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Lenovo Group vice president of China Tablet Computer Division general Manager Zeng (TechWeb map), "TechWeb report" according to the IDC published market data, 2014 Q1 Tablet PC shipments Lenovo growth rate of up to 224.3%, market share to 4.1%, ranked fourth in the world. And from Lenovo's own published earnings data to see China's sales to 2.1 million units, the year-on-year growth of 1.1 times times, other regions, sales year-on-year growth of 4.7 times times to 7.2 million units. Lenovo has made its PC business the world's first in 28 years, and the first generation of Lenovo tablets in 2011, which took only 3 years, has been the fourth in the world, and the fastest growth period has been from last year to the first half of the year. With the release of the Yoga tablet version of the Yoga tablet 10hd+ and the implantation in the film "Little Times 3", some young people are gradually attracted to the Lenovo tablet. From the yoga plate we see is not just a sense of science and technology, more a point of human feelings. What is the secret to winning behind such rapid growth? In the Yoga tablet 10hd+ after the release of a few days, we have the honor of an interview to the head of Lenovo Flat, Lenovo Group vice president of China Tablet Computer Division general Manager-Zeng, chat talk about yoga flat, talk about this six months Lenovo's tablet has what kind of practice. Without the operator's card Lenovo how to eat the domestic market this piece of fat? In the face of achievement, perhaps no more praise is needed. Let's just start by sharpening the question. It is well known that Lenovo's mobile phone has a very close relationship with domestic operators, which also brings good sales to Lenovo. and see some international manufacturers, in foreign countries also have tablets and carrier bundled mode, and in the domestic example is basically very few. In the absence of the model with the operator bundled, Lenovo Flat will adopt what kind of marketing ideas? Maybe ask this question we just want to look at the side of the Lenovo flat in marketing there is no big strategy. But the answers we get are richer than we want them to be, and it is clear that his insight into the domestic and foreign markets is very accurate. Zeng said that the marketing model of the carrier, it is true that the mature market and emerging market characteristics of the market is not the same. Mature market Operators account for a very high number of data services, even more important than voice, tablet users are more in the data application operators can provide a better solution. Mature market in foreign countries for the flat, in the operator's hands have played a very important role. In China's market, although in 3G, 4G is also very important, but from the operator's overall business income to look at the voice is still more important, although the data accounted for more and more high, the mainstream is mainly phonetic. Although carriers have a big impact on mobile phones, they have not yet formed a big push in China's tablet industry. From the point of view of sales, tablet users see subdivided into industry and consumption of two major categories of users, the industry we alwaysis a strong physical strength, from end to end, from the customer overall relationship, this is Lenovo than other brands in the sales have a great advantage. But from the consumer sector, since not mainly relying on operators, of course, is not to abandon operators. As long as there is the role of operators, I think we still have some opportunities, in fact, operators in some products are very important, with the industry customers design. In the consumer market to see our brand, products, terminal channels in all aspects of competitiveness, I think Lenovo in the channels and terminals are our traditional advantages. In the flat start relatively late, but with Lenovo end to end of the organization, after so many industry customers to expand, as well as the industry to provide customers with services, more importantly for the industry to provide customers with customized products. Now Lenovo has more than 200 industry customer solutions, according to different government departments and enterprises have more than 200 industry customer solutions, Lenovo also has a dedicated team to support the industry custom application. Especially for the information security concerns relatively high, Lenovo will provide security from the bottom of the solution, the industry is our strong advantage. Speaking of which, Zeng has begun to share the results of this year's Lenovo tablet: Yoga tablet products, the final consumer of the product is very recognized. Industry customers in China's domestic market, we have made many large orders after listing. We have a larger single, last year there is a certain industry only one product is almost more than 400,000 units, but a customer has done so much, not too convenient to disclose what customers. Like Coca-Cola China, the world sent to China to buy, which is also very large scale. Foreign companies such as Coca-Cola, including large domestic conglomerates, have purchased yoga tablets. Of course, not only yoga tablet, but also other products in the industry here are recognized. 1+12 effect Lenovo tablet How to break through other plates? Some people like to use the configuration to measure whether a product is excellent, some people like to use the price to measure whether a manufacturer is honest. Some complain that the Yoga tablet is not the strongest, and some say Lenovo's products are priced too high. In the face of doubt, Zeng gives a set of 1+12 theory. That is, a good user experience + complete matching application results must be greater than simple high configuration + low price simple addition operations produced by the effect. He said: "Now the hardware configuration is not combined with the software is a lot of overcapacity, the excess of the consumer to buy a single is not worthwhile." From the consumer's point of view to understand what is needed, what platform we need to support. For example, yoga tablet before pushing out, now the gold version of the HD, from the consumer feedback some of the problems, we received the most feedback point is the screen resolution of the problem, customers in different applications above the experience of feeling effect has a little impact. There is no doubt that this is the most important issue, and we have to solve it first. There are other aspects of the details that we have made perfect. In this respect, our products are constantly solving problems. We're not going to tell the world about this production.The product is a few cores, the disposition is how many, such words only is a temporary, but is not the products development design most important demand. Of course, Lenovo also saw the thousand-yuan machine market in the country's huge potential and demand, in March this year launched 999 of the small thousand and 499 of the small thousand flat suddenly detonated the market. This for brand manufacturers to see, we may have thought it was inconceivable, but now as the entire industry gradually mature, upstream chip solutions fully support, including our scale advantages, I think the low price for Lenovo is not a challenge. It's an opportunity for us. There is a saying in tablet computers that the tablet market has only two products, one is an ipad and the other is a tablet. How does Lenovo's tablet stand out in other flat-wing categories? Facing another sharp problem, Zeng's witty alignment let the author in the heart for his thumbs up. He said: "Let's review the two computers that were decades years ago, IBM compatible machines and Apple, but now we don't see it that way." Because the industry just started Apple Computer is also very strong, to now feel is very small market segments. Tablets will certainly experience a maturing period from the early stages of industrial development to the rapid growth of the back. Especially in the Chinese market, we look at a variety of electronic consumer products, basically the industry gradually mature. or through innovation to keep the whole product emerging, there is no doubt that local companies dominate the market. About the future there is no doubt that PC tablet is the world's first Lenovo has accumulated many years of strong it access advantages, but also in recent years the rapid rise of mobile phone advantages, the tablet is across the two channels sales. Compared to other traditional PC manufacturers, a lot stronger. Compared with the leading manufacturers in the mobile interconnection market, their IT base is even worse than Lenovo. This is Lenovo has the advantage of supporting this aspect, light has the advantage of this aspect, why set up flat division? is to make the end-to-end operation of this line more efficient in this system. Because tablet products and mobile phones, computers, although all belong to mobile interconnection products, but from the operation of products still have their own characteristics. We end up stringing our strengths together to make our division more efficient. We are confident that we can look at the sales model in the Chinese market. According to IDC, Lenovo's growth is the fastest growth in the top five brands. Although Apple still ranked first, but still relatively large negative growth. The third of ASUS is also negative growth, only Lenovo in a large increase in the speed of Samsung growth is relatively slow, and its market growth depends on the overseas operators and mobile phone pull. In the mainstream brand, Lenovo has shown a very strong growth momentum. The future of the PC tablet to become the world's first, there is no doubt that this is one of our goals.
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