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March 26 morning, the charm of the last M8 swap activities on the official website and Sina Weibo, the first time to test the water social platform Flash shopping, pointed at the rival Millet.


According to the rules of activity, the official website this time only uses the Charm clan M8 to redeem, but on Sina Weibo Netizen uses the millet 1/1s, the Samsung I9000/I9100, may enjoy to 500 yuan discount. The charm family for Sina Weibo netizens prepared 2099 MX3 mobile phone, the original price of 2599 yuan, minus 500 yuan after the discount price is also 2099 yuan, the official opening of the sale will start on April 1.

Immediately until the opening of the sale, micro-blog users can through the @ Phantom of the Tribe of Technology (the Phantom of the official microblogging) landing related pages to make an appointment. During the appointment of the charm family launched "1 cents Swap" activities, users through micro-BO pay 1 cents will be worth 10 yuan of the charm of the flyme consumer coupons, an early experience of the entire process of micro-bo payment.

April 1 The same day before 10 o'clock, @ the charm family of science and technology will be sent to the appointment of netizens letters reminders, users click on the letters site link after the purchase.

The enchantment will name this swap event as # to return to the burning millet can also change the Charm clan #, the topic is very controversial, attracted a large number of netizens concerned and involved. As of March 26 13 o'clock 30, the topic of the discussion volume of more than 45,000, a single activity micro-blog interaction more than 25,000, more than 7,000 users to complete the appointment.

Another highlight of this activity, is the further optimization of the user experience, "Browse-interest-the next single-pay-share" the whole process can be completed on the micro-blog, the successful booking of users will receive micro-blog before snapping, snapping can use micro-bo pay fast purchase. On the basis of the activity experience optimization, the charm family can quickly reach the target users, and through the sharing of the target users to stimulate more users to participate, improve the sales conversion rate, at the same time, can also be on the micro-blog booking, purchase customer relationship management, improve follow-up services.

Earlier this year, Zang, the Phantom's chairman and CEO, announced his comeback, announcing in the first Weibo: "To tell more people that, in addition to the millet phone, there is a better charm of the family mobile phone can choose." "After just 1 months, the first attempt to sell the water social platform, continued to challenge millet through Sina Weibo."

"Millet for the Charm clan" is not Sina Weibo launched the first flash purchase, as early as the end of 2012, Millet on Weibo on the launch of the Doomsday snapping activities, Mercedes-Benz, Lok-Vision and other manufacturers have tried this model, have made a good effect.

For Sina Weibo, through cooperation with a range of vendors, the "Browse-interest-order-pay-share" marketing closed-loop has been shaped, and constantly strengthened. In the future, micro-blog will be open to other companies as soon as possible to pay, the United merchants to introduce rich payment scenarios for users. By that time, the amount of card payment of micro-Bo is expected to achieve rapid growth, so that the payment market to form a new suspense.

Reservation page link http://apps.weibo.com/2683843043/8s01ak7t

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