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Absrtact: Li Davi is the early initiator and promoters of the domestic creation movement, the founder of the Shanghai New Workshop creates space is also the originator of the domestic space now, and brother David in the Sohu News client for a live interactive, a lot of dry goods information

Li Davi was an early initiator and catalyst of the domestic campaign, founded in Shanghai, "New workshop" Create a passenger space is now "create a guest space" of the originator of the, today and brother David in the Sohu News client a live interactive, there are a lot of dry goods information, sharing the following:

(Li Davi through Sohu News client live Interactive)

1, after November, a lot of activities, recently held a Shanghai carnival in Shanghai, bringing together more than 200 creators from across the country with a collection of works to Shanghai, we have statistics of more than 30,000 people come to see, this is a domestic so far the largest creative activities, from the October 19 20th to do that activity, Next, the activities of the visitors have been constantly.

2, each place the creation space has its own temperament, so we are also talking about the metropolitan area caused by the local creative space is not the same temperament, we particularly like to play in Shanghai, so the atmosphere in Shanghai to play the atmosphere of leisure in the creation as a leisure way, in Shenzhen, Beijing entrepreneurial atmosphere is relatively strong, In these places we see more creative thinking and entrepreneurial stuff.

3, the domestic creation of a passenger space for more than three years, we set up in Shanghai is the first in China, the next to the establishment of Shenzhen, Beijing, the past year, the creation of domestic space growth is very fast, to today there should be 88 of the space to create a guest.

4, Shanghai More international, there are two reasons, a part of the establishment of the core when the members are quite a lot of foreigners, the second is more concentrated in Shanghai, many foreign friends are also in this region, so at the beginning of a more international point of appearance.

5, there is a very interesting Lucy from Brazil, she formerly engaged in forestry and mining, in Brazil, found it too boring, bought a boat to carry the family around the world for a week, and then to the ship to Shanghai to find the workshop, their own time to do different types of 3D printer.

6, the heat of the intelligent hardware has just begun, it is now in the country has a premature reflection, is when a lot of things in foreign countries or a very small number of products, domestic very anxious to make public products.

7, whether smart home or environmental smart hardware, it needs to be more pragmatic.

8, I think it is too early to talk about the market shuffle, today we see a very small number of products, hundreds of thousands of levels of products. The winning is too early, we are more to do new application of new ideas, find new ways to interpret the meaning of smart broadband, and smart home is the same, I can hold the phone, we need more people to talk about smart home smart broadband story.

9, intelligent Home is still too functional surface of the narrative, like now a lot in the market bulb, the light bulb gives a story, I give you a cell phone, light bulb with the application of the mobile phone connection, all the colors on the phone above, this is an engineer's solution, I let you see engineering can do this look, But our smart home can be successful, need to bring the other side, the so-called involves facial emotion, scene surface, it needs to be able to add in, the whole of the value of the function of everyone, I think its hardware can reach the first step.

10, the creation of culture in foreign start, from 05 in Berlin, Germany began to create space to now, also 8 years, the domestic start a little later, that is, by 11 in Shanghai, there is a creation of space, but the creation of this section is now also in the transition period, also in the cultural definition of how to create a guest is how, From a foreign point of view, the creators are several times have been away from the manufacturing industry, the second is a social economic situation in the future development of a dissatisfaction.

In terms of foreign words, its development has a secondary culture, there is a search for utopian ideas and practices in the domestic words anyway is another, because we see in the domestic these creators, see these actually in the domestic culture, to bring a new innovation to create even entrepreneurial opportunities, I think in the next two or three years, we need to define what a so-called creator is in China, what it looks like to be a guest in China.

11, I recently said in the Wall Street Journal, "the second generation is the real creators", in fact, this sentence was misunderstood, just this opportunity to clarify, because he asked whether the education system so that China is not creative, my answer is that in the country, because it is 30 years old before the marriage and birth of a son to buy a house pressure, Less thinking to do innovation, we see a lot of the second generation is also from this education society out, but no pressure, so they let go to do.

We just mentioned that foreign countries are different from domestic creators, foreign creators are the pursuit of utopia, but the pursuit of utopian things, but in the domestic, the creators are taken as a domestic, whether it is entrepreneurial or innovative ideas on a very simple opportunity, there are many opportunities for domestic sponsorship, small team a few young, The creation of international brands international market, with their examples, inspiring examples can be learned. Domestic good projects in the kickstart to raise money is close to 600,000 dollars.

12, the new workshop play is the place where the creators play, now the venue of the profit and loss has no problem, we have enough members to pay dues, since the beginning of last year has been flat, we will not think of the new workshop itself do much development and extension, or such a venue, so that more people are willing to play.

Now there are more than 170 members in the new workshop, and there are more creation spaces in Shanghai, such as Zhangjiang area.


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