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The balance of millet expansion I hope millet is a small company, I see big company headaches, we originally do Jinshan, the small company into a large company, strict management, various levels, KPIs, summaries, reports, planning ... I'm bored with this kind of stuff when I'm back in business. So we did a not brainwashing, not meeting, no KPIs, no need to clock the company, we only opened the 365 days in a year yesterday morning three hours meeting, I am most annoyed with the meeting. Over the past year, Millet has recruited more than 2000 people. How to maintain the company's culture in such a rapid expansion? Mainly because we have a better grasp of the interview process, we hope to find such a person: not only has the ability, more importantly, there is a dream, passion, a sense of responsibility. I think it was a disaster if the people I recruited had no sense of responsibility. Because Millet does not clock out, the workload is very large, but also trust you, if you do not have a sense of responsibility, this time and no assessment, and no supervision, will bring a disaster. So we are mainly trying to find a responsible person. The level of millet is very very few, basically divide three layer, partner one layer, engineer layer. Millet mainly engineers, these people are very experienced, these people's CV and ability than many start-up companies, vice president and CTO, they are very strong, so millet many decisions are moved down, by the engineers to decide. In such cases, the partner is mainly the role of supervision. Finding the best and the right person is the most important thing. Lei's role in the millet main tube two things. The first thing is the product. All products, only I have seen the ability to shelves, any details have to be, the size of a larger zoom, narrowing a little need I have seen. In addition, I have 20% of the time to use on the Forum and Micro-blog, in a variety of communication tools to see user feedback. I'm doing these two things almost all the time. The reason I put so much energy and enthusiasm to do millet, I think 21163.html "> is mainly due to interest." You want to like this thing, if you don't like it, you really can't. You can't cheat yourself. However, this also means that millet has a lot of things can not be done. I met everyone and said we could do something less. Because we invite a lot of very powerful people, everyone wants to prove their sense of existence, do a lot of products. I said, can do less, can put 70% of things down, focus on doing 30% of the things. Either you do it or you do it first in the world, that's my point of view. How does millet transplant its own model in other areas? Millet will focus on the existing mobile phones, televisions, routers, a number of products, the future of the products are given to partners to do. That's why we're investing. Millet now products are already busy. A special point in the millet pattern is to transform traditional industries with Internet thinking. We believe that there is a potential for a huge company in every subdivision area. Recent Mobile Power special fire This is actually ourPartners do. Mobile Power Millet can't do it? But what we want is to be able to work with the whole industry chain to win. Do this company is a start-up company in Jiangsu, they originally called Elves, and then changed into purple rice. They have the opportunity to do 10 billion yuan in three years. I think as long as you have ideas, can do the best products, millet can help you realize the dream. We are very interested in the millet model for large-scale replication, we hope that in the next five years of time to invest in 50 companies like millet, to change the lives of everyone. So if you are interested in doing hardware and software integration products, millet and our associated funds will be very interested. Future millet investment opportunities will be very large enough to help everyone to complete their own dreams. Original title: Lei: Millet only do a few kinds of products other opportunities to leave partners
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