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Lenovo Consumer Department retail Development Business department general Manager Yang Jun (techweb map) "TechWeb report" August 10, 2013, Lenovo in Beijing Oriental Xintiandi officially launched Lenovo official flagship store, this is the first Lenovo Direct Battalion one-stop type of flagship store. According to Yang Jun, general manager of the Retail Development Business Department of Lenovo's Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Lenovo's global flagship stores are not fully profit-focused, with more emphasis on communication with consumers and feedback from consumers. Beijing time August 23, 2013 morning, the reporter in Beijing wangfujing Oriental Xintiandi to Lenovo Consumer Department of Retail Development Business Department general manager Yang Jun Yang Jun interviewed, mainly to explore Lenovo PC Strategic channel construction and future strategy, And the new open Lenovo official flagship store has the functions and mission issues such as communication. Here are the main points of the interview. The official flagship store is a brand new attempt at Lenovo PC Channel construction Lenovo's official flagship store is located in the first district of East Xintiandi Metro, with more than 100,000 passengers a day. Shop area of about 700 square meters, to provide customers with the whole category of PC products, including notebooks, one machine, Pad, smart phones, smart TV, printers and other categories. At the same time, you can also buy around here accessories, computer peripherals, fashion backpacks and other products, you can complete the purchase of electronic equipment one-stop. Here can also provide customers with door-to-door, laser engraving, software installation, data recovery and many other services. In the official flagship store, consumers can not only directly experience the purchase of Lenovo-wide products, different categories of products are divided into different zones, consumers can also achieve in-store experience, in the official mall or the official mall app under the single, as much as possible to bring users a flexible and convenient way of shopping. It is worth mentioning, this official flagship store also specially set up the Solomo interactive experience area and the body feeling game area, here not only may buy the association product, may let the person stop the Footstep, the feeling association brings the relaxed life experience, this also is Lenovo PC the strategic channel construction system the brand-new attempt. Yang Jun that at present the official flagship store can provide users with very intimate services, where, if consumers are not satisfied with the purchase of Lenovo products and services, as long as within a reasonable range, at any time can be returned. Lenovo's official flagship store came to bear the dual mission Lenovo China 3C Store Development senior director Yang Jun mentioned that the official flagship store to establish the original intention is mainly two aspects: on the one hand is facing the vast number of users constantly updated consumer experience needs, Lenovo intends to first in a proprietary way, In the country more than 3 cities to build dozens of such one-stop official flagship store to the most comprehensive and complete display of a new retail model, but also a oto form of exploration. In the future, as this pattern matures, it will become a benchmark training center for other partners, allowing partners to more efficiently sell Lenovo products other than computers and TVs. Lenovo, on the other hand, has approached the vast majority of consumers through the official flagship store at zero distances.and communication, and in China's best wangfujing business district to display Lenovo's latest products, to a large extent, is also the Lenovo brand of self propaganda, for Lenovo brand building is very favorable. Yang Jun also mentioned that Lenovo's flagship store attaches great importance to customer satisfaction survey, in the shop also set up a satisfaction survey system, for the shop sales staff of the assessment of half to see this customer satisfaction survey feedback. Lenovo's official flagship stores have no fear of competition this time, Lenovo's official flagship store started in the Orient Xintiandi, not far from the flagship store is the Apple Store, so the media that Lenovo is to the outside world to convey challenges to the apple. In this regard, Yang Jun said that Lenovo since the establishment of the 1984 has been 30 years, in the development process has been that competition is the driving force for growth, Lenovo has been adhering to this concept continues to this day, has become the world's first PC manufacturer. Lenovo's official flagship stores choose the New World in Wangfujing, because this is the most outstanding business district in Beijing, as for now the specific location is the first section of the subway, but also the East New Heaven and earth, the best location. As a result, Yang Jun said Lenovo's official flagship store's monthly capacity will reach tens. With the official flagship store growing mature, the future will be in the domestic establishment of dozens of such stores, and will also be more partners and Lenovo 3C store for the promotion of the model. In Lenovo's official flagship store, we can see Lenovo's full range of products, but also see Lenovo and partners in some exploratory cooperation, including fashion accessories and fever peripherals, such as the establishment of the area, which shows Lenovo in the new era to establish its own new retail model, and by extension. Lenovo's step-by-step can be said to walk very solid, Yang Jun said, Lenovo has made the first in the PC field, the future in smartphones and other product areas will strive to be the first, and continuously for the vast number of consumers to provide better products and services.
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