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SEO optimization recently seems to have come to an awkward gray area. Search engines continue to improve, the algorithm constantly changing upgrades, many webmaster friends have said there is no way to go. Another way to think, there is pressure to drive, only continuous innovation, improve the method, your site will be able to stand out. Information era, let the site's pictures to "speak" for you.

All things in the world are logically and regularly traceable. Picture optimization is not just inserting a picture in the article, and then set the keyword search can be. It has its own laws and logic, we should not only add pictures in the Web page to meet the needs of users, but also through some of the necessary optimization of the picture to meet the needs of the search engine, and strive to improve the ranking of the site. The following author is a brief explanation.

"The Age of Reading" tells you: follow the pace of the Times

"The picture has the truth" "The Reading Picture time" The network word in the user's popularity, from another angle reflects the user to the picture the hard demand. In contrast to stiff text, users are more likely to use pictures to convey certain information. For example, the Double 11 day, 35.019 billion of the Alipay turnover in previous years to refresh all records. Such information plus eye-catching and simple pictures, is not more to give the user visual stimulation? Plus continue to use pie chart analysis Jingdong, Taobao, when and so on each of the percentage, is not more clearly show the relationship?

Don't be quick, pay attention to the number and size of pictures

In the article to add a picture of time to pay attention to not too much, a large number of pictures of the search engine is very unfriendly. Unless you're a picture site like Pinterest, the waterfall stream is the highlight of the picture. In addition, for the picture class site suggested by the form of Atlas, help in the search engine to get a good ranking display.

Do not overlook the influence of the size of the picture on the speed of the website opening. Most of the time webmaster friends in the image processing, forget the size of the picture to cut and compress the picture. In particular, the need for original pictures of webmaster friends, often through the camera to collect upload pictures. Most people forget to deal with the size of the picture, with the camera's pixel consequences imaginable. If you are a user, click to open a website, the picture load let you in front of the computer "daze", you will like this site?

Reduce repeatability, combining alt attribute identification

If you have to have more than one image on your Web page, or you think you can use these images to show what you want to say, and the user is attracted to it, then it's not. But pay attention to, learn to avoid keyword piling suspicion. In many pictures of a page, when you set the ALT keyword for a picture, do not have a uniform (very high degree of repetition) or a unified edit. For example, you have sent a few original articles in the website, some of the double of a comparative analysis of electricity, some of its impact on the site and sentiment, there are some of your understanding of Taobao and understanding. Set the key words of the map you are all set to "Double 11" "Taobao" "Electric Dealer" and so on. This can easily be thought of as a keyword stack, thus affecting your site rankings.

In fact, the ALT attribute setting is essential. The collection of pictures, if not the ALT attribute set, will increase the picture repeat degree. Alt property to set the keyword, it is best to carefully and carefully to the purpose of the article to show. When the page does not open properly, the ALT attribute can show the user the picture or even the outline of the article. In addition, the picture with the link effect plus the ALT attribute is equivalent to doing the anchor text link, kill the birds.

Protecting labor achievements, adding watermarks and naming

Nowadays many people collect pictures of others on the Internet, and then add their own watermarks, disguised as original. In order to avoid such a situation, it is recommended that webmaster friends for their own image plus watermark. To name the picture, do not use 20131112001.jpg such names directly upload, it is best to set the picture name. You can specify the approximate content of the author, source, and picture in the name. This may also be a small publicity way for one side.

Summary: I think, there must be many people behind the picture optimization is worth doing research laws and functions. The author here is just a tip, for you webmaster friends tips a few attention points. This article by the Ya Ya Play mobile phone Game (http://www.yayawan.com) original, reproduced please indicate the source. The picture is actually a very interesting form of expression, as long as you use well, and users resonate, it will have life, opening for you to "speak."

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