Learning and quick action is the core ability of entrepreneurship in the internet age

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The essence of the Internet enterprise is the learning-type practice organization. Learning and quick action are the core capabilities of the Internet age. To learn to observe and judge industry and technology trends, we should pay attention to the significance of new things or new technologies.

Traditional enterprises how to adapt to the internet age, this is a very big topic, but it is worth studying and discussing, this essay only talk about sporadic thinking, fragmentation, the right to be a good idea.


First, the impact of traditional industries on the Internet should be maintained enough attention and vigilance, because it is the height of enterprise survival.

Gao Hongbing, vice president of Alibaba, said that there are two physical properties, two scenarios, two perspectives and two economic views, namely atoms and bits. Traditional enterprises are the world of atoms, internet enterprises are bits of the world, two a completely different world.

"I destroy you, but nothing to you." As the science fiction "Three Body" depicts, the internet industry and the traditional industry war, is a "two-dimensional space and three-dimensional space war", traditional industries or enterprises if not quickly subversion, then even how to die may not know.

The stress of this competition comes not from your experience, but from the future judgment of trends. The internet industry now looks like every small technological innovation or small trend, may affect the future of the industrial pattern, is the so-called "a spark, can prairie fire", must not despise.

Second, the industry of Internet, is a kind of market-oriented fair competition trend, the Internet is Index resources, index competition.

In a speech, Sohu founder Zhang said the Chinese Internet is taking over the Chinese economy in full. In China, only the Internet industry has really achieved almost pure market competition, is the most fair competition industry. If a product is 10% stronger than its competitor's, it will be magnified 1000 times times over the network, which is growing much faster than linear growth below the line. So the internet industry is easy to produce the best organization, with better organizational ability, innovation ability, management ability, marketing ability.

Third, the traditional enterprises in the process of transformation, we should fully recognize the difficult transition, almost reborn, it is not to learn several so-called internet thinking can be immediately effective, but the transformation and construction of the system.

The traditional production management process and the Internet production management process have great differences--the traditional management process: Planning, organization, leadership, control, its characteristics are: First organization, post task; process management; precise control. = Internet Product Management process: Objectives, discovery, delegation, management. Its characteristics are: First task, post organization, target setting, resource matching. Gao Hongbing, vice president of Alibaba, also talked about the inventory of Internet products companies approaching 0, which is the biggest culprit in eating the profits of traditional industries.

The traditional laundry enterprise, the Rongchang group, has launched "e-bag-washing" products suitable for the internet age, behind it is the transformation of thinking, the transformation of talent (from Baidu hired 87 years of Young CEO), marketing model transformation (combined with network hot events, such as the milk tea mm event, marketing its products, and the product into the Internet company).

The more traditional the industry, the more difficult its Internet program, tick-tock Taxi founder Zhang described it as an "ice-breaking trip." Tick-tock taxi start-up early has a huge online promotion team, the initial often by taxi drivers scolded as a liar, there is no other way, can only be sincere to change heart, with patience to change confidence, 1.1 points will be the market bite down.

Its four, the Internet enterprise, its essence is the learning type Practice organization. Learning and quick action are the core capabilities of the Internet age.

To learn to observe and judge industry and technology trends, we should pay attention to the significance of new things or new technologies. For example, the emergence of two-dimensional code, the meaning of the sperm and egg is no different from the combination of the virtual world and the real world in an instant, is the mobile internet era is very important entrance. In addition, there are maps (location information), but also important things, it is the most convenient access to all mobile Internet portals.

Wang, founder of the network, said she herself in 10 or 20 years, has missed the portal, video, E-commerce and other internet areas of good opportunities, but can no longer miss the mobile internet. The opportunity to change industry and the world, like mobile Internet, can be said to be once-in-a-lifetime. It is menacing, like a typhoon, but the window of opportunity will not be too long, perhaps one or two years, perhaps shorter, so must seize the opportunity to learn and act quickly.

Its five, the Internet is a new or even unknown industry, to continue to try and error, can not use the traditional industry input-output concept to weigh the pros and cons.

The Internet enterprise itself is a constant trial and error process, to allow trial and error space and cost. In traditional enterprises, in order not to affect the foundation, you can first divide a special zone, set up an innovation team, establish a new operating mode, carry out transformation tests, and then quickly from the local to the overall replication promotion.

To try and make mistakes, sometimes not only can not punish, but to encourage. To encourage innovation within the company through all forms of intelligence space. Baidu Brand communication Director Xu Jiye introduced, Baidu every year in the company to host the Creative Black Horse Contest, any technical personnel and the team can sign up, the contestants in the company to catch a tent, a few days and nights to eat live inside, threw into creative innovation. Baidu on the creative competition emerged from the excellent team, rewards are also very people heartbeat-2 million dollars.

Innovation is a kind of atmosphere, so that employees from the heart of the spontaneous support and action, Xu Jiye introduced, Baidu has an employee, he dug more than 60,000 dollars to buy different mobile phones, just to experience a product function. The desire to innovate in the depths of the heart determines the future of the enterprise.

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