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September 18, 2010, Lenovo officially launched a new Yang Tian S series of integrated Desktop, and accompanied by its release of the Yantianyun service platform, for enterprise users brought a new business application experience. One business--minimalist black day S series Integrated Desktop, in the design of the full reference to the high-end car simple waist line design, streamline fashion, sharp and full. The Mirror has no border design, not only makes the LED screen and the fuselage seamless, forms "the person in the picture" the visual effect. At the same time LED backlight screen also makes the body thickest only 65.7mm.  In configuration, Lenovo Yang Tian s700/s750 adopted the mainstream Intel desktop platform, not only in performance, but also in terms of stability, energy efficiency is particularly outstanding.  In order to make business more efficient, Lenovo Yang Day S Series All-in-one desktop computer also added a number of humanized design elements, such as the top of the innovative hidden door handle design, when not in use, the top handle will be hidden in the fuselage, and the fuselage seamless. "Cloud Bean"--Yantianyun service platform as China's SME PC market, the first brand, with a huge channel and a wide range of user groups. At the same time, a large number of cloud service platform providers, while mastering the various services required by SMEs, but suffer from lack of contact with customers platform.  Yantianyun Service platform is such a bridge, on the one hand, to provide SMEs with the help of the cloud services, on the other hand, the cloud service providers to create a large number of contacts with customers, and ultimately achieve a winning situation. In the launch of many services, the most breakthrough and innovative products are "online consultants." The online advisor, based on Intel AMT technology, can remotely solve most of the problems encountered by an IT system through an engineer when a user's computer problems occur. When the computer encountered problems or even the system blue screen, users as long as the light "cloud beans" key, Yang Tian computer will be directly into the remote engineer interface. Consumers can use the online Consultant tool to troubleshoot and fix problems with their computers by using a remote control method, as long as they are pitiful by microphones or typing with engineers in the distance. Of course, the function of "online consultant" is much more than system fix, and any problem that users encounter in Windows system can turn to "online consultant", regardless of computer application basics or office use skills, "online consultant" will give users a satisfactory answer. Such a powerful service platform for all new buyers for the young users have up to six months of free trial period.  Yantianyun Service platform also integrates: Online accounting services, online invoicing management, online customer management, online reconciliation platform, online ordering platform and many other functions. As an open platform, Yantianyun service platform will continue to expand its function and become a versatile online application platform for all small and medium-sized enterprises in the near future.
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