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In my old programmer's opinion, nothing is more interesting and simple than coding. Because I love programming, love the idea of the mind with software implementation. My story site is an experimental plot of my inspiration. What you think, can be expressed through the website, this is the greatest benefit of programmers. In layman's view, programming is mysterious and perhaps a bit advanced. This is the same idea I had before humanely. But once you find the sense of programming, it's natural to be confident. This confidence will give you the courage to overcome all difficulties.

First, determine if the programming is right for you. If you want to work in a technical category, programming is also a technology. If you prefer to deal with people, not machines, programming may not be right for you, because programming needs to be on the computer all day long, and you need to endure loneliness and enjoy it.

Some people think that programming is the patent of computer professionals. The most powerful hackers have become famous at the age of college, and the most successful computer entrepreneur Bill Gates, Larry Ellison,facebook Zuckerberg, dropped out of college. It is interest and curiosity that leads them. No teacher taught, I learn from what? No teacher to teach, take the initiative to find teachers-interest. Interest is the best teacher. If you have a problem, try to solve it. You will be more and more confident in the process of solving the problem constantly. You will find that all the problems you encounter can make you grow better. You can create greater value by solving problems that others cannot solve.

Always be aggressive. Challenge difficult problems and find happiness from them. True happiness comes from difficulties. Repeat the same work every day, no challenge, will make me feel boring.

Which computer language do you study?

It depends on what your goal is. If your goal is to build an operating system, it is recommended that you learn from C language. If you want to build a website, I can give you direct advice. This is my knowledge system: HTML-related knowledge (including Css,javascript to jquery to Coffeescript), Ruby on Rails knowledge, database, Ubuntu operating system. This is the technology that created my story site.

Facebook's web technology was php,2003 Zuckerberg18 years old. RUBY on Rails technology was released by DHH in 2004, and Twitter was born in 2006. Later Linkedin,groupon are all using Ruby on Rails technology. Now, along with Python's Django framework, it has become the mainstream web framework in Europe and America.

Ruby on Rails Technology

There's a lot of technology to build a Web site, so why do I choose Ruby on Rails? I've been doing Java Web research for 6 years, but when I touched Ruby on Rails, Java was abandoned by me. I think the greatest pleasure of programming is that you think of implementing a feature that is best done in code ... Then you really did it. Ruby language has made me feel so happy. The Java language has many limitations for programmers, and Ruby is flexible. November 11, 2011, I met the founder of Sumbon--ruby language.

He is so kind, we ask his question, even if simple, he is willing to patiently answer. Some other web programming languages, such as. net,php, although they have their own characteristics, but there is a characteristic, that is "chaos." Even if you can be more powerful, you can not avoid code confusion. Because they are fundamentally chaotic. Java,.net,php these three languages are evolving, the direction of evolution is to try to get rid of the chaotic characteristics. But they did not do it thoroughly, and Ruby appeared and they faced elimination! The mainstream architecture of web development in Europe and the United States is already a ruby on rails and Python Django. China currently has a minority of people using Ruby on Rails technology, and the technical documentation for Ruby on Rails is basically English. English poor people learn to pay more effort to do, fortunately recently Ruby Chinese community Http://ruby-china.org invited a group of Ruby lovers to translate ruby-on-rails Chinese documents http:// guides.ruby-china.org/, you will be less difficult to learn. I also open source my story site source code https://github.com/gazeldx/mystory

Building Web Technology Learning route

X install Ubuntu operating system (MAC OS can also)

Xruby on Rails (a few steps)

1 Installation RVM

2 Installing Ruby

3 Installing Ruby on Rails

4 Follow the official Wizard http://guides.rubyonrails.org/example, run the Get-start example http://guides.rubyonrails.org/getting_started.html (Ruby On Rails support mail server Operations http://guides.rubyonrails.org/action_mailer_basics.html This example, once running, you have found enough self-confidence to learn by yourself ( Because this example blends the knowledge system I mentioned above.

5 Study in depth

You might say, maybe this ruby on Rails technology is the best, but not for me. It's too difficult for me to learn. NET. I think Ruby on Rails is simple. It's simpler than java,.net,php, and it's for you. However, you have to make up your mind to overcome the English pass. I said he is simple, is learned, the feeling of programming is too simple. But before you learn, eat a lot of pain. And java,.net,php is to learn to feel difficult before, after the learning still feel difficult, in fact, not feel difficult, is annoying. The code is a mess, can not be bothered to look at it? I have spent 6 years in Java, or against it, although I have built myself a very cool Java Web architecture.

The most important thing-confidence

With my 5 years of Java Web programming, it took me a year to delve into Ruby on rails and related technologies. It took me about 2 weeks to set up the Get-start example (including setting up Ubuntu and RVM environments). If you are a layman in programming, it is estimated that it will take more time. Of course, you can first tune Ruby on Rails in the Windows operating system (it's not going to save much time, but eventually you have to go back to the Linux RVM environment, which is necessary). For a small example, it is expected that you will spend at least two months. After the transfer, you will gain confidence. Believe me, after two months of difficulties, you will benefit for life. Subsequent studies will become self-taught.

A lot of ways to do a website, if just want to crash, do not ask for the best, only the fastest, you can use open source programs. PHP class Blog can be used in WordPress, Forum community with Discuz,phpwind and so on. There will be more and better open source programs in the future.

"If you think you can do it, then you can really do it." "--since Steve Jobs, Apple's founder, had no knowledge of specific research and development, his pursuit of the perfect entrepreneurial spirit led him to produce products such as the iphone.

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