big platform does not come to what we do? Can only be done vertically. We are digging in the vertical industry, when you dig deep when you will find that with the user to go more and more short, team task more and more important, this time profitability and traditional competitors will not have much advantage. At this time you are easy to finance, you can buy traditional competitors. The real profitability is created, and I'm optimistic about the current mobile internet app entrepreneurs and investors because there will be people in the future.

I have just said that playing the game first aside, they make money too easy.

There is flow can make money, no matter what. This I agree, traffic can be a preset, I think now the PC Internet on the day 1 million of the UV is not too bad, but mobile internet will do so, Android platform prospects will be better, allowing some market-like things to survive. But will Tencent, like Facebook, cut the industry even more? For example, what hotel has a cooperation with Tencent? That's what I'm worried about.

Whether investors make the company make money or return on investment, if the return on investment sometimes do not consider making money.

China is very large, the market is very big, do not focus on mobile interconnection, mobile interconnection itself is a small market.

Concentration ultimately produces value.

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