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Abstract: The so-called long illness into doctor, each person in their own experience in the doctor can harvest a lot of relevant knowledge and experience, the experience to move to the line, to build a patient communication community, it is the Xiamen start-up company patient as I am doing. Patients like me

The so-called "long illness into doctor", each person in their own experience in the doctor can harvest a lot of relevant knowledge and experience, the experience moved to the line to build a patient exchange community, it is the Xiamen start-up company "Patients like Me" is doing.

"Patient Like Me" is a UGC patient exchange community. At the same time, data mining ability, will collect and organize the forum of patient contribution, and disease diagnosis and treatment related data.

In the "Patients like me" area of each corresponding disease, the user discussed the type of drugs, hospital categories and other data will be counted, and collated into a statistical map. and data acquisition methods mainly have three, one is the patient in registration will be guided to carry out a survey of statistics, the second is through the web crawler technology to crawl, the third is through the window of small survey form to the user collection.

The way data is collected, the source of the data is the problem that needs to be solved. "The patient Like Me" solves the problem by building a community. For ordinary users, "Patients like me" is in fact a forum. Users can enter the selection of the appropriate group of diseases, focus on their patients with the same disease, and share their experience in diagnosis and treatment.

CEO Liu Wengui said that "no one can be more concerned about their health than their own." "Based on this point, the patient, like me, is highly accredited to the patients sharing the diagnosis and treatment experience," When you got sick, went to see which doctors, what drugs, the effect of how, in the end is how to cure, if not good, I think the reason is what, the next plan to do, these content, For other users with the same disease, is extremely valuable experience. At the same time, the content that the patient shares, will be collected and analyzed as the corresponding data.

But since it's a forum, the content quality of the forum will directly determine the life and death of the product, and the Medical Service Forum is easy to mix in all kinds of medicine, medical equipment ads and soft wen, for this, CEO Liu Wengui told me, patients such as I will have a sound manual audit measures, as far as possible to avoid advertising. At the same time, users in the forum can also participate in the creation of community atmosphere by reporting suspicious users.

It is noteworthy that communication between patients is not professional after all, the understanding of the disease may also have some misunderstanding, so in my opinion, the patient communication community access to the doctor should be a logical thing, but Liu Wengui did not intend to do so: "Although I have been considering access to the doctor, but I have been quite contradictory, I hope ' Patients like me ' is a central, active patient community, and once the access to the doctor, it will naturally generate some doctor-centered, to seek medical questions for the purpose of communication, which I do not want to happen. So I will be more cautious to consider the way to access the doctor, and strive to maintain a good atmosphere of community communication. ”

For the idea of a profit model, CEO Liu Wengui that the best thing to try is to sell the data. Based on a deep excavation of the data collected in the forum, the data is sold to relevant institutions such as research institutes or pharmaceutical companies. Others have a modest advertising implant for users to discuss drugs or medical devices that are more frequent, or to try to get revenue from a user-directed or offline drug store.

"Patient Like Me" at last Christmas online the first version of the forum, after collecting user feedback, the second version was launched in mid-March this year, with a total of 12 disease species, 2,850 posts, 800 registered users, active users up to 20%, and mobile clients being developed, Android will be online as soon as May this year, with iOS coming online later.

36Kr reported that a patient communication community called "with You" is very similar to "patient like me," but Liu Wengui that the biggest advantage of "patients like Me" is the emphasis on data mining and the control of the quality of community content.

Collecting a great deal of patient information naturally has enormous potential value, it is also a good idea to create a high quality patient communication community for a large amount of data, but ultimately the control of data quality requires considerable technology and cost, for "Patients like me," How to combine the cultivation of high quality content community and the depth of data mining is a problem that needs serious consideration.

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