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In the April 2008, Lenovo used the "Red Woman" event to promote its IdeaPad U110 notebook computer online. This is a bad plan, one is everyone can see is a planning. The second is to give people the feeling is: if you use red, then there will be abnormal male tracking you. Three is incredibly stressed that a notebook computer is a female-specific, artificially remove half the market. Many people think that in search engine Red Book female has a lot of results, the influence is big, prove it is a successful network marketing. And I want to ask a question: Sister Furong endorsement Shishido Fear will also have millions of search results, but Shishido will cause sales soar? The purpose of network marketing is to promote products, Lenovo pushed red a red female, for its product sales what benefits? Lenovo wants to sell computers, or sell Meimei?

In the August 2008, Lenovo made a comeback, using internet marketing to sell its IdeaPad S9/s10 to netizens. This time, the marketing approach has evolved dramatically. First of all, Lenovo did not launch its products directly in the beginning, but first in the BBS to sell a love story: "Beautiful school sister is a bear girl, I came to risk the death of her." Using the "Girlfriend" approach, tells a delicate and sad love story. The core of the story is two points:

1, do not you online, as long as you by the My side.

2. Men are not as cool as bears.

Then, on the internet appeared the so-called self-portrait sticker: "35 lieutenant Colonel Flower film Cool bear real photos." Turn the abstract text in the original post into a concrete image: A beautiful girl and a bear that never leaves. With real images, the story becomes a lot more specific, and the cool bear becomes a symbol of love: Always around you. Then appeared the Bear cartoon, with its expression, became a network image.

Finally, Lenovo attack, claiming to IdeaPad S9/S10 title sponsorship, funded 10 million yuan, the whole story into a short film, by JJ Lin singing theme song "Love Online", and announced that the cool bear to become Lenovo new series notebook cartoon image endorsement.

This time, no one scold Lenovo idiot, not for network marketing strong rebound. Why?

I think Lenovo did very smart this time, seize the characteristics of this era, the successful integration of network resources, the entire marketing done smoothly smooth. This is an era of affirmative action, in which people follow their own spokesmen to become fans, but on the other hand they are strongly urged to participate in the event. In the case of the cool bear, at least every step makes the netizen feel that they can participate in it, and determines the trend of the story development. They decided the original paste of the heat and breadth, decided the cool Bear's cartoon image, have "one's own" participated in the self-portraits, and finally, these actions were the affirmation of Lenovo, so that to pay for the singer to make a short film to delight everyone. Of course, everyone knows that this is not true, and everything is precisely controlled by network marketers. Otherwise, the power of netizens alone, it is absolutely impossible to come out in a short time cool bear expression set, excellent quality of self-portrait, JJ Lin will not just have a song. Just, these things are not objectionable, feel right.

The cool bear will not appear in the cultural blog, will not appear in the ideological forum. So, instead of using the traditional elite route, it uses the popular route. Millions of clicks and spreads, which reminds me one thing:

10 years ago, a post could be spread across the network within 48 hours, and a small group of people could control the entire network's discourse. 10 years later, any writer, blogger in the face of an increase of tens of thousands of times times the number of Internet users, there is a risk of being isolated and elitist. The reason why the writers and the Nets can stand out, the peace media is the rival, because they speak for the public and speak for the grassroots. If you can't do this today, you can't even speak for a group of people, a writer or a net person loses his power of speech. When the game becomes a small circle of self appreciation and speak from the words, then the distance is forgotten is not far.

As an individual, the net person can not be in the learning ability and the ability to evolve is inferior to clumsy big business company?


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