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Interface and function

a few days ago, a new version of Android screenshots have been compromised in the interconnect, but not explicitly known as Android 4.5 or 5.0 . But we can see in the online leaked screenshots, the new version of the Android System interface has become more flat, and in the icon design and Chrome OS further integration, And this design inside Google is called "Moonshine" ( Moonlight ).

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At present, there is also a part of the online rumor that Android 5.0 may even replace Google's desktop system Chrome OS The , respectively, will be divided into high, low power two versions, the former apparently for the current Chromebook Prepare Notebook ; the low power version of the is clearly designed for smartphones and tablets.

Release date

From the launch date of Android 4.4, we can expect the Android 5.0 release date to be the upcoming Google I/O developer conference, but it could also be delayed until late 2014. Some media and analysts believe that Google will be the first in 2014 to launch a small improvement of Android 4.5, in the second half will be released Android 5.0. Obviously, we think that the Android 4.X version is a bit tedious compared to Apple iOS 7, and that Google needs to launch a new version as soon as possible to bring the user fresh.

Android 5.0 Phone

The new handsets, including Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC one M8, are equipped with the Android 4.4 system, so we can only expect newer models. Clearly, Google's own products will be the first to carry, such as rumors of the Nexus 6, but at present there is not much relevant information.

We're looking for Android 5.0

1, Performance mode

Some Android phones that use custom interfaces already have a built-in performance model, typically including automatic, power-saving, and high-performance models, and we think Google should add it as a basic feature to Android 5.0 so that all users can use the phone better on demand.

2. Better synchronization across device content

Google has provided some basis for the synchronization of multiple device content, as long as users log in to Google accounts, you can implement some content synchronization in several Android devices. However, we look forward to Android 5.0 to further optimize the functionality to provide similar features such as online video renewal, phone records, SMS synchronization, etc. between different devices.

3. Enhanced social Networking Support

Android usually only supports some of Google's own social apps, but we want Google to be more open, offering a social aggregator like Sony and LG handsets.

4, Video chat application

Apple iOS devices have FaceTime video calls integrated into the system, but Android devices need to download third-party apps such as Skype and then register an account for use, which is obviously a hassle. We want Google to add an official video call feature based on Google Account or mobile phone number in Android 5.0.

5, the Contact multiple selection function

Sometimes, you may need to select multiple contacts to send mail or text messages, but this operation cannot be done in the Android phone book, only into the relevant application options, which is a small detail that can be improved.

6, application trial and promotional code

Apple in the App Store to add the internal purchase and promotional code and other marketing forms, has achieved very good results. We also hope that Google will be able to add new mechanisms to encourage application developers, launch trial versions of apps, or add promotional code features to motivate developers to bring more attractive apps to the Android platform.

7, "Never Update" option

This feature is not really likely to happen, but all consumers should be delighted. If we really like Android 5.0, we may not want to be prompted to update them one day, forcing us to upgrade, just as some iOS 6 users don't like to upgrade to iOS 7.

8, some other small details

Google may not be as good at details as Apple, for example, with a slightly cluttered application menu, a more flexible categorization, a less-than-direct change in the percentage of battery power (Android 4.4 requires a single command), and we all want to see improvements on Android 5.0.

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