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In less than a week after Lenovo's takeover of Motorola's mobile business, Lenovo's Wuhan factory is littered with Motorola's foreigner engineers. Yang, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, did not directly answer questions from the economic observer about when Motorola would return to the Chinese market, but there were signs that Lenovo was impatient. Yang personally invited Motorola's executive team to the Global Leadership team meeting in Singapore in October, when the deal was not fully approved. According to him, Motorola Mobility has even made a very tempting five-year plan. And since the conference, Lenovo Mobile Business Group president Liu June and Motorola Mobile President Rick Osterloh has been talking about Motorola's entry into China, he flew to Chicago, in addition to announcing the completion of the acquisition of news, the more important trip is the local research and development Center for several days of internal communication. Meanwhile, Lenovo Mobile's China district is already moving to make room for Motorola Mobility. According to Zeng, general manager of China's open market operations, Lenovo is conducting a series of product streamlining within them. Dilute the original K, S, p three product series, keep a series of the three major operators of the custom business, highlighting the Vibe series in the open market (major mobile phone stores) value, and vibe future will focus on more than 2000 dollars in the market, the market of more than 3000 yuan completely to Motorola Mobile. For the past six months, Lenovo's various functional departments have been very deeply involved in the process of Motorola Mobility transformation. The cost rate for Motorola Mobility has fallen to 23% per cent in the last quarter, compared with 40% per cent a year ago, when the association conducted due diligence on it. Motorola has been a strong performer in the Americas market in recent days, especially in the U.S. At the end of last month, Google customized machine Nexus 6 just opened a round of sales, a few minutes after the show sold out, Motorola Mobility did not disclose specific data, but the smartphone in the major technology forums are not as hot as the same just released the iphone 6. But most of the increase comes from mo-to x and Moto G, Motorola released its two-series new products last month, making Motorola's market share more than 10%, the fourth in the US market. A Lenovo insider, who declined to be named, said Lenovo would first launch an offensive in the Americas market, including three flagship models, to promote sales in the local market. Liu June said the target for the next two quarters is two brands to achieve 50 million sales, and as the domestic market for three consecutive quarterly slowdown in the third quarter or even negative, then foreign markets will be an important sales battlefield. In the next two weeks, Liu June and Rick Osterloh together to discuss a solution. Because Lenovo doesn't want to just bring a product into China, we hope to have a strong product portfolio at the beginning of its return. Liu June said. It was linkedZhang Hui, general manager of mobile business in China, said Lenovo had set up a dedicated sales team, led by Ouyang Taijan, the former general manager of Motorola China. They had already started planning Motorola's sales system. First, it will not use the pure traditional channels of sales, it to use the way of the O2O, and to build a new, suitable for China's Internet business sales system. At the same time, we will establish an Internet business sales, the promotion of Internet services. Zhang Hui said. Coupled with the supply chain synergy has been more than six months, now the only remaining problem is the selection. In addition to the Moto X and Moto G, which will definitely be listed in China, Zhang Hui said there will be several operators customized products, we are also looking at the Nexus 6, this product from the hardware, applications, design, to six modules (support for the 2G of a standard, 3G three of the standard and 4G of the two models) have done particularly well. From a Zhang Hui point of view, he is eager because the Chinese region desperately needs a weapon capable of breaking the bureau. Yang has been defining this deal before: the implication of this deal is that we are not just a player in the Chinese market, we will be a player in the global marketplace. But now, its impact may be more far-reaching. As China's smartphone shrinks. In the first half of the year, SASAC asked three telecom operators to cut their marketing costs by 20% in three years, according to the forecast, which would reach 40 billion yuan. Lenovo has been the first to live in China Mobile contract machine shipments for several years. We started to turn to open markets and e-commerce early this year. Liu June to Zhang Hui's goal is to quickly put the Lenovo mobile phone in both markets accounted for the increase to 50%, most of the previous period, this ratio is less than 30%. Lenovo is now working to burnish the Vibe brand, including its more youthful brands such as sautéed, but in fact, it all requires a process. Motorola is a ready-made brand, Lenovo has done a large-scale user survey, the user's knowledge of Motorola is not because of the lack of market in the past few years to become diluted. Although Yuanqing said Motorola would be a foreign market, at this stage, Motorola needs to take on more responsibility in the open market. Of course, from the volume of shipments, Lenovo brand-oriented operators of customized products will also account for the bulk. Said Lenovo insiders. Zhang Hui and Zeng are more willing to talk about Motorola's prospects, because their long years of exploding and fan culture are likely to really hit the ground after Motorola's arrival, especially in the open market. According to IDC's latest data, coupled with Motorola Mobile's market share, Lenovo has risen to the global smartphone third position. And it rose to the top in the last quarter after 8 consecutive quarters of the market share second. But Zhang Hui admits that Lenovo has absolutely no insurmountable advantages, the lack of open markets will be a big hidden trouble, this need Motorola top up. According to Zeng, they also need one months to refine the channel of Motorola, in addition to Lenovo nowSome channels will sell Motorola's products in China, they are also considering in some cities to establish brand image stores, and vigorously expand online channels. Lenovo inside the news is that no big accident, before the end of the year, Motorola's products will be large-scale into China. This is definitely a timely rain for Lenovo, which is in the midst of market upheaval.
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