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The difference is produced in the comparison, and it is one of the methods to find the problem in the judgment of the user experience. Explain some neglected and hidden reasons by example.

Lenovo, as the representative enterprise of IT industry, the user experience of Beijing flagship store can illustrate some aspects of its problems.

1 Pre-service

The location of the guidance point is the focus of early service, in http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/11307.html "> official website, the flagship store related information lacks location map and traffic guide, In the public information platform also lacks the detailed location service of the flagship store, (Map class, Encyclopedia class, based on search engine information result), this aspect has the very big enhancement space.

Telephone consultation, the flagship store staff response to the obvious lack of customer service system standards, although able to provide bus routes, but lack of systematic diversity, only to provide Metro "Liangmaqiao station" bus transfer routes, can not provide other such as the vicinity of the "wangjing" area of traffic instructions, traffic instructions to guide the information since there is a problem, , which is the biggest shortcoming.

Flagship store is located in the overall building of the third floor, contour Outdoor has a large advertising position, a long distance can be seen, play a guiding role.

There is no clear guide to the outside of the corridor, it may be due to outdoor already, personal feel some Xu deficiency.

2 flagship store style layout

"Black" "red" as a style of color, the background is "white", "yellow" wooden table, "gray" ground color, the overall sense of the designer for the use of color some fatigue.

In style, the use of Chinese elements is not much, only a "rice" character of the use of the overall layout of the fashion elements more.

In the design of two doors, there is no obvious indication of entrance and exit, which may be related to the overall design of the mall.

LED wall in the vicinity of a door of 90 degrees angle position, space layout and use more reasonable, easy to use later activities.

Product display table with yellow wood countertops, this design is not able to understand.

3 Personnel and Services

Staff unified the top, "Black T-shirt", but did not take into account the matching shoes. Individual hair uncoordinated (length, color)

The details of the cleanliness of the ground are not noticed and the staff are reminded to clean up, which is related to experience and management details.

There is no clear lounge area, there is no drinking water dispenser and reading support services.

The Service Area division of the staff is not very accurate, and long hours of observation will find that the service is busy, which may be related to the group of incoming people.

4 Details of product display

First of all, the variety of goods is not complete, specifically not to say, after all, Lenovo's products are many, it is difficult to show the whole.

Second, the wiring is bare, the lack of elaborate design, which may be the reason for frequent replacement of products.

Again, the product label font small, hanging merchandise if with small font label, because of the difficulty of viewing, it is easy to ignore.

The details of the display of goods are improved in comparison, compared with a competitor, more on the understanding.

5 Other

Flagship store is not only the advantages of sales, more is a comprehensive image and strength of the show, the content of the wall playback, only a more than 10-minute new concept video, perhaps more rich.

Services can be displayed in a variety of details, "small" to the tone and manner of speech, a large number of "small" accumulation of "big", Lenovo flagship store this experience is difficult to find more "small and beautiful"

The role of user experience need not be detailed, users often use the way to vote to choose, but as long as the intention, the flagship store has a lot of space to play.

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