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How to use a proxy to access a blocked web site

for some reasons, China Telecom has blocked some foreign sites, all domestic users can not visit, such as the former very prosperous money-making site (Speida), and some foreign websites prohibit China's IP access, the solution is to use foreign proxy server. However, the education network users can not visit foreign websites, all foreign agents can not be used for it, whether we could do nothing about it? No, we can refer to the following two times the use of agents to resolve.

1. To download a SOCKSCAP32, fill out the SOCKS Proxy server address in the setup.

2. Drag the browser shortcut to the SOCKSCAP32 blank box.

networking, first start SOCKSCAP32. Then in the browser to fill out the address of foreign proxy server, in SOCKSCAP32 run browser can.

How to use Foxmail to receive letters via proxy

can be resolved using SOCKSCAP32. Premise: There is a good socks agent, through an accessible socks agent (SOCKS5 or Sock4 proxy), the Foxmail shortcut to the SocksCap32 of the blank box, your foxmail can be unimpeded. The same method also applies to cterm, sterm, such as Telnet software access to the education network of the major BBS site, speed up, but can hide the real IP address and so on. There are times when you cannot resolve a server address by using the ping pop.mail.yahoo.com command and then filling the resolved IP address into the Foxmal POP3 server option.

Another method: Suppose you have POP3 proxy server, for example:, your account number is Algam@21cn.com, then in outlookexpress or FOXMAIL30 should be set as follows: POP3 server address Fill in: Proxy server address, (port need not set), SMTP server address is: The original SMTP server address, smtp.21cn.com (in fact, because you do not need to send a letter, so the SMTP server address can be easily filled in); Account number: Original Account algam# 21cn.com (both the ' # ' replaces the original ' @ ' symbol), the password is: the original account password.

QQ can use Agent

one time the author's classmate in QQ said: "How did you run to Shenzhen, you are not in Shanghai?" "In fact, I know this guy love to show off, not just installed a can see the QQ version of IP, there are a few people use QQ is not to see IP." QQ Use agent can hide real IP, this can avoid some unnecessary harassment. QQ members can be able to use the HTTP proxy function, but not members can only use the socks agent. Some companies can only surf the Internet browsing can not use QQ, mainly closed the socks port, to avoid employees to work with QQ chat. In fact, there are solutions to this situation. First download a socksonline software, is the ordinary HTTP proxy conversion to "omnipotent" SOCKS5 agent tool, Socksonline Agent is the use of Commonline online communication capabilities, socks agent transfer. Socksonline proxy use is very simple, as long as the client application of the SOCKS5 proxy set to the Socksonline address, the client will be normal use.

in ICQ using proxy

assume you have SOCKS5 proxy server, for example:, then in the OICQ system menu ==> Preferences ==> Connection, select "I under the firewall or proxy" ==> Click "Firewall Settings" ==> Select I use the SOCKS5 proxy Server "==> next ==〉 fill in the proxy's address ==> port number in the SOCKS5 (firewall) host address (typically 1080), and if you are unsure whether the proxy server is available, press" Check my firewall/proxy settings.

==> Click "Finish".

Using proxies in ICQ2000


proxies/firewall==> Select Proxy Server type SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 or HTTPS ==> fill in the host address and Port ==> on the Proxy Server page and finally don't forget to choose use Proxy to resolve hostnames. Note: The webmaster has not been tested, but according to some netizens said at the time of installation if not using a proxy server, later use may not use the proxy server ICQ.

using Oicq

assume you have a SOCKS5 proxy server, for example:, then in the OICQ system menu ==> system parameters ==> Network settings, in front of the proxy Socks5 firewall to tick ==> the address of the agent to fill in the firewall address ==> the port number in the SOCKS5 (typically 1080), and if you are unsure whether the proxy server is available, you can test it by checking the test button on the edge of the user's password.

Use FTP proxy server (upload/download document)

general FTP software settings; server bar: Proxy server address, account number: @ Original FTP server address, Password: original account password. Use the FTP proxy in cute FTP as an example. Menu bar "FPT" ==〉 "SETTINGS" ==〉 "Options" ==〉 "FIRE wall==〉host: Proxy server address ==〉port:21==〉type:useruser@site==〉 select" Enable Firewall ... "

CUTE FTP using SOCKS proxy server (upload/download document)

take cute FTP4.0 as an example:edit==>settings...==>connection==>socks==> select "Socks4" or

"SOCKS5" ==> to fill in the host next to the SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 Proxy server address (in view of the SOCKS5 is very tight, and unstable, please use SOCKS4 for good) ==> select "Firewall" to "Enable Fire ac ..." check box next to remove the hook. ==> Click OK. Now you can use the SOCKS4 Proxy server to upload the homepage. (Although most socks agents can upload the home page, but some socks agents do not allow the same IP repeat join, may not upload, when this happens, please change a socks agent)

use a proxy server to play the game

bored when the author likes to the joint public or China Game Center in the next few innings four national flag, the author of the bedroom has two computers (the same IP), because the public has a ban on the same IP players at the same table options, so play when a proxy, a socks agent, or use SOCKSCAP32, This kind of play is basically a victorious, hehe. Another way is to use a computer to play, with another computer through the agent to peek at the opponent's chess. These two methods are also suitable for friends in the Internet café. If you see a person called the author in the audience do not play with him, or you will die very miserably, the same method can also be in the Chinese game Center, such as the use of game sites.

Run "Network game world" ==> Click "Set proxy Server" ==〉 choose to use the SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 agent (because the SOCKS5 agent is very scarce, suggest playing games when using SOCKS4 agent) ==> in the "Proxy server address" Socks Proxy server address ==> port default 1080==> do not forget to select the check box "join the Internet through a proxy server." ==> "OK" ==> the IP address of the game server in "address" (if you do not know its IP address, take Shanghai branch as an example, you can copy the address sh.ourgame.com.) Then open "Start Menu" under the Msdos way to type "ping sh.ourgame.com", he will return the IP address ==> last click "Connection"

set up proxy server in network ant

Click on the "Network Ant" Menu "Options" ==〉 parameter setting ==〉 "Agent" ==〉 click "Add" ==〉 Select HTTP (get) ==> in "type" Drop-down list and fill in "Address" with HTTP proxy server address; Port to fill in the proxy server's port (for example, 80); Name in a random name ==〉 all the way to choose "OK" the current load things, select the file stored in the local folder, do not be busy with the point "OK." You should click "Agent" to select the name of the proxy server you want to use, and then tap OK to use this proxy server to download it. By the way, this stationmaster uses "Ant + Own special HTTP proxy" Downloads 1M above thing usually also can stabilize in 6k/s about.

Use socks agent on IRC chat

the mIRC menu "file" ==〉 "Options" ==〉 "Connection" ==> "Firewall" ==> Select "Use Proxy Server" ==> choose "Socks4" or "SOCKS5" ==> in "host" To fill in the IP address of the SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 proxy server

==〉 Port with 1080==> to determine

V2 Voice chat software using SOCKS5 proxy

system settings ==> "Network" ==> "Connection mode" select "I am using a proxy server that supports the SOCKS protocol" ==> Proxy Server (proxy) ==> Select socks5==> Fill in the IP address and port of the SOCKS5 proxy server 1080==> "OK" ==> now you can use voice chat and call your friends.

CTERM2000 use Telnet proxy to access BBS

File ==> Address Book ==> choose to go to the BBS or add their own new BBS station ==> will be placed in the "Address" column of the BBS address (such as: NetEase's bbs.nease.net) clip to the "Automatic Landing" column, The original place fills in the Telnet proxy server's IP address (for example: ==> then it is best to add "\ n" to the "Auto login" field to indicate carriage return, You can also add other symbols and characters if you know what user name you need to type in when you enter. (You can see his help) ==> in order to facilitate, it is recommended to click the "Output to Document" button, the settings will be stored in the document to facilitate the use of ==> then you can press the "connection site." By the way: My impression of cterm2000 is very good, the use is very simple, it is recommended to use the BBS users.

two agent-related issues:

for friends in the Education Network and Science and Technology network, download directly from abroad to pay high flow fees, or machine can not directly linked to go abroad, so to use foreign agents, but also to learn to use the level two agent. How to set up a secondary agent see the "Httport" description article. Socks2http + sockscap settings, see other proxy settings Web sites. One thing to note is that not all agents can be used as a first-level proxy, only the HTTP proxy that supports SSL. Here are some SSL agents, as for which is, please verify it yourself.

: First-level agent with the support of SSL free HTTP proxy, two agents with the download of foreign agents of the document!

Introduction to the two-level proxy settings in

This software is much more convenient than SOCKS2HTTP+SOCKSCAP32 if you just want to use level two proxies. As for the other functions of the httport, I slowly groping it, for this aspect of the inquiry, do not reply! Of course, there is a premise that you use the first level agent to support SSL, in fact, in the Socks2http agent also has this requirement. That's why some agents can't be used in socks2http.

take as an example, first in the proxy page will fill in the hostname or IP address bar, do not forget to fill in the port. Check the authentication, fill in the username and password (free agent casually fill). User agent to select IE, using the SSL connection mode, the rest does not fill. The second level proxy is set in the Port mapping menu. "External HTTP Proxy" Below is the level two agent you want to use, such as "Remote host" filled in, "Remote port" is 80, as for that "local port", such as 3128, then you set up an agent in IE localhost:3128. Click on the "Start" on the left.

httport Download Http://

for SSL proxies or Proxyhunter

(1) first set the Proxyhunter in the agent dispatch port for 8080, in Httport set the first level agent localhost:8080. Second level, just find a quick free agent, local port such as set to 3128

(2) The above speed of the agent to join the dispatch, one at a time, the other first stop. Conveniently in Hunter Add Agent localhost:3128, and then each agent, put this localhost:3128 verify, see whether free, if it is, then that enabled agent is SSL. Skilled words, a minute can verify more than 10 agent said.

HTTP proxy to socks proxy

First, we recommend two software: Sockscap and Socks2http. Sockscap I think I don't have to say it, if you have socks agent, use this nature can achieve level two agent, but socks agent is not much. and socks2http is using HTTP proxies to simulate SOCKS5 proxies. For example, use to do socks agent, in the Socks2http settings, fill in your account number and password. Then click "Finish" to fill in the localhost, port 1080, in the SOCKS5 proxy section of the software you are using. So the nature you use is 's socks agent. Or run the Sockscap, in the SOCKS proxy settings fill in localhost, pay attention to only SOCKS5, can not do SOCKS4 agent. But the Socks Agent with HTTP emulation is limited to a few network software. HTTP browsing is OK (Note that IE4 does not support Sockacap), but telnet,ftp is not necessarily, It seems that only software that supports the SOCKS agent can be used. It is recommended that you use Sterm1.0 in Telnet and absoluteftp in FTP. (Note the need to use the two-level agent software, must be running in the Sockscap, you use the first level agent to be effective).

Wow, use this way, the benefits can be many yo! In particular, the use of 64.4 of the heroes. Use it to telnet,ftp the previous one. When the education net that road is broken, use 64.4 still can say. In particular, you can no longer have a few thread restrictions, There is nothing can not download MP3 and RM file restrictions, do not believe you try! Just a little regret not to use this method on oicq! I want to have this method, we no longer need to worry about what level two agent problem. Like if you use 64.4 analog into SOCKS5, according to the above method, and then use a domestic free agent, even go abroad, speed is not so-so, but your money will crash to the outflow less!

Download: socks2http http://mail.ustc.edu.cn/~adamxc/zip/s2h.zip

Sockscap Http://mail.ustc.edu.cn/~adamxc/zip/SocksCap32.zip

For some not out of school IP, only the school proxy friend, have to use level three agent. Set the level three agent will have to Httport +socks2http+ sockscap together. Search for agents available in the school, such as (assuming), use the first level in Httport, or apply for a domestic browsing server (note that you have to fill in your account number and password). The second level is set in the Httport "Port mapping"---> External http proxy, using a free agent that supports SSL. Then use the proxy localhost in socks2http, and the port is the local port ( You use in the "External HTTP proxy" above. The following is the use of Sockscap, in which to start IE, the agent can download the literature to the agent in IE to fill out the place.

My opinion on
good agent

now online free agent Web site A lot, just look for a lot of proxy list, the vast majority of people are using proxyhunter this kind of software simple verification, find the time parameter small, think is the so-called fast agent. I am not saying that this is wrong, just think it is not very accurate, after all, the factors that affect this time parameters are too many. I think an agent is not a good proxy, depending on this proxy server in the Internet

Access bandwidth. There are many agents are hunter test time parameters are very small, even go up also quickly, but a Web page has not come out for a long time, I think because this agent's network access bandwidth is too small, but why the connection will be very fast, that is because the agent in the network segment backbone bandwidth is very large, but also very idle.

domestic now has several large networks, Chinanet (that is, telecommunications network), Unicom, Jitong and Netcom, the network generally appear free agent is the vast majority of these large networks.

(1) Generally common chinanet IP,;;

(2) commonly common Unicom IP,;

(3) The commonly common Netcom IP

(4) Common Jitong IP

(5) Some are rare but have independent line and export bandwidth

159.226.*.* is the
of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the
of China Mobile internet is the
of economic Information network is the
of the Great Wall Internet

these big network own backbone line that all have no say, must be on G's

The key question for
is how much bandwidth the interface has between these networks!

chinanet deep pockets, it is said that the interface with the various networks are >155m

as to the export bandwidth to foreign countries, according to the ***ic2001 end of the investigation report

http://www.***ic.net.cn/develst/2002-1/4.shtml#, China Internet Development Macro Overview), export bandwidth size Chinanet >> netcom > Unicom > Jitong (In fact, I feel that the speed of Netcom's agent abroad is similar to chinanet, even faster because chinanet despite the large bandwidth, but users and traffic are far greater than Netcom's.

A ***ic flash that shows the bandwidth between networks*** IC.SWF) There is also a point, the same network of export bandwidth, also divided into different areas, such as chinanet, there are three exports, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, these three export bandwidth are not the same, so even with the agent in Chinanet, even to the export of different, even the speed of the country is naturally different. Unicom, Jitong and Netcom are the same.

These large networks typically have services for dial-up Internet (or ISDN) users

is in a large area of hunter, often can get a lot of agents, but after two days most of them. I think it is because dial-up and ISDN are dynamically allocated IP, these agents, is probably the broken Internet cafes, the server opened the proxy, the server a restart, IP changed. However, these agents are rubbish, closed also does not matter! There are also a lot of rental relatively small ddn lines, such as 128k,256k and 512K DDN.

These, are some small companies and small Internet cafes rented, these agents are mostly that kind of connection speed but slow data transmission agent, with those excellent agent mixed together, with Hunter verification of the time parameters are similar, not good to distinguish.

in my opinion, the Access bandwidth >1m proxy Server, it is good. In other words, the highest download rate at least >100k byte/s agent, I will go to use. Now like broadband network is becoming more and more popular, so this agent is also more and more, this appearance is good for us, there are bad places. When I first started looking for a free agent, I could find one or two agents per forty or fifty, and now there are at least one faster agent per more than 10. The bad place is that network resources are used more and more, so that the interface between different networks has become a bottleneck.

Time parameters in

affects this time parameter, I think there are three main factors

1. The state of your machine's network (cernet).

If you are in a bad line and often lose a packet, the first value of the time feature in Hunter is inaccurate. Often an absolute quick agent, sometimes even up to 0.1s, sometimes to wait for >3s to connect up. There are a lot of people who use cernet in the daytime, the same agent, you will be in different time to verify the results are not the same.

2. The interface between the education network and the chinanet is too crowded! Often ping Sina during the day, are >300ms. Trace, you can see that from to is a bottleneck. Remember before from the education network to China Unicom, Jitong, Netcom have a separate interface, then from the education network to chinanet slow, but to Unicom, netcom but very fast. Do not know since when, even to the Unicom netcom Jitong have to go through 202.97.10.* this damn interface, so the day ping what free agent almost all are >300ms. Of course the time value of the ping is high, it is slower than not necessarily data transmission, but in broad daylight through cernet to other networks can even have 100k/s speed is very good. The ping value is small, also not necessarily the data travels quickly, for example you in the early morning time ping those very bad proxy is <100ms, therefore you use in the daytime those even if itself very quickly the proxy, also can feel, how so slow. That is not the agent's fault, wrong in the two large network interface is too small, with too many people! For the agency through the school to do a class of students, the above problem does not exist. Because from the chinanet in addition to the education network even unhappy, where even very fast.

3. What do you use as a verification URL?

For example, you use Yahoo as a verification address of the free agent to Japan or Australia will not feel the same, even to the United States and other sites will not be the same, Yahoo is just one of the many ISPs, the ISP and China's network interface size is different.

so you in the proxyhunter of the free agent, fast also can only explain this agent to you as a verification of the URL faster.

is mainly the above three factors, in addition to a number of relatively small factors, such as the free agent in the network use of the situation.

me how to verify the agent

because the speed of the agent and Hunter time parameters are affected by the use of the network is too big, so pick good agent, my method is very stupid. First in the Proxyhunter to import a proxy list, verify the address selected domestic Web site, the first full verification, to simplify the password, do not match, can not determine, does not conform to the agreement. The connection timeout and verification timeout are then validated again. Next is to use the flashget to paste a download large software URL.

Then, just one agent to try the download speed. FlashGet in the lower right corner of the download speed I think it is pretty accurate, can be maintained in the >100k/s agent will stay, the other, it threw. Oh, the most soil method is the most effective and most accurate way.

Proxy Server Port Introduction

21, 2121 FTP Proxy Server can be file transfer (upload/download)

telnet Proxy Server remote login Telnet

DNS Proxy Server NDS Resolution

POP3 Proxy Server mail proxy mail receive

808 Remote Control Service Proxy Server

1090 Real Audio Proxy Server

7000 vdolive Proxy Server

8010 Log Service

8000 XDMA Proxy Server

, 81,8080 WWW proxy Server can proxy web pages and download files

other ports are available

82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 443, 666, 800, 801, 808, 880, 1010, 1080, 1081, 1128, 2000, 2020, 2080, 2128, 3000, 3030, 3080, 3128, 40 00, 4040, 4080, 4128, 5000, 5050, 5080, 5128, 6000, 6060, 6080, 6128, 7000, 7070, 7080, 7128, 8000, 8001, 8002, 8023, 8040, 8041, 80 70, 8082, 8083, 8084, 8085, 8086, 8088, 8089, 8128, 8181, 8800, 8877, 8888, 8889, 9000, 9003, 9080, 9090, 9128, 9666, 9669, 10080, 1 0081, 10082, 18080

free full-text download experience (the bottom of the baby)

currently a better database using IP restrictions, in the university IP address range, can be no password landing. So finding useful proxies is the key to long-term use, and there are databases, such as ScienceDirect and idealibrary, that don't have a password available online. In fact, it is to find a money has been paid to buy the electronic version of the school opened the free agent, and then you use this agent of course can download the full text of the journal! Only this agent is not much, and not too easy to find, not the search method has any know-how, but to be willing to spend a lot of time to verify that the most earthy way is to find a huge proxylist online (this kind of web site a lot, recommend http://bbs.bioon.com/bbs/ dispbbs.asp?boardid=25&rootid=627&id=627), and then one to verify that you can download the literature you want.

feel a search master growth process is:

1. The Novice stage continuously summarizes the improvement retrieval type, increases the search technique. But now passwords are getting harder to find and passwords are time-coded.

2. Intermediate stage to find a huge proxylist online, and then one to verify that you can download the literature you want.

3. The Master Stage initiative attack. Use usually collected information, mainly university IP address information, with Proxyhunter search, get free Proxy.

4. Top Master Use Proxyhunter Search, find the agent need password, * * * * it, need special software and time, skills. Recommended use of accessdiver,http://soft.winzheng.com/can be found.

5. Must kill the expert in the university scope, finds the broiler, the door and the port.

to novice, search techniques see http://bbs.bioon.com/bbs/dispbbs.asp?BoardID=17&RootID=3417&id=3530&star=1&skin=

to Intermediate, explain two point

1, how to find proxylist, go to many agent website, push http://bbs.bioon.com/bbs/dispbbs.asp?boardID=25&RootID=627&ID=627

2, verification, I usually use idealibrary and ScienceDirect to verify. Why choose these two, one for the vast majority of intermediate, these two databases are difficult to conquer; second, the general unit does not order these two databases at the same time, such as ScienceDirect have ScienceDirect and ScienceDirect onsite two versions, If the unit ordered the SDOs, then the sciencedirect can not be obtained. If you want insurance, do not miss a usable proxy, suggest adding Willy. Especially idealibrary. The My Profile menu will display order information, not only the list of periodicals ordered, but also the name of the school. Hey, got it. Google search, your database is more than Idealibrary and ScienceDirect. There is no trick in this step, is to hang up the agent, and then one to verify that you can download the document you want. Of course one by IE tool Set, too complex. If you have no patience, don't try, wait for the Good Samaritan. To remind you that, before this step, proxylist need to first use Proxyhunter validation, method, ginseng http://bbs.bioon.com/bbs/dispbbs.asp? Boardid=17&rootid=3417&id=3530&star=1&skin=. At the same time, it is best to see the IP address range, if not the school IP range, delete the. The experiment is sure to note that after http://www.sciencedirect.com/, the Athens login menu appears in the upper-right corner. If there is no Athens Login, congratulations, you are successful. Don't forget to tell me the agent.

to the master. Using Proxyhunter, there are still small tips. Note The validation data settings for parameter settings, you should establish your own verification resources, for Idealibrary and ScienceDirect, it seems impossible to use the key string directly to identify the agent available. I mainly use matching file options. You try to use the available agent login ScienceDirect, in the upper right corner will not appear Athens login menu. In other words, there are differences. But I haven't got a positive result yet, which means I have to go to a non landing matching file. I choose not to log the matching file, verify that free is deleted, and then verify.

As for * * * Password and planting broiler, too professional, carefully became * * *, I will not introduce.

under the download tips:

The following is a number of publishers in the full text download of the authentication method, help everyone faster download the full text:

ACS: For each periodical, only verify once, that is, when you successfully download the full text of the agent, you can change the agent in IE to free agent directly downloaded, really cool.

AIP,APS,IDEAL,SPRINGER,RSC: These publishers of the journal, is every download to be authenticated, of course, you can use the free agent to quickly connect to the full text connection of the page, in the download when the two-level agent. This can reduce the use of agents, to know that most agents have traffic records, reduce the use will prolong the agent survival time, thank you.

Wiley: The most stringent authentication! From the beginning to the full text connected to the page requires a level two agent; wait until the full text online page, then you can exchange for a free agent to dry download; But if you don't get it right, you'll have to turn off all the browser windows, Replace the full text of the agent and then reconnect, to be effective!

a friend proposed, after the search agent, a database to try, look can be used for the other several databases. My experience is to first use the Idealibrary database's my Profile menu, open the view the Licensed Institutions List link, will appear subscription list, note that there will be an organization name. Hey, with google***. Find the Agency web site, check the library, all set. In addition, the Ingenta and Femald database will also be prompted at the top right-hand corner of the homepage. Try it. Don't try one blindly.

agent mainly has several points: 1, on some sensitive sites; 2, hide really identity, that is ip;3, free to see

fulltext;4, ***. If you think broadband slow, do not use agents, the general agent will not be faster than broadband.

about Proxyhunter character string problem, my experience is:

Scinencedirect character strings and matching files are not difficult to find. But idealibrary character strings and matching files, I can not accept the proxyhunter, but also pass, it seems only to find other software
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