Leisure business is always affordable men group buying is also crazy

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Women are more frugal than men? Recently, high-peer group purchase released by the Sino-US group buying behavior Comparison report shows that the answer to this question is not as sure as people think before. The report shows that among Chinese group buying consumer groups, the male ratio is as high as 52%, much higher than the U.S. market 23% of similar data. In the price advantage for the distinctive features of group buying, this data is quite unexpected.

It seems that the CPI long-term high, slow down the situation, so that urban men also have consumer pressure. At the same time, the industry analysis that the demand for male consumers to fully tap, is the domestic group purchase site to attract male consumers important reasons.

Leisure business is always affordable men group buying is also crazy

Men are online "regiment" what? From the Sino-US consumer behavior Comparison report can be seen, and women a variety of shopping varieties, men buy goods relatively "single-minded", business apparel, electronic products and tourism and entertainment services are the main group of men to patronize the variety. Further data from the report show that in China, the proportion of consumers of these major categories of goods is higher than that of female consumers.

Perhaps because of the advantage of the latter, compared with the United States group buying market, domestic group buying site for the male consumer demand and characteristics of the targeted development, greatly pulling the men's enthusiasm for online buying. Reporter Log in high peer network to see, men's business apparel, electronic products and other physical goods and leisure tourism services products dazzling, men on the net is indeed "some buy." The distribution of goods and male consumer demand is highly consistent, is a big reason for domestic group buying attracts men.

Move mouse save time and effort a minute to avoid the pain of shopping

Figure: How often Chinese men and women visit a group buying site statistics

For most men, simple and efficient, straight to the theme of the shopping style more to the appetite. At the same time, with a stronger consumption of rational men, the goodwill of their goods more established in the authoritative sales channels and good word-of-mouth above the consumer, which is more biased with female consumers more sensitive to the consumption route is very different.

The good group buying experience also satisfies men's demand for shopping patterns. In the group buying site, consumers can clearly see a product was purchased, those who vote with the mouse will undoubtedly bring people more consumer confidence. In fact, this consumption preferences also greatly affect the group buying site on the "shelves" of the choice of goods. High-PEER network a customer service staff told reporters that the selection of high friends to buy products to take into account its quality and user feedback, long-term accumulation of consumer data prompts businesses, which products and services are more popular.

An authoritative group buying site, coupled with the fact that many consumers have chosen, is enough to make a lot of "worry-shy" male consumers make a purchase decision on a commodity. Now, just move your fingers and sweep the goods you need, which will certainly allow many men to refresh their shopping experience and forget the bad experiences they had seen in the shop counters.

High quality price cost performance behind the wisdom of life

Figure: Comparison of the number of Chinese and American buying consumers

Targeted goods, convenient shopping operations, coupled with cheap prices, all this, so that as the perilous shopping for the Chinese men to become the main group buying market. The same Reebok backpack, after high peer group purchase, only One-third of its original price can be bought, and all this, perhaps in a cup of tea time can easily handle, that there is no reason to buy say no?

Group buying, is quietly changing the Chinese men's consumption habits.

And that's not all. With the popularity of group buying in China, this kind of imported consumption means a kind of life wisdom.

According to the survey, 50% of Chinese male group buyers are visiting the site every day, which shows that group buying has become an essential part of their lives. Surging in the group buying site, leaving the consumer trend of the imprint. What do people buy now? To know the answer to this question at any time is not to worry, but to be too far from the rush of times.

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