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China's internet has gone through 10 years of gold development stage, the current site competition in various fields gradually into a mature period. Currently only engaged in one or several professional areas of the website platform, will win the golden time of development. In particular, more and more vertical portals, the eye and profit points in the field of E-commerce.

relative Comprehensive portal content is extensive and comprehensive, covering all walks of life, vertical portal is focused on a certain area (or region) such as it, entertainment, sports, and strive to become concerned about a certain area (or region) content of the first stop of the Internet. Vertical portal sites are the authority of their respective industries, experts, through the website information to do more professional, more authoritative, more exciting to attract customers. The research shows that with the increase of network users and the difference of different service demands, the Internet is flooded with a great amount of information, which provides ample space for the specialization, fine differentiation network Platform and Network information service.


However, the current profit model of the vertical portal is single, and also restricts the further rapid development of the website. Vertical Portal Membership Services, advertising revenue remains the entire site's profit core. In the current hot online shopping market behind the vertical portal has begun to try to cooperate with the shopping mall, combined with "group buy, CPS distribution, discount coupons, commodity parity, shopping back point" and other ways to find new profit points.

combined with E-commerce, vertical web sites can be authoritative, professional content to attract, stimulate and drive customer consumption. Because vertical portals know where their target customer base is and what they need. Access to the vertical portal of the Internet users are basically the industry's consumers, this will provide customers with one-stop mode of service to their content to guide customers to consume their own goods. Vertical Portals The purchasing power of each visitor is many times higher than the average of the site's visitors, so vertical sites often get more ads than the combined site.

The product of the business mall must be strongly correlated with the content of the industry's web site, and the rate of hits and purchases will be high. For example, to do a more successful industry portal-Chinese and foreign tea Bo network ( is a professional tea culture and tea industry information portal, its own web site visitors are potential tea tea sets to buy consumer customers. When this part of the people through the website to browse the content of information, SNS Community or forum, but also to understand the customer mall blindly Tea City ( related merchandise information. When visitors in the purple Sand Tea This information channel, the page of the Product information box can show the series of products such as purple teapot, after data analysis, customers of this kind of merchandise information will be more than a simple picture ads higher.

Vertical portal combined with the mode of the consumer, effectively prevent the loss of potential shopping visitors, enhance the site user stickiness and site value-added. Vertical portal high quality commercial flow, less resources input, industry authority influence, itself has formed a positive spiral effect. If the shopping mall can also import the information content of the vertical portal, so that not only vertical portals and the interests of the business mall maximization, the two are completely win-win cooperation.

have reason to believe that with Ctrip tourism network, SouFun, 51job, Hua Body network, such as a number of vertical portal site good profitability and the market and the popularity of the market, and the combination of E-commerce, the big markets, these are enough to show that the industry vertical portal will become the Internet next to the great potential of gold.

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