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A lot of webmasters are using SEO to promote their own website, in this long SEO road many webmaster are considering how to do a good job in SEO? Webmaster are thinking how to consider doing SEO, so want to learn SEO optimization is difficult. So to learn SEO optimization must first understand the habits of search engines, search engine is how to collect the site, through what way and so on. Only the basic principles to learn to better learn how to do SEO optimization. Said here may Stationmaster is considering, how can understand the habit of search engine! The bottom is by Idsem Small series Hupebin share the understanding of the search engine.

In fact, we all know that search engine is nothing more than a server. Also know that the search engine is divided into two parts, one is the statistical data of the search engine server, one is a collection of information search engine machine called spiders, these two indispensable, many people will be spiders and servers mixed together, this is also true, because the search engine includes two, but they are completely different division of labor. The next I will be the server and search engine spiders separate said, and also detailed say to the search engine server is how to integrate information, spiders only how to collect articles.

One, search engine spider

First of all to understand the spider, some people may be puzzled, why not first say search engine server? We need to know that search engine spiders are responsible for the inclusion of information, only search engine spiders to pass information to search engine server will be included and the snapshot information to release. From the advent of spiders to the present, search engine spiders have been continuous progress, and more and more intelligent, not only intelligent but also judge the security of the site. So the search engine spider development to today is very powerful, but a lot of friends are not understand how Spiders index our site, so the bottom of the webmaster to say how spiders crawl to the site.

1. Search engine spiders like in some weights to do the site or forum to stay, so webmaster friends are generally posted in the forum can also bring a connection, the purpose is to increase the chain and attract search engine spiders.

2. New posts when the search engine spiders will first go crawling new posts, crawling will find repeated words and hyperlinks in the post, to the hyperlink here Search engine spiders began to notice, first of all, to determine whether the link address is safe, if the security will go down this connection.

3. Search engine spiders to determine the connection after the security will follow the link to your site, and then the spider began to see your site structure is not in line with the spider crawling.

4. Web site structure in line with search engine spiders crawling, spiders on the site to crawl, when the spider climbed to the information page to open crawl information.

5. Crawl to the information page after the spider began to judge the information is not included value, then the article will be the information transfer server to see is not included, if the search engine server to determine the value of this information is included in the spider is included in this article, and the higher the quality of your article spiders to give you the score of the article and the higher the weight.

6. Search engine spiders will go out after crawling the site, and the site must be better into a good out, do not give spiders under the cover, spiders will be your site to have a good opinion, then the spider would often patronize your site.

Search engine spiders crawl order on so much, webmaster friends after reading based on these information to start SEO optimization, understand the search engine spider habits, seo optimization is very important, and can find spiders in the process of crawling found spiders like those things, so that can help the webmaster experience to facilitate optimization. Said the spider's habits will say the search engine server.

Second, search engine server

Said the habit of search engine spiders and also said the steps included in the site, the following said the search engine server what role, of course, search engine servers and spiders are not the same, because the spider is only responsible for collection, so you can use the way of steps to

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