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For the Japanese handset industry, China has been a huge market, and in recent years, while the popularity of some of the Japanese mobile phones in China gradually disappeared, the following is to take stock of recent years in China lost the market in Japan mobile phones.

2012, did not usher in the legendary end of the world, but for LG, but has been living in the end of the world is about to come to the bitter torment.

December 2012, there is news that the LG mobile phone business in China's 26 offices have been employees have been notified of layoffs, the staff involved in the company's first-line sales organization of nearly 1000 people, LG Electronics in China's mobile phone business has finally come to the end of the tether.

With the decline of LG, across the sea from Korea and Japan, NEC, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sanyo, Kyocera, such as Japan's mobile phone, once as the Chinese mobile phone market and Europe and the United States, Korean brands to contend with a force, with colorful design, personalized operation Rage, especially NEC mobile phones, China's market share has once reached 3%. But after a short period of glory, these Japanese phones because of the loss of serious, has withdrawn from the Chinese market.

Here, "Those years, disappeared in China's Japanese mobile phone", hope to be in the same profit-plagued domestic mobile phone to bring some enlightenment.


March 2005, Toshiba of Japan announced that as Nanjing Putian Wang Zhi's actual business development is far lower than earlier expected, so the Nanjing Putian Wang Zhi Company accounted for 33% of the shares sold to Nanjing Putian Communications, and China's fierce competition in the mobile phone market temporarily "waved farewell", Toshiba also became the first to bid farewell to the Chinese market Japanese brand.


In December 2005, Panasonic closed its two mobile phone manufacturing plants in the Philippines and the Czech Republic, as well as U.S. and UK mobile phone research and development centers, and laid off 1400 people, phasing out 2.5G GSM handset production in overseas markets, including the Chinese market.


In early 2006, Mitsubishi Mobile Communications Limited (Mitsubishi Mobile) announced the abolition of the company is located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou Mobile Phone department, and exit the mobile phone market, its factory in Hangzhou is also closed, Mitsubishi Mobile in China's research and development, production, sales and after-sales service personnel, have been completely abolished.


NEC announced in December 2006 that it would opt out of the 2G and 2.5G mobile phone market, with the Chinese market being restructured and restructured, to stop production of mobile phones at the company's main production base in Wuhan.


2008, the Japanese Kyocera company officially announced that it will withdraw from the Chinese mobile phone market. The exit of Kyocera marks the Chinese mobile phone market will never see the pure Nissan mobile phone traces.

The same is the international brand, Samsung by virtue of the whole industry chain advantage and all-round coverage of the market crowd product line, the Apple iphone with the ultimate user experience and disruptive innovation, firmly control the domestic handset market share and profit.

Then, the technical not at the disadvantage of the Japanese mobile phone why the collective rout?

1, localization: in localization, Japanese manufacturers lag far behind the European and American manufacturers, most Japanese manufacturers of senior managers are almost all Japanese, the scope of independent decision-making is very small, the understanding of the Chinese market is limited.

2, Product single: The type of mobile phone is often relatively single, research and development centers in Japan rather than China, new product launch speed is slow, and not consumers. Mitsubishi, for example, the establishment of Mitsubishi Mobile in 2001, 5 years of its release of mobile phones in total less than 30, can not be compared with the mobile phone overlord, such as Nokia, Motorola and other manufacturers.

3, high production costs: In the Chinese market, to 1500 yuan below the low-end mobile phone demand is the largest, fierce competition makes the mobile phone profit margins quickly decline. Japanese manufacturers are accustomed to the carrier subsidy business model, for price sensitivity is not high, coupled with higher production and management costs, making the Japanese phone in the price of the lack of competitiveness.

4, Marketing pain: Japanese mobile phone companies do not understand marketing, especially in advertising, but also their short board. Too little advertising investment, so that consumers simply can not know the existence of the Japanese phone.

In March 2012, NEC launched its first professional three smartphone NEC 909e in China, coincidentally, and Sony also completed a takeover of Sony Ericsson last year, which means that the pure Japanese-origin Sony handset has returned to the Chinese market again, while Kyocera, which closed its factory in China 3 years ago, Also announced a high-profile launch by China Telecom (Weibo) customized 3G smartphone.

In the domestic smartphone wave, the revival of the Japanese mobile phone manufacturers can survive it?

In the domestic smartphone market, the high-end market presents Apple, Samsung dual-male situation, while in the low-end market, Huawei, ZTE and other local brands occupy a large market share, the Japanese mobile phone is facing a more complex than a few years ago the competitive environment.

Japanese mobile phones want to take a firm foothold in the domestic market, should use differentiated products to attract users, through the appearance of fashion and rich entertainment to make their own characteristics, and the naked eye 3D as the representative of Japan's latest mobile technology can also be used as a major selling point.

China's mobile phone market for all mobile phone manufacturers is a huge temptation, but for "eat back grass" day phone, the future is still a long way.

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