Lenovo releases 4K Intelligent TV Terminator S9 series

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April 16, 2014 afternoon, Lenovo held a conference in Beijing, the official release of its S9 series of Intelligent Television, the conference began with a very big tone said: "We give our smart TV named Terminator, meaning that future smart TV will be difficult to surpass us, they can only imitate, chasing us." , especially for their remote control, which is directly referred to as a secret weapon by Lenovo. I can see that they are very confident in all aspects of the Lenovo Smart TV upgrade, and what is the S9 of television so that Lenovo is so excited and proud of it? Let's look at the next one. Shape: color, strength, design S9 launched 40-inch and 50-inch two versions. From the picture you can see that the S9 border is very narrow, the official data show only 5.8 mm wide. There are six kinds of color, the black on the image because the scene light is too dark and below the table to reflect a bit strong color slightly messy, actually and other colors almost smooth. 4K display effect is exquisite, S9 screen color performance is also good, 4K is not a super term, but the scene is still very good feeling. One of the features of the S9 is its bracket, claim to use fighter windows similar material organic Glass, so the support solid performance is very good, look at the model has sat down, actually next to the male model also sat down, the stent completely hold two people (normal weight) weight, Strength can withstand a certain test, of course who has nothing to sit on, should not be too comfortable, because the S9 fuselage is very thin. See figure below.
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