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This is not a strange topic: Some sites are included in the 32 days, some sites were included in December? Some sites have not been included in the site? The webmaster is quite controversial should be how fast by the search engine is included? The station is actually user oriented, not the search engine. More simply said by the user's welcome station, will be subject to search engine attention and attention; If your station has done a lot of to be included Baidu, Google optimization, to your potential users to bring a lot of negative experience, then, your station or not to pay attention on the contrary will be their cold.

The first step: Submit Web site information to the major engines included

First need to submit web site information to the major engines are included in the first step of the site, for the new station can be used to join Baidu search code to your site, spiders will not abandon their own home products, but also conducive to improve your site trust.

The second step: reasonable construction of the website, the content of perfect, clear and consistent with the site theme

Site---list---content to make a point clear structure, so that the spider step-by-step along the link to crawl inside, to facilitate spiders crawl inside the way of the page. For a keyword with a very wide range of meaning, to do a very limited content of the site link name, it will cause their own site is negatively affected. In fact, pay attention to the word, the site content of regular maintenance updates. Often new content, breaking point of the Web site, the major engines do not want to pay attention to it.

The third step: careful use of their own web site links, to the amount of appropriate "good"

Compared to the new station, I do not dare to say that you do not have a friend chain, but people have to be realistic, and some do not conform to, spam site to do friendship links, it will lead to your site by a great negative impact. So in doing friendship link this piece, in addition to regular check friend chain outside, need to pay attention to the following one or two points:

1, need to know how to inquire about the flow of the site and Alexa ranking authenticity.

2, check the other party's request to exchange the name of the link and the other submitted by the website information is consistent? This is the new station to the new station is very easy to fall into the misunderstanding, cautious and do "not consistent pursuit of quantity, but also to good effect."

Fourth step: Also want to add to their own site external links

In fact, the site included with the external link is a great chain of relationships, a snapshot and include a quick site to your station added a link, for your site included but there is a lot of help, leisure can also be in the Portal forum to increase your external links to attract spiders to crawl your station. Is this much easier than updating your blog?

Finally, for the experience of the webmaster, take it for granted also understand the major search engine "temper." Throw away those passive ways of submitting links to search engines!

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